How to Write an eCommerce Thank-You Card

It’s important to establish a personal connection with your customers and clients. It can be tough to do this when you work through an eCommerce platform, but it’s still possible.  Of the options you have at your disposal, a professional thank-you might be the best way to reach out to clients and make a connection.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to write an eCommerce thank-you card and give insight as to how you can improve your current processes for thanking customers. Let’s get started. 

Boost Your Online Business With eCommerce Thank-You Cards

The first thing to narrow down is how you should structure the customer‘s handwritten thank-you card. You could try and create each letter from scratch, but lack of consistency and planning might lead to a few negative responses. The best bet is to have a general idea of how each card will be structured. From there, you can add a personal touch to express your genuine gratitude.

Add a Personal Touch

Start by addressing the individual by their name. A personalized thank-you card is nothing if it’s not equipped with the recipient’s name. Ensure that you spell the name correctly as well, as a misspelling could defeat the purpose of writing a letter.

Express Your Gratitude

Start by expressing why you’re reaching out. This should occur in the first or second line. Let them know that you’re thankful for their business or that you’re just offering a line if they should have any questions about their purchase

If that doesn’t seem sufficient, you can add an explanatory sentence after. For example, “I’m just reaching out to see if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase. Some people find that the wheels on the device are difficult to install, so let me know if you need any help with that or similar issues.”

It doesn’t have to be anything too significant. Get right to the point, and let them know why you’re reaching out as soon as you can. 

Reinforce the Connection

Once you’ve addressed the reason you have for reaching out, it’s time to insert something that reinforces your personal connection. Think back to any prior conversations you had with the customer or if they reached out to you with a question.

If the customer did reach out, people will often drop little hints or clues about their life. Simply slip in a little indication that you were paying attention to their words in the conversation and wish them well. For example, “Good luck getting your catalytic converter troubles sorted out.” 

You might also do business with people in a way that doesn’t involve any form of conversation. If all of the business you do is conducted online, for example, you might not have the opportunity to create those personal connections. 

In that case, put forward something that’s relevant to their specific purchase. If you sold the individual a pain-relief ointment, you could say “we hope your pain starts to subside as soon as possible!”

Thank Them Again

After you add a personal touch, round back and thank them again for their business. Doing this is like adding the cherry atop a thank-you card. Finally, sign off with a salutation and your name. 

Use whatever you feel is appropriate for the nature of your business. You can get creative with this as well, as it’s an opportunity to express your brand personality a little bit. 

If you run a surf shop, you might write “Cowabunga!” as a salutation. Do whatever your heart tells you. You can also use this opportunity to insert QR codes or kindly ask if customers would leave a review.

reminder of business note

Things to Avoid When Sending eCommerce Thank-You Cards

A professional thank-you card is an effective way to retain a satisfied customer and showcase your appreciation. However, there’s some tactics to avoid when sending thank-you cards. Let’s take a look.

Be Sincere

You should avoid making your thank-you card a marketing play. You should try and contain the gesture to its immediate purpose. 

While your thank-you cards might factor into a grander marketing campaign of retaining loyal customers, the document itself doesn’t have to be more than a simple card. When you start to upsell or emphasize the benefits of coming back for more business, you start to change things a little bit. 

Instead of a kind and thoughtful custom card, the document becomes another piece of spam or junk mail that the individual disregards. It’s disingenuous to write a thank-you card packed with attempts at getting more money out of a new customer.

If you want to include a special offer or something of value to the customer, that’s another story. It’s perfectly acceptable to offer some kind of reward to the individual, as that’s something they might appreciate. 

The classic “Don’t forget to check out all of the other things we sell,” isn’t really the best way to go in these cases, though. Try to express your sincere appreciation and include a special offer as a token of your gratitude.

Don’t Wait Too Long

You want to send the thank-you card soon after the transaction occurs. If you wait too long, the individual might forget about the interaction. They’ll sort out any questions they have about the product by doing research online and cease to have a need for communicating with your business

Alternatively, you don’t want to have a thank-you card waiting in their mailbox before their package arrives. Doing things too soon can seem eager or disingenuous as well. 

Give the individual enough time to sit with their purchase and get a feel for it. Usually, a few days after the purchase is a good time to send the card. You might even wait a week or two before you send things out. Just be sure not to wait longer than a month, depending on the purchase that the person made. 

How to Improve Your Existing Thank-You Card

Once you’ve got the structure of your thank-you cards figured out, try to imagine ways that you can make them more aesthetically pleasing. You can choose custom card designs that fits your brand‘s personality.

Work through different colors, patterns, and envelope styles to curate a beautiful card that matches your brand. You might even want to look into solid cardstock and different papers that give forward a better impression. 

Few businesses offer handwritten documents in any form to their customers. When you send out thank-you cards, customers will be surprised and honored that you did so in actual handwriting. This is sure to set you apart from your competitors.

It can be difficult to streamline your process when you’re writing a bunch of cards by hand, though. Depending on the amount of business you do, you might find that the cards take on a big part of your daily schedule. Consider sending automated thank-you cards to save yourself some time while maintaining your customer relationships.

Professional Options for Your eCommerce Thank-You Cards

If you’re looking for personalized, handwritten cards without having to do the writing yourself, we’re here to help. Handwrytten offers a number of options for you business to send beautiful, personalized eCommerce thank-you cards with ease.

There are a number of excellent business applications for these cards as well. Whether you’re thanking someone for their business, reminding them of an appointment, or just reaching out in a general way, handwritten cards are the way to go.  

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