10 Reasons to Send Client Cards This December

Are you considering sending holiday cards to your clients and customers this December? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Sending funny cards for Christmas, New Year’s Day, or other winter holidays is a great way to show clients you care, especially when you use a handwritten cards service like Handwrytten. It’s also a great way to encourage repeat business from clients who’ve worked with before.

Keep reading to discover 10 reasons to send client cards this December.

Show Client Appreciation This December

Handwritten letters are one of the best ways to get noticed and make a positive impact on your audience. If you want your holiday greetings to stand out in the mailbox, get opened, and leave a positive impression, handwritten cards are simply the best.

With automation available at Handwrytten, you can make personal, authentic notes a regular part of your business plan.

Which Holiday Card Should You Send?

If you’re ordering handwritten cards online for your clients, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what holiday and seasonal greetings to observe. Should you send a card for Christmas or New Year’s Day? Should you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays?”

As with most things in marketing, the answer depends on your audience.

If you have a very diverse audience, holiday cards might be more inclusive. On the other hand, if your audience is fairly conservative (at least in countries like the United States), they might be more pleased to receive “Merry Christmas” notes. If you’d like to ignore that distinction altogether or place more focus on the upcoming new year, then cards for New Year’s Day might be best.

10 Reasons to Send Client Cards This December

Why send seasonal cards to clients? Do holiday cards improve client relations? You’re about to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Keep reading to discover our top 10 reasons to send client cards this December.

1. Show That You Care

Your clients want to feel like they’re being treated like people, not merely customers. Sending a short note during the holidays can show that you’re more than just a business and that you value them for who they are.

2. Maintain Client Communication

The holiday season is a busy and crazy, and you don’t want your clients to forget about you after the New Year. Sending a handwritten card can ensure you’re top-of-mind when the holidays are over.

3. Display Your Business in Clients‘ Homes

Many people display the cards they receive during the Christmas season. By sending holiday cards to your clients, you could get your name and brand displayed in their homes for visiting friends and relatives to see.

4. Use Holiday Cards as a Motivational Tool

If you run a consulting business, Christmas cards can be a great opportunity to highlight their results from the year and provide extra motivation. This can be especially valuable during the post-holiday slump.

5. Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Everyone could use a little pick-me-up as they prepare for the holiday season. Sending cards to your clients is a fantastic way to make them feel appreciated and important.

6. Update Your Family Photo

Although this won’t apply to every business, an independent professional may decide to include a family photo with their holiday greetings. If you take a fairly personal approach to your work, this may be a great option! This can also be a great incentive for getting a new family photo taken. 

7. Pair a Small Gift With Your Card

Some professionals send their clients small gifts, like gift cards or vouchers, during December. If you’re planning on doing this, including a simple card can make your gifts that much more meaningful.

8. Network With Prospects

You aren’t limited to sending holiday cards to existing clients. You might also use them to network with other people you hope will hire you. This can lead to more clients in the future.

9. Show Your Gratitude

Sometimes you just want to say thanks to the people who’ve made your year’s success possible. What better time to do that than during the holidays with a handwritten Christmas card?

10. Get in the Holiday Spirit

You don’t need to have a definite reason to send cards for the holidays. Sometimes it’s just about spreading good, old fashioned Christmas cheer.

When is the Best Time to Send Holiday Greetings?

Anytime is a good time to show your appreciation! However, you may be left wondering the most optimal time to send cards, ensuring they arrive in a timely manner.

Generally, it’s a good idea to send your cards before you take your holiday break. Getting your cards to your clients a little early will mean they have more time to sit on display in their homes, assuming they choose to display them. If you send send holiday cards with Handwrytten, the submission deadline is November 26, 2021.

Running a little behind? No need to worry! January is a great month to send New Year’s cards. If you choose to send New Year’s cards with Handwrytten and want them to arrive by January 1, the submission deadline is December 3, 2021.

Send Client Cards With Handwrytten

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