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Zapier is a tool that connects apps to merge tedious office tasks. Use Zapier to automate your workflows and keep customers happy.

Even more, Zapier Handwritten Notes also allow a company to manage or even reduce payroll. A growing business needs to conduct ongoing hiring efforts to accommodate more responsibility. Consequently, that is not always the best for a company’s bottom line. Zapier simplifies time-consuming tasks, allowing current employees to cover new responsibilities. Fewer hires mean reduced costs for recruitment and onboarding.

Bottom line? The cost of investing in handwritten direct mail automation more than pays for itself.

11 Zapier Business Integrations

A successful marketing strategy meets customer needs in a target market. Accordingly, Zapier allows a company’s marketers to address those needs and grow the business.

Team Communication

best zapier integrations

Company-wide communication is key to productive working relationships and completing necessary tasks. In effect, Zapier has all the integrations you’ll need for effective team communication.


Slack is a must-have platform for team communication. Once an employee integrates Zapier with Slack, they can build ‘Zaps’. Zaps communicate with apps that are most important to the day’s workflow. To demonstrate, the Slack integration allows for any of the following:

  • Organizing a team
  • Sending private messages
  • Sharing files and documents
  • Initiating voice and video calls
  • Sending direct messages to users

With the Slack Zapier integration, your team can efficiently communicate throughout the day.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is capable of more than scheduling a person’s day. The Zapier integration can create tailored events using the ‘Create Detailed Event’ action. How? The feature allows Google Calendar to pull data from other apps into a person’s calendar. In addition, you can use this integration with Slack. Users can send direct calendar reminders to your team so no one forgets a meeting.


The Zapier integrations for Gmail streamlines communication. Users are able to take information from an email and quickly send it to various apps.  Even more, An employee can move information into a chat app, send a Slack message, or create a new task in Asana. Communication with team members is effortless.

Enhanced Productivity

Productive days filled with quality workflow lead to happier employees and customers. Learn how to enhance productivity in your office with Zapier integrations.


Flexibility defines Trello. It’s one of the best Zapier integrations. It uses colored boards, ‘cards’ similar to ‘Post-it’ notes, and organized lists. It’s simple yet powerful but more so when integrated with Zapier. An employee can connect Gmail and Trello accounts so that the information from specific emails creates a Trello card. Using Zapier with Trello allows users to add cards to lists at hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.


Asana is an app that’s great for task management. Nonetheless, filling this tool with the appropriate task in bulk can be time-consuming. With the Zapier integration, you can create Asana tasks with the information from Google Calendar, Gmail, and Slack. Eliminate the time-consuming responsibility of creating these Asana tasks by integrating Zapier.

Customer Conversion and Retention

Gaining new customers and retaining existing customers is the primary goal of businesses. That’s why Zapier created integrations to help you achieve this goal!


Another of the best Zapier integrations is Handwrytten. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that customer relationships are an integral part of growing a business. Nonetheless, engaging customers is often challenging. Integrating Zapier with Handrwrytten allows companies to automate personalized outreach. Customized thank you cards, invitations, and marketing outreach drastically improve business relations.

Facebook Lead

Facebook Lead is another great Zapier integration. Customers can easily sign up for information with Facebook Lead. Today’s marketers usually want to automate actions on these leads. The Zapier connection allows for emails to potential customers from Facebook information. Additionally, Facebook Lead automates emails through apps such as Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, Mailpro, and many others.

Google Forms

Zapier allows a person to connect Google Forms to apps that gather customer feedback. Further, information from Google Forms responses can create Trello cards. Likewise, you can update Mailchimp subscribers, send Gmails, and create Google Calendar events.

Social Media Campaigns

social media mobile phone

Social media is all the rage. Why miss out on the chance to streamline your platforms and reach customers using the latest digital trend? With Zapier, you don’t have to.


Instagram has millions of daily users, so many that it’d be a mistake not to utilize it to boost business. There are plenty of things that the Zapier integration can do. For instance, a person can send a new post to Pinterest, create Facebook posts when only specific users post to Instagram. They can also share a new post across social media platforms.


Facebook has nearly three billion active monthly users. Engaging even a small percentage of this audience can mean great rewards for businesses, and luckily, the Zapier integration with Facebook is limitless. For example, a business can update its customers when there are new WordPress or Youtube posts or when important events are on your Google Calendar approach. Integrating Zapier with Facebook is like having a virtual office assistant working in the background.


Twitter may be the fastest-moving social media platform. Zapier’s integration allows a business to track client conversations around the clock. Likewise, it can also be set for very specific interactions. For example, workers can receive emails with tweets from customers. Additionally, a company can tweet its latest posts on WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Automate Your Business with Handwrytten’s Integrations

All in all, Zapier’s ability to integrate apps allows employees to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. In other words, they’re free to concentrate on the most important part of your business: the customers.

Zapier integrations make it possible to connect Handwrytten to thousands of apps, automate workflows, and send business correspondence. Handwrytten can use your handwriting on personalized cards that you design for outreach.

Contact Handwrytten today or sign up to put Handwrytten’s Zapier integrations to work for your business.

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