10 Card Messages to Offer Encouragement and Support

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Few gestures show more empathy and support than an encouraging card message to those in need. Not only does it give you a chance to express your sympathy, but encouraging card messages can go a long way in bolstering confidence in the recipient. Sending an encouraging note can sometimes be easier said than done, though. Going to the store and searching for the right encouraging card message and visual can often become frustrating. With Handwrytten, you can skip that process and instead send thoughtful, handwritten notes and greeting cards online. Using Handwrytten, you can sign and send greeting cards online and get the message out faster. No more drawn-out searches in the card aisle—just type your message, and it’s on its way!

With this simplified process, you can focus on getting the perfect encouraging card message to your friend, family member, colleague, or coworker.

Not entirely sure what you want your card to say? Not a problem. Here are ten encouraging messages and quotes for cards to give you some ideas for inspirational words.

Offer Encouragement and Support for Those in Need

One of the most effective ways to offer encouragement and support to those in need is through words. Sending a handwritten note or sympathy card can be a tangible reminder that you care and that your thoughts are with your recipient when times are tough.

Different Occasions To Send an Encouraging or Supportive Card

How do you know when it’s appropriate to send an encouragement card?

Sometimes you may want to reach out and check in on a friend, family member, or just those around you when you hear some terrible news. However, there can be a fine line between obtrusiveness and showing sympathy, and it is sometimes hard to discern.

Encouragement notes are appropriate anytime you sense or know that someone in your life is seeking emotional support. Sympathy notes and encouragement card messages can be a great touch in times of grief and loss, such as in a death in the life of your recipient or even in a farewell card.

You could send empathy notes, for example, in times of sickness or a mental health problem, to help show your support for your loved one. Whether you’re a caregiver or not, your loved one will appreciate your gesture of support. 

Why Send a Handwritten Note Over a Text Message

You might be tempted just to skip the card and send a text in today’s world. After all, you can say what you want to say in a text, plus you can start a conversation after your recipient responds, “Thank you.”

There are many reasons why a card wins over a text message. A card is a tangible reminder of what you said—your recipient will be able to look back on it and re-read it as needed.

Receiving a sympathy card may also come across as a more thoughtful, personalized gesture, especially if you choose a message tailored to your audience.

Why Send an Encouraging Card

An encouragement card can go a long way in bolstering someone’s emotions. It can be challenging, especially when facing a crisis, to keep your emotions in check. 

Encouraging words in a tailored card message can help anyone going through a tough time know that you are thinking of them while you may not always be present or available. And sometimes, that’s enough.

10 Encouraging Messages and Quotes for Cards

Let’s face it—sometimes, it can be pretty tricky to come up with an encouraging card message. You may have experienced more than one frustrating and fruitless trip into the card aisle, not finding anything that was a good fit for the bill.

Even when you’re convinced that a card can offer the emotional support you’re trying to convey, it can be challenging to find the perfect words. You often want to send words that are encouraging yet empathetic, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the right fit; or in a nightmare scenario, you don’t want to create a farewell message for a colleague instead of boosting them up.

Words of Encouragement, Strength, and Support for Those in Need

Often, you can get stuck figuring out what exactly to write on a card. Keep in mind that as important as the words are, they’re not the only factor. The fact that you reached out and sent a card will itself be a comforting gesture.

That said, there are a few keys to composing an encouraging sympathy card. One thing that makes for an encouraging card is a message that both acknowledges and empathizes with the recipient’s situation. You want to be sensitive to the difficulties of their reality at the moment.

After you sympathize with their situation, you can begin the encouragement section of the card. Switching around the order isn’t advisable—you generally want to end on a positive or encouraging note.

Be careful not to sound too optimistic or upbeat. Phrases such as “It’ll get better” or “Better times are ahead!” might be positive in their sentiments, but some may interpret these messages as making light of their current struggle. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to acknowledge the reality of the situation first. If you are having trouble balancing that, just remember that it’s more important to be encouraging than positive when it comes to sympathy cards.

Here are a few examples of appropriate messages for encouragement cards:

  • Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. Take care!
  • Please know that you are not alone in these difficult times and circumstances. You always have friends at the ready!
  • Rooting for you as you walk through hard times. You always have a listening ear at the ready, should you need it!
  • Grieving with you during this trying time. Best wishes for a more prosperous time ahead.
  • Cheering you on as you walk through this difficult time. You’re a fighter, and I know you got this!

Hopefully, these examples will get your creative juices flowing and help you pen your perfect card!

Religious Get-Well Wishes and Verses

The Bible and biblical principles continue to resonate with many people, even non-Christians. If your intended recipient is a Christian, though, they may appreciate and take a lot of comfort in an inspirational quote or verse.

  • I was so sorry to hear about your loss. May the peace of God surround you and keep you.
  • “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” —Matthew 5:4
  • “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.”—Psalm 23:4

Many times, spiritual individuals will enjoy a comforting reminder from the Bible.

Words of Encouragement for Men

As the old saying goes, men are hard to shop for—especially when it comes to cards!

When it comes to consoling and encouraging a male relative, it’s not uncommon for many to be drawing a blank. Men tend to show less feeling, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate an encouraging word.

As always, the best tactic here might be to keep things short a simple:

  • Hang in there during this difficult time. Cheering you on. You got this!
  • Sorry to hear the news of your recent loss. Take care as you weather the storm and walk through this!

Send Thoughtful Handwritten Cards Online in Minutes

As pure as your intentions might be, life gets busy, and sometimes good intentions, such as sending an encouraging card message, get pushed aside or forgotten.

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How To Send a Card Online with the Handwrytten App

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Inserts and Gift Cards Available for Those Going Through a Tough Time

Sometimes a gift can be an appropriate addition when sending an encouragement card. For those dealing with a death in the family, for example, a gift card to a food delivery service can help ease the burden of taking care of everyday needs.

With Handwrytten, not only can you send your recipient an encouraging card message, but you can include a gift card too. Handwrytten offers gift cards to major retailers such as Amazon and Target, restaurants, and VISA gift cards.

Looking To Send an Encouragement Card?

Taking the time to send someone an encouraging card or a get well soon message during a difficult time will always be a gesture that is very much appreciated. It can sometimes be challenging to find the right words to express your sentiments, but Handwrytten can make it easier. 

Handwrytten can help. Using cutting-edge robotics, Handwrytten helps bring people together through technology and thoughtfulness.

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