The Benefits of Sending Business Birthday Cards

On average, an office employee receives 121 emails per day. You can imagine that this number increases on birthdays, as many businesses send an automated birthday email. Although this can be a nice gesture, many people realize that everyone gets the same birthday email, making it less personalized and special. Learn how your company can stand out by sending business birthday cards that are personal and handwritten.

Make Your Clients and Customers Feel Valued

There are many unique ways you can make your customers feel special and valued. Rather than sending mass emails, brands are starting to choose more personalized ways to reach their customers and clients. By showing your brand’s human touch, you can foster more meaningful relationships and make people feel recognized rather than just like numbers.

One way, in particular, is to acknowledge their birthday. When you’re a child, you’re often showered with birthday wishes and presents. As people get older, however, birthdays may begin to feel less important. That’s why sending a handwritten birthday business card can make your clients feel special on their big day. The handwritten touch can bring them back to the days of receiving birthday cards from relatives and friends in the mail. With so much marketing turning digital nowadays, a tangible birthday card is a nice nostalgic memento. Likewise, seeing that it’s handwritten shows extra effort and care.

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The Benefits of Business Birthday Cards

Sending business birthday cards is a great investment for your company. Customers and business contacts love receiving something that looks handwritten among the sea of emails and junk mail. These are some benefits you may notice from sending handwritten cards:

  • Personalization: As brands find more ways to customize their marketing efforts, sending a personalized birthday card is the perfect way to stand out. With a service like Handwrytten, you can even add a name to the card. Handwrytten also has the option to add business cards and gift cards to your note. This is an above-and-beyond way to personalize your card.
  • Brand recognition: As the market becomes more saturated, brands need to think of creative ways to appeal to their customers. Customers may start to notice that you always send handwritten letters and cards. They may begin to associate this special touch with your brand.
  • Employee satisfaction: Along with sending business birthday cards to customers, send employee birthday card messages. This is a great way to make employees feel valued by their employers. 79% of American employees say that company culture is important to them, so starting the tradition of sending cards can help you facilitate a positive workplace.
  • Happier customers: When customers feel like a company cares about them, they are more likely to keep buying products and services. In fact, 73% of customers say that their experience with a company impacts their loyalty to the brand. Wishing clients a happy birthday is one of many ways to improve their experience. Sending these cards can boost your customer retention.
  • Free advertising: When a customer is impressed with a card they receive from you, they may share it with their friends or post it on social media. Along with boosting your brand’s reputation, this can show your company’s kind nature. Other people from your clients’ social networks may be willing to share their contact information to also receive a card. This is a smart way to organically increase your leads.
  • Unique marketing: Rather than sending an email coupon for birthdays, you can turn a birthday card into a voucher.

What to Write in a Birthday Card From a Business

When it’s time to decide what to write in your business birthday cards, there are a few directions you can take. The key is to show the customer that you remembered their birthday and wish them a joyful day. Also, keep in mind that if you plan to send a card yearly, you should change your message each year. This shows that the message is more thoughtful and less generic.

Here are a few samples of customer birthday cards:

Example 1

Dear (Customer’s Name),

Is it that time of the year already? We’re excited to say “happy birthday!” We hope you have a special day filled with joy and laughter because you deserve it.

Warmest birthday wishes,

(Your Company Name)

Example 2

Happy birthday, (Customer’s Name)!

The entire team at (Your Company Name) is excited that you are celebrating another rotation around the sun. We hope this is your best birthday yet!


(Your Company Name)

Example 3

A very happy birthday to YOU!

In honor of your special day, we are giving you (Percentage)% off when you bring this card into any (Your Company Name) store. If you prefer to shop online, use this handy discount code: (Discount Code).

Along with treating yourself to some shopping, we hope you get to enjoy the day with family and friends. Here’s to the best birthday yet!

~(Your Company Name)

Here are a few samples of business birthday cards for business contacts:

Example 1

Happy birthday, (Business Contact’s Name)!

We’re happy to hear that today is your special day. We hope you’re finding ways to enjoy and treat yourself. For the next year, you can use this birthday card as a (Percentage)% discount off our services. We love doing business with you and wish you nothing but the best in this next year.


(Your Company Name)

Example 2

Dear (Business Contact’s Name),

Thank you so much for doing business with us this year. We hope you have the happiest of birthdays. Working with you has been such a delight.


(Your Company Name)

Birthday party table

Make Birthdays More Special

For many people, their birthday is the one day of the year that’s all about them. By sending handwritten business birthday cards, you can show clients that their birthday is a significant day. This small gesture can help your brand build more meaningful connections and boost your reputation.

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