10 Gift Ideas to Congratulate Employees on Work Anniversaries

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Congratulating and appreciating long-term employees is a practice that most companies have started to adopt. A lot of good things could develop from you taking steps to compliment your employees on work anniversaries. Your employees will appreciate you recognition of their hard work and loyalty.

It is essential to ensure that busy schedules at the office don’t get in the way of you showing your appreciation for your employees. It’s a time to reminisce on all their achievements while working for you.

A work anniversary is just as important as a birthday. Typically it’s hard to witness any emotion on the work floor. Expect emotions to run high during work anniversaries. After all, your employees have witnessed the ups and downs of your company. This reason is enough for you to ensure you’re there for your employees on work anniversaries.

Is it Too Late to Start?

Employees can have their work anniversaries celebrated no matter how long they’ve been with your company. It could be two years or fifteen years. You can use the amount of time an employee has been with your company to guide your gift idea. You can also go ahead and gather research from their family and colleagues to know the type of gift they might appreciate.

One thing you can look forward to is improved performance and newly found motivation to become better employees. Other employees who are yet to celebrate their anniversaries will also be motivated to work hard and stay loyal to the company since it has its rewards.

Here are some ideas you can consider when congratulating your employees on work anniversaries.

10 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Work Anniversaries

When your employees’ work anniversary comes up, consider going out of your way to ensure they feel special and appreciated. There are different kinds of gifts that you can offer your employees to make this happen. It does not have to be expensive gifts; it’s the thought that counts. You can get them personalized gifts, for instance.

Anniversary gifts don’t have to come in tangible form. There is also the option of booking things for them. Employees appreciate when employers show concern over their growth and well-being as well. Keep that in mind when getting gifts for your employees.

Consider including a handwritten note with the celebratory gift to show your sincere appreciation. Handwrytten can automate your celebratory letters in advance so your employees will never fail to feel special on their work anniversaries!

congratulations letter for employees

1. Gift Cards

A while back, gifting your employees a gift card meant that you hand them an actual card. You can choose to go this way or go with the option of sending out an E-Gift Card.

It is a flexible choice that gives your employees an alternative to using it to gain many things online like shopping or booking movie tickets. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should illustrate your appreciation for their presence and hard work.

2. Custom Gifts

If you feel that a gift card does not communicate your appreciation in full, you can look into getting a custom gift for your employee. It is in human nature to appreciate solid gifts more than words. Getting your employees custom gifts illustrates how much you consider them an essential component of your team.

When deciding on the kind of custom gift to get your employees, get one that they can use at work—for instance, custom coffee mugs with the employees’ name on them. Printed t-shirts can also work. If you are feeling spontaneous, you can also get both.

Books also are a great option, especially if your employees like to read. You can do a bit of reckoning on their favorite reading topics and go ahead and pick a piece. It is also an excellent opportunity to get to know your employees on a deeper level.

3. Gym Membership

While congratulating your employee, you can take the opportunity to show them that you care about their well-being. Work can be hectic, and your employees may fail to find time to go to the gym.

Gifting your employees a gym membership on their special day could mean the world to them. Having a healthy team at your workplace could benefit your business tremendously.

While you’re at it, ensure that you make arrangements for them to put their gym membership to use. You can start by creating free time in their busy schedules using shifts.

4. Gift them a Promotion

Gifting your employee’s promotions is the ultimate way to congratulate them. You could also consider giving them a bonus or increasing their wages. This kind of gift is for those employees you feel have exceeded your expectations as per their performance at work.

You can use their performance to gauge who deserves what promotion. It will surprise you that this gesture motivates the rest of your employees to prove themselves.

5. Better Work Desk

The kind of equipment your employees use has a significant effect on their performance at work. You can make a gesture to show that you care about their comfort at the workplace by getting them a new desk, for instance. Keep in mind that at the desk is where they come up with fantastic ideas to ensure that your business keeps growing.

A new desk for your employee could come with other equipment such as a newly upgraded laptop or chair to go with it. You can also go ahead and ensure that their new desks are of better quality, more extensive, and placed in a better position than the previous one.

This move is guaranteed to put a smile on your employee’s faces.

6. Personal Parking Space

Most companies have reserved parking spaces for top executives. You can make your employees feel like an essential part of the company as well. Take their special day as an opportunity to give them reserved parking.

You can make arrangements for them to access reserved parking for a whole week starting the day of the anniversary. Your employees will feel privileged and essential with your gesture. Giving them a taste of what it’s like to have personal parking space could motivate them to work harder to get promotions to top executives.

7. Get Them a Car

One thing that you must know is that people work hard to afford to have nice things. You can make it happen for your employees on their work anniversary. You can get your employees a posh car to appreciate their loyalty. You can make consultations with a luxury car dealing company to know the options that you have.

We know this is a pretty big gift. We recommend reserving this for your best and longest-serving employees. Doing something like this remains in your employees’ memories for a long time. It will certainly also motivate other employees to work better.

8. Shares in the Company

Some companies have Employee Stock Ownership Plans. If your company has such a policy, it would mean the world to your employees to own a portion of your company’s stocks.

Companies with this plan ensure that long-serving employees’ can buy stocks at a lower price than what the market is offering. It allows your employee to feel safe since it will go into their retirement plan. Gifting employees’ stocks is one of the common strategies employees use to retain their productive employees’.

9. Company-Paid Vacations

People go for vacations to unwind, which results in productive employees. You can organize a company-paid trip for your employees on their work anniversary. Employees who have been with companies for a long time are the best candidates for company-paid vacations.

It’s a meaningful gift for employees who have been with your company for a long time.

10. Educational Workshops

One of the gifts you can get your employees is an opportunity to grow career-wise. Employees feel appreciated once they see that the companies they work for have an interest in their careers.

You can organize for your employees to attend workshops that will help them grow. If your employee is celebrating seven years working with you, it means the world to them if you could show a continuous interest in their professional development.

Also, if you can afford it, you can try and sponsor them to pursue further education to stand a chance of getting promoted. In a way, you will have helped your employee achieve their dreams. Such employees work hard to ensure that they get recognized on every work anniversary.


It’s always better to ensure that you don’t stretch yourself too thin when gifting your employees. Go out of your way to make them feel appreciated, but don’t bankrupt your company while doing it. The way you choose to show appreciation for your employees on their work anniversary can influence their performance at the workplace.

While gifting your employees ensure that you encourage other employees who are yet to mark their anniversaries to work hard and stay loyal. Take the time to revisit all their achievements while working with you. Doing this will help them see that they deserve to be celebrated and recognized.

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