Handwritten Envelopes for Businesses – Does It Work?

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Alike us, you probably get tired of junk mail. You get it at home, at work, and even in your email inbox. Those cold, impersonal letters that bear no connection to you probably wind up in the trash, without even being opened.

On the flip side, isn’t it so surprising to receive a personalized or handwritten envelope in your mailbox? Have you ever felt that wave of delight knowing that someone put effort into creating an addressed envelope just for you?

You’re not alone! Your customers also feel the same way. Using handwritten envelopes can help you connect better with your customers and improve open rates.

Keep reading to learn more about handwritten envelopes for business and the truth behind a successful direct mail campaign.

Improve Response Rates with Handwritten Envelopes

Only 21% of marketing emails get opened, and an even smaller percentage actually get read. People receive emails all day, every day, and so they often get overlooked, ignored, or deleted. 

Direct mail, on the other hand, has a much higher success rate. Research shows that 42% of people who receive direct mail will open and read what has been sent. People are naturally curious and enjoy opening mail to find out what’s inside. This is especially true if it’s addressed to the recipient by name.

Direct mail is also able to reach prospective customers who are not already subscribers. If your targeted audience doesn’t follow you yet on social media or subscribe to your emails, an online campaign will likely never reach them.  

Personalized direct mail marketing takes this one step further and solicits an even better response rate. Handwritten envelopes are 300% more likely to be opened than printed envelopes. Customers love feeling like they have a relationship with their favorite brands, and personalized mail makes them feel like you reached out to them personally. 

Handwritten envelopes and letters are the best way to communicate gratitude in an incredibly simple way. You want your customers to feel special and appreciated, even if they haven’t bought anything yet. Providing that extra touch will make it up to 50% more likely for people to respond to your direct mail.

Handwritten envelopes are 300% more likely to be opened than printed envelopes.

The Importance of Handwritten Notes in Customer Relationships

More and more, customers are seeking out personalized experiences. Gone are the days of cold, unseeing conglomerates and existing as faceless consumers. Customers want to get to know who they’re doing business with and develop meaningful relationships. 

Customers also love feeling special and valued. When interacting with someone in person, using their first name in a conversation increases your chances of connecting with them. When sending direct mail, personalization goes a long way. A hand addressed envelope and letter closed with your personal signature are sure to stand out.

You may be thinking, “Won’t people think handwritten envelopes are tacky or unprofessional?” NO, actually, most people will think the complete opposite! They will be impressed that you took the time to write them a personalized note. 

Writing out hundreds of handwritten notes can be tiring, though. To take care of this daunting task, you can either:

  • divide up the task amongst several people
  • take breaks in between
  • or look into a service such as Handwrytten

However, you choose to do it, sending handwritten notes to your customers will surely improve your relationship with them. By using handwritten envelopes, you increase the familiarity factor and make them more likely to respond positively to you.

Integrate Handwritten Envelopes and Letters Into Your Marketing Strategy

Being strategic about your marketing helps you to build better relationships. Relationship marketing is a way of focusing on long-term customer cultivation. Relationship marketing:

  • creates deeper connections with your customers
  • fosters brand loyalty and brand affinity
  • enhances customer satisfaction
  • develops long-term customer engagement

Handwritten envelopes and letters make a great supplement to your existing marketing strategy. Utilize information collected from customers based on their purchasing history and target your offers to them to make them more appealing. 

Some of the best ways to use handwritten letters are:

  • thank you notes after a purchase
  • discounts, coupons, or offers for a prospective purchase
  • birthday cards or holiday cards to let your customers know that you’re thinking of them on a special day

When putting together your strategy, it is important not to send out too many letters. Make sure you time your mailings to ensure they are well spaced out. Vary up the type of snail mail that you send to keep the communication feeling fresh.

Effective personalization for your customers needs to take into account many details. For example, you should consider your customer’s hobbies, lifestyles, and beliefs. Each aspect of their mail should be carefully selected or designed to make them feel special. Also remember to close the letter with your name or signature.

custom thank you letter from chew chew

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