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Over 2 billion Christmas cards are still sent out every year, along with many more for other seasonal holidays. From teenagers sending them to their friends to adults staying in touch with faraway relatives, there’s something incredibly wholesome about sending out a personalized greeting card. If you’re a company, there are many benefits to sending out holiday greetings, too! Spread a little holiday cheer and get your season’s greetings ready.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about sending personalized holiday greetings with Handwrytten!

Personalized Marketing to Cultivate Relationship With Your Clients

If you’re currently debating sending business holiday cards, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a great idea. For example, it helps you build lasting relationships with your customers, promote brand loyalty, and create positive connotations with your brand. People want to invest in companies they feel a connection with, and a personalized card is a fantastic way to do that.

It also gives you an opportunity to thank your customers for their business with you over the past year. This is going to make them feel valued and happy to shop with you, which should keep them coming back in the year ahead!

Printed cards also offer an opportunity for branding and marketing. Make sure the card design matches your brand aesthetic, such as using your colors or logo. You should also keep the inside of the card in keeping with your tone of voice used by your brand, making your messaging consistent.

It’s also much more certain that your customers will see your message in a season of marketing. Your customers might ignore an email or be too busy to take a look at your billboard. However, if a letter is written directly to them, then they’re very likely to open it.

Business holiday cards help you build lasting relationships with your customers, promote brand loyalty, and create positive connotations with your brand.

Why Opt For Holiday Greetings Over Christmas Cards?

You might be tempted to send out a funny Christmas card from your company, but this isn’t always the best idea. Christmas is a Christian holiday that not all of your customers may celebrate. In this case, sending a Christmas card could be deemed offensive or not very considerate, which isn’t going to play well for your brand.

A holiday greeting card is a much better idea! It’s more generic and can be received by anyone happily, regardless of their religion and whether they celebrate Christmas. Inside the card, avoid saying Merry Christmas and instead go with something like Happy Holidays, no matter what you’re celebrating!

It’s a much more considerate way to send out seasons greetings, and your customers will appreciate the thought.

Tips to Getting Started – When to Send Your Cards

As you’ll be sending out a holiday card rather than a Christmas card, you don’t have to be quite so precise with your timings. If your customers receive the card at any point during December, they’ll be happy! However, it is better to send your holiday cards earlier on in the month so that there’s plenty of time for your customers to display them. The more people see them, the better!

If you have international customers, make sure you check how long delivery companies are estimating they’ll get their post out to them in plenty of time. The holidays are a busy season, so you must send your cards early enough.For cards being sent within the US, aim for a week before you want your cards received.

Is This the Right Time to Add a Promotional Message?

You might be tempted to add some promotional advertising to your holiday card, but that isn’t always a good idea. Your main aim for your messaging should be building relationships, not showing off new products or special offers. It will seem a little off if you promote your brand too much, and all of those customer loyalty benefits will be watered down.

Stick to saying happy holidays to your clients and thanking them for their custom. If you want, you can add a code for money off their next order, which is a nice gift for their loyalty.

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Send Personalized Greetings With the Handwrytten App

If you’re thinking of sending out a bunch of digital or printed cards, think again! These don’t have the same personal touchas a handwritten card and can come across like a cold call or mass-sent email. It’s the easy way out, and your clients won’t respect that.

It’s a much better option to send out handwritten cards. Your clients will feel more valued and respect your business all the more, helping you get the most from your holiday greetings cards. But, if you have a long list of clients, how will you get all of those cards written in time (and without getting carpal tunnel?).

Handwrytten has a simple solution that won’t compromise your cards. We use custom-designed robots designed to handwrite cards and notes for you, saving your hands for wrapping presents and cooking lots of tasty holiday food! You can choose your card design or use your own stationery, write down the message you want, and select the handwritingfrom our long list of options.

Start Sending Holiday Greetings Today

Sending out holiday greetings cards has so many benefits for a business, and our handwriting robots are here to make the task a whole lot easier. Start browsing our cards to see what you can do and get inspired to make your own designs! It’s not long until the holidays now, and you can never be too prepared.

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

Check Out Our Cards!

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