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In a 2018 study, Kumar and Holt discovered an interesting thank-you note phenomenon. They found that those who send thank-you notes to others underestimated the impact of their gesture. The thank-you note recipients reported feeling surprised and grateful.

In a world where almost everything is digital, how can you help your clients feel surprised and grateful? The personal touch of a handwritten thank-you note is a great way to start.

Want to see it to believe it? Handwrytten will send you free writing samples so you can know exactly what you’re sending to your clients. Their robots will scribe your writing samples, stuff it in an envelope, address it, and send it off to you.

Keep reading to learn how you can get your own free writing samples from Handwrytten.

Improve Customer Retention with Handwritten Notes

Customer retention is a key part of any successful business model. Without a solid customer retention strategy, you won’t have much repeat business. Creating a personalized customer experience will keep your clients engaged. Personalized thank-you notes and birthday cards from your business will help keep a connection between you and the existing customer clientele.

Most of us are overwhelmed by marketing emails and digital ads these days. Direct mail can stand out in the current market. Direct mail creates customer engagement (and customer loyalty) when it’s personalized.

Customer appreciation cards and personalized flyer ads have a better chance of catching a new customer’s eye than generic material. Recurring personalized direct mail can also help keep loyal customers engaged. Personalized material from your company can impress clients with your level of customer service.

sample letter from Handwrytten team

Handwriting Automation Solutions for Your Business

Hadwrytten’s automation services make it even easier to stay on top of your company’s personalized mailers. Maybe you don’t have time to monitor each purchase, handwrite, address, and send a card each time. No problem!

Handwrytten has got you covered. Send automated thank-you notes and other business correspondence through Handwrytten’s integration services.

Integrate intelligent document processing with Handwrytten using Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more. By using these and other programs, you have access to hundreds of Apple and Android apps. Here’s a closer look at how it works.


Zapier connects to thousands of popular apps that allow you to make your card writing completely automated. Head to Zapier, search for your favorite app (there are over 1,000), and get started from there.

After your card process is fully automated, you are freed up to do other important tasks. Just sit back, and let the bots do the work. It’s marketing automation made easy.


Clients who use Hubspot‘s integration features can select a contact, card, and write their message. The message is transcribed, reviewed, sealed in an envelope, and stamped. It’s incredible what these robots can do!


Salesforce is used to deliver ink-written messages to your customers. All you have to do is select the card you want to send, type in your message, and hit send. The robots will get to work writing what looks like human handwriting.


Integromat is where you get to create your own automation software preferences. Decide what you want and Handwrytten’s robots will do the rest. Now that’s intelligent automation!

With 21st century technology like handwriting recognition and robotic process automation, your business process just got a lot easier. Clients who take advantage of this automation workflow process can focus on their jobs, not sending mail.

A note from Handwrytten arrives to a recipient without any visible branding. Handwrytten’s name and logo aren’t anywhere to be found.

How to Request Free Writing Samples from Handwrytten

You can request free writing samples from Handwrytten at any time. By filling out the inquiry form, the Handwrytten team will know exactly where to send your sample kit. From there, you’ll get free access to Handwrytten samples, as well as an introduction to our services. Once you see it, you can have a better idea of what handwriting style and messages you’d like to send to your clients.

They’ll Never Suspect It’s a Robot

Are you thinking clients might suspect that custom card wasn’t written by you? A note from Handwrytten arrives to a  recipient without any visible branding. Handwrytten’s name and logo aren’t anywhere to be found.

Check your free writing sample for proof! The only hint your free writing samples (and all other Handwrytten materials) come from the Handwrytten robots is the Phoenix postmark, but who looks at postmarks, anyway?

Handwrytten vs. Other Services

Handwrytten stands out among similar services. Many other custom card or note writing services use inkjet or laser printer fonts.

Handwrytten writing samples come in actual ink from ballpoint pens with custom fonts. This adds that personal touch to your client‘s custom card.

Handwrytten offers many different card designs in folded, flat, and other size options. They can write nearly any custom greeting card, for personal and business use.

Handywritten’s prices start at $3.25 plus shipping. Custom integration is made easy using thousands of apps via Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Sharpspring, Shopify, and more. Almost all other services have only one or two integration options. Most other card writing services start at $3.99.

Request Your Free Samples from Handwrytten Today!

The next time your business needs to send out a handwritten card or letter, consider a letter writing service. Handwyrtten uses robots to hold actual pens, which looks just like human handwriting.

Handwrytten’s service provides you with high-quality products, but don’t just take our word for it. Request Your Free Samples from Handwrytten Today!

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

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