11 Affordable & Creative Client Gifts That Wow

It’s important to make an impression when sending gifts to valuable clients. Business owners who truly want to wow the recipients of their gifts need to take extra steps to ensure they’re creative enough without breaking the budget. Review these 11 affordable yet creative client gifts to ensure your next present is opened with a smile.

Why Celebrate Your Clients?

Some entrepreneurs remain unconvinced that spending money to celebrate your clients is a sound business practice. In reality, it’s an essential part of forging a long-term relationship that will benefit your business for years to come.

Creative client holiday gifts can encourage seasonal spending during down periods, while inexpensive care packages can lure in older customers who falsely believe that your business has forgotten about their previous patronage. Before you spend any money, start reviewing the most creative client gifts that are nice to receive but still affordable to send.

11 Creative Client Gifts

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when generating inexpensive gift ideas for clients. The only surefire way to find the right creative client gifts is to consider a wide variety of options before finally picking whichever seems most appropriate for this particular recipient.

1. Handwritten Thank You Cards

Is there anything more heartfelt than a handwritten note? According to one survey discussed in the New York Post, nearly 9 of 10 surveyed millennials claimed to value handwritten messages more than any other method of communication.

A handwritten note is the perfect creative gift to thank a client for their business. That’s why services like Handwrytten are so popular with entrepreneurs who want to guarantee that each customer understands they’re valued.

Handwrytten notes are virtually indistinguishable from human writing and can even replicate your own signature and style. What better creative client gift could there be than a personalized message to clients that bears the hallmark of your own hand?

Nearly 9 of 10 surveyed millennials claimed to value handwritten messages more than any other method of communication.

2. Personalized Candy

There’s a reason people everywhere love Halloween — candy is too sweet to resist. Attaching your client’s name and your own company logo onto a bag of candy instantly enhances its appeal. Few of us can resist sugar cravings when they arrive, so why not capitalize on our vulnerability to sweets by turning it into an inexpensive gift idea for your clients?

3. Mugs or Tumblers

High-quality mugs are always in demand. Both mugs and tumblers can be engraved with your company logo and other useful information, such as slogans or contact information. Invest in high-quality mugs, and your clients may use them every morning when pouring a cup of joe.

This creative gift is also quite affordable, even when investing in fancier and sturdier tumblers. Before long, your clients will think of your company every time they take a drink.

4. Coffee Beans or Tea Bags

What better gift to include with a new mug than coffee beans or fresh tea bags? Pick out the right flavor for your client, and you may very well earn their loyalty for life. Be sure to find a sustainable and ethical source for your beans!

5. Snack Basket

The only thing better than a regular gift basket is one that’s exclusively full of edible goodies. You can personalize snack baskets. This is an especially unique touch if a client has a particular fixation for a certain type of food and are incredibly fun to receive. The creativity of this client gift is limited only by your imagination as you browse the supermarket looking for luxury snacks to include!

6. Succulents

Succulents are affordable, lighten up a room, and are quite easy to take care of. These tiny plants are perfect for spicing up the office or decorating a home, so they can be given to nearly any client. Requiring far less care than many other plants, succulents are an affordable client gift that can be sent each season without burdening clients with the responsibility of caring for a delicate plant.

7. Portable Chargers

We all lose portable chargers, which is why they make great gifts. Nobody can ever have too many of such a helpful appliance. This creative client gift is perfect for tech-savvy customers who use your company’s digital services. Include these in your next holiday gift basket for clients.

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8. Gift Cards

If you’ve previously taken a client out to a restaurant they love, why not send them a gift card? Once you’ve covered their bill, a client may very well feel indebted to you. This can compel additional business, all while supporting other companies in your local area.

9. Wine Basket

Wine has been one of the most popular gifts for nearly all of human history. Signifying wealth, luxury, and status, bottles of wine and associated snacks are perfect creative client gifts for those trying to lure in a prosperous caste of customers. The only thing better than one bottle is a cluster of them — why not send a whole basket?

10. Lottery Tickets

This creative client gift is unusual but highly welcome in most places. A chance to win money is simply too enticing for most people to ignore. Include a nice handwritten note or a card if you want to make the gift seem more formal.

11. Great Outdoors Basket

Clients who love to camp, hike, and wander can be given many affordable but creative gifts that tap into the great outdoors. A s’more supply kit or some outdoor clothing with your company logo will always generate a smile or two. This is particularly great for athletics companies or brands associated with the outdoors and physical exercise.

Send Your Appreciation with Handwrytten

The most creative and client-specific gifts will have the biggest impact, which is why investing in Handwrytten’s personal messages is always a safe bet. Whether you send a gift basket, company apparel, or a lovely succulent, your gift will be greatly enhanced with a customized hand-crafted note attached to it.

Ready to start sending thoughtful handwritten letters that make clients feel appreciated? Contact Handwrytten today and start sending out the most impressive client gifts on the market.

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