Postable Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients & Customers

Are you looking for postable holiday gift ideas to boost your marketing efforts this December? Maybe you’ve recently started a business and want to send something special to your new clients. Or perhaps you usually send holiday cards in December and wanted to do something extra special this year. Either way, sending small Christmas gifts to clients and customers is a great way to kick off next year’s business.

When you work with a service like Handwrytten to send beautiful, handwritten holiday cards to your clients, you can include small stocking stuffers, like gift cards, directly inside the envelopes.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about sending holiday cards with postable gifts.

Looking for a Thoughtful, Yet Simple Way to Send a Holiday Gift? We’ve Got You Covered.

There are many reasons to send a small gift in an envelope, rather than a package. For one thing, it’s more affordable for you. Sending envelopes in the mail is cheaper than sending packages. In addition, customers love to be surprised, even if it’s a simple gesture. What they thought was a funny Christmas card turns out to be a valuable keepsake.

Now, you may be wondering who to send postable holiday gifts to. That depends on your business, your audience, and your goals. If you just want to spread some holiday cheer, there’s nothing wrong with sending small gifts to everyone you have an address for. If you’re looking to encourage repeat customers, then you should consider sending gifts to those who are likely to return.

10 Postable Holiday Gift Ideas

When it comes to postable holiday gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Whether you’re looking to show client appreciation or to encourage repeat business, here’s your our ten favorite small gifts to add to an envelope.

1. Gift Cards

A gift card or voucher is probably the most obvious way to send someone a gift by mail. It’s also one of the most popular options. It offers similar flexibility to gifting cash, but with the personalization of the brand or store you chose the card from.

2. Fridge Magnets

Small refrigerator magnets can be charming and useful to have around, as well as great marketing tools. If you have a local business, you might send magnets with numbers for local essential businesses and services.

3. Stickers

Similar to fridge magnets, stickers can be just-for-fun or highly useful. You could consider having some original artwork made for them to promote your brand. Then your audience could use them to decorate letters or notebooks, or wherever they see fit.

4. Recipe Cards

What better way to make a Christmas card extra-special than by including a card with a festive recipe on it? From homemade caramel popcorn to a festive family recipe, you can find dozens of recipes online to take inspiration from.

To spice up your gesture, consider ordering custom stationery to write your recipes on. Options are available with popular retailers like Amazon and independent artists on Etsy.

5. Tea Bags or Hot Chocolate Sachets

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but your clients are sure to be delighted when they open your card to find this delectable gift. Prepacked hot chocolate mixes or individually wrapped teas are great gifting ideas.

6. Unframed Prints

Prints make excellent gifts, whether they feature inspiring quotes or simple artwork. They also come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to make some small enough to fit inside an envelope. This kind of personalized gift allows you to express your brand, so think about what your particular audience would appreciate.

7. Therapeutic Face Masks

Depending on your target demographic, your audience might enjoy receiving pampering face masks with your greeting cards. Small product samples, like shampoo or moisturizer, could be nice gifts, too, if the packets are small enough. This is a great option for a spa or wellness business to try.

8. Seed Packets

Sending a packet of seeds as a gift is a good way to thank your client and brighten their day. This is an especially nice gift to send if your audience is on the younger side, as children will particularly enjoy watching your seeds grow.

9. Custom Address Labels

Address labels are a common seasonal gift, often used by charities to inspire more donations. It might not be the best option for standing out, but it’s a good way to provide something useful this holiday season.

10. Tiny Notepads

No matter who you are, a little notepad can always come in handy. Whether templates for scheduling and making lists or pads of paper with your brand name on them, stationery always makes for a great gift.

Send Holiday Greetings Online

With Handwrytten, sending holiday cards really is so simple. Using Handwrytten’s website or mobile app, you can set up bulk or individual orders for notes and cards of all kinds. And with our workforce of authentic handwriting robots, your audience will feel like they’re getting letters from a real person.

Choose from a selection of our business inserts or add your own, custom insert. The most popular options are gift cards and holiday cards for business. For more elaborate insert ideas, get in touch with our team and tell us what you have in mind. We would be happy to help.

Send Postable Holiday Gifts With Handwrytten!

If you’re looking to send personalized holiday cards with small postable gifts inside, you came to the right place!

 Connect with Handwrytten today with your postable holiday gift ideas to see how we can help you delight your clients this year.

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