Build Rapport with Customers Through Handwritten Mail

Handwritten notes have been a staple in business for years. Handwritten mail can tremendously increase a client‘s impression of a company and build rapport with customers. The personalization that comes from this kind of communication helps improve customer retention rates, while sales conversions may also rise. 

Read on to learn how to build rapport with customers through handwritten mail.

Handwritten Letters are Opened More Than Typed Letters

Industry research data has shown that handwritten notes are reported on by about 75% of the recipients, compared with only 25% for formal, typed letters. They serve to strengthen personal relationships and build trust between a company and its customers. A handwritten letter also helps create a desire to read it because people are more likely to feel an emotional connection between them and the letter.

Writing letters or snail mail create a sense of curiosity and make people more likely to want to read them because, as you said, they don’t know who sent them, and they have no idea what’s inside, so it creates a sense of anticipation.

“There’s a sense of permanence with ink on paper,” says Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been known to knit personalized Christmas stockings for her staff and send them handwritten direct mail thank-you notes. Why not use this human touch with customers.

While text messages are great for communicating quickly via mobile devices, they lack the personal connection of handwritten communication. And today’s business owners can use this advantage to build rapport with customers through handwritten mail

Industry research data has shown that handwritten notes are reported on by about 75% of the recipients, compared with only 25% for formal, typed letters.

6 Tips for Building Client Rapport Through Handwritten Mail

When starting out, make sure you have aesthetically pleasing handwriting and be able to print legibly. You want your handwritten letter to be professional-looking enough that the recipient is intrigued, but it is not so perfect that it comes off as fake.

Here are six tips for building client rapport through handwritten direct mail.

1. Keep it Personal, Not Promotional

Written messages can seem more personal than emails or phone calls because there is less chance of miscommunication. Your clients will appreciate your effort into making your messages feel like they’re receiving personal customer service rather than just another email in their inbox. 

2. Slow Down

When typing up an email, it’s easy to cut and paste information from a previous email or document and send the message out in seconds-sending handwritten mail forces you to slow down and think carefully about your message, which will be more likely to help to build rapport with consumers who receive it. 

3. Include Your Personal Signature

Adding your name to the end of a handwritten note will make it more likely that your customer will read the letter. It also shows them you are proud to be associated with their business or personal project, which goes a long way towards building rapport and customer retention. You may also follow up with interview question‘s to build customer experience.

4. Make Connections between Your Product and Your Client‘s Life

If you’re a business, particularly in the service industry, your products might have an impact on your customers’ lives. If you send a business letter to a customer who recently got married, take this opportunity to congratulate them and say how happy you are for their new marriage. Offer discounts or coupons for weddings on social media if it is appropriate. 

5. Include a Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. When customers receive handwritten mail from your company during sales follow up, they should feel like they’re receiving more than just another letter writing in the mail. Include photos or drawings that add something to the message you’re trying to communicate. 

6. Incorporate Fun Details into Your Messages

Is it your company’s anniversary month? Include a small detail or customer feedback from one year ago in the letter. Are you introducing a new product line? Show off an old favorite that is now discontinued and explain how subscribers can use the new product to recreate their favorite dishes. By using relevant and interesting details, you’ll add something to your client communication that will keep your customers engaged and thinking about the content of your correspondence.

thank you for your order sample note

Don’t Forget to Personalize

Businesses can utilize handwritten mail through customizable invitations, personalized emails, and gift boxes. An easy way for clients to feel like they receive extra attention is by sending them custom invitations. Invitations also allow businesses to increase client loyalty rates because the client will want to attend the event after receiving the invitation. 

Businesses can include all of the necessary information about their event on the invitation card to send out just enough. Sending personalized emails with ad personalization to their google account may be helpful as well. This will allow the subscriber to receive personalized information concerning products or services relevant to their interests. 

Gift boxes are another way for businesses to express their gratitude toward clients who have taken time out of their day to attend an event. Companies can include gift cards, unique trinkets, customized mugs, and other items in gift boxes that will remind clients how much they appreciate them.

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