Top 10 Holiday Greetings for Friends and Family

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In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with those who matter. Make this holiday season count by using direct mail holiday cards to stay connected with the important people in your life. Sending a greeting card tells your loved ones that you are thinking of them and wishing good things come their way. Greeting cards don’t have to be limited to an annual Christmas cards!

If you’re looking for the right holiday card message, keep reading for our top 10 holiday greetings for friends and family!

Greetings to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Sending cards with holiday greetings doesn’t just benefit the receiver. Taking time to craft holiday card messages lets you think about the people in your life and what they mean to you in a way that doesn’t have to be limited to the holidayseason.

As you reflect on the tough years behind and the fact that we survived a pandemic, every opportunity to celebrate life becomes more precious. Sending greeting cards to your loved ones this holiday season will bring them joy and ignite the holiday spirit in you.

10 Holiday Card Greetings for Friends & Family

Sending a handwritten card to friends and family gives them tangible words of love and hope to hold on to. A phone call to wish seasons greetings will soon be forgotten. However, the beauty of sending your holiday message in a card is that the words and wishes will remain for years. Below you’ll find some ideas of holiday season messages that you can use for any greeting card.

1. Christmas

Christmas is the one holiday that we commonly send Merry Christmas cards across the world carrying seasons greetings, Christmas wishes, and holiday cheer. This Christmas, replace funny Christmas wishes with personal words that deposit hope and love in the hearts of your friends and family.

Here are some ideas Christmas messages for friends and family:

  • Close business connections: My wish for you this Christmas eve is that you unwrap hope for a bright future, patience for the journey to get there, and the love of family and friends to keep you merry along the way. Merry Christmas!
  • Close friends and family: What wishes are waiting for you under the tree from me this Christmas season? Buckets full of hope, an endless supply of peace, and enough joy to keep you laughing all year round! Wishing you Merry Christmas Cheer!
  • Funny Christmas card: Santa Claus won’t be coming to town this Christmas, he’s too busy watching replays of all the naughty things you got up to this year! Warm Christmas wishes from us.

2. New Year‘s

A New Year is like a fresh start. It’s also a perfect time to reach out to loved ones or send a handwritten holiday card to business connections to wish them a ‘Happy New Year‘.

  • Close friend: A New Year is close and the buzz is about all things new. But I’m thinking of the best things from the past and one of them is you!
  • Family member: As we close the page on all we’ve come through, we open our lives to a new page. May you write with a pen full of hope and see your dreams become reality. Happy New Year!
  • Business holiday card: May the coming year bring opportunities and growth to all your endeavors. Looking forward to another year of working together. Have a Wonderful New Year!

elegant happy new year greeting card

3. Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally reserved for romantic partners, why not use the occasion to remind your friends and family how much they mean to you? Here are some ideas you can adapt:

  • Close friend: Valentine’s Day is usually about sparkling eyes and butterflies, but my love for you is different. You’re my friend, my confidante, my ally in this life. You give me courage, and fill my heart with hope in the moments when I have none. I love you, dear friend. With love, [your name]
  • Daughter: I thought I knew what love was, but when you came along I realized I’d been wrong all along. You’ve taught me what real love looks like, and it’s beautiful!
  • Business holiday card: We love doing business with you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

4. Easter

Easter is not just for children. It can be a great opportunity to send business holiday cards to wish your clients a happy holiday. You can even send one to the lady who lives next door. 

  • Corporate connections: Our wishes for you this Easter are for a fruitful year ahead.
  • Family: Easter and egg hunts go hand-in-hand, but the treasure hunt that I’m on is to fill my basket with those I love most. Guess what? You’re in my basket! Happy Easter.
  • General use: Sending you Easter wishes for a happy holiday filled to overflowing with all good things.

5. Independence Day

An Independence Day holiday greeting that goes out as personalized handwritten notes makes a great business holidaycard for the holiday season. You can include a coupon code for a discount offer for services or products.

  • Friends in service: Sending Independence Day wishes to you as you love our country and serve by working for progress every day.
  • Business connections: Independence Day holiday greetings from our office to yours! Celebrating freedom together.
  • Family: Loving the freedom of the life we share!  

6. Labor Day

As Labor Day celebrates American workers and all they’ve achieved, it’s a perfect moment to send a greeting card to business connections to wish them a happy holiday.

  • Warm wishes to you on this Labor Day and every day!
  • Celebrating your hard work and determination. I wish you fruitfulness in everything you set your hand to.
  • You’ve worked hard, now take a moment to enjoy the fruit of your labor. 

7. Veteran’s Day

As we think of those who paved the way, served, and fought for our freedom, we can use the day to appreciate those who’ve served or those who live by the same ideals.

  • Spouse or family member: I’m thankful for the way you stand up on my behalf and take on the hard things in life with me.
  • Family member who served in the military: Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. We see you, we see what you did, and we love living in the freedom you paid for.
  • Acquaintance who served: Thank you for your life laid down in service of your country. We are grateful for all you’ve done!

floral happy thanksgiving business holiday card

8. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection on all the good things in life. If there are people you’re grateful for, it’s a good time to let them know. Here are some messages you can send:

  • Close friend or family member: When I write down all that I’m thankful for, you’re at the top of my list!
  • Business associate: I’m thankful for our shared vision of what we can accomplish by working together. May our businesses grow in influence as we continue to pioneer together.
  • Life partner: I’m thankful I can do life with you by my side. I’m thankful for the joy of doing life together. I’m thankful for you!

9. Kwanzaa

The December holiday season also incorporates a fairly new holiday that was introduced to celebrate African heritage in African-American culture known as Kwanzaa. Once you’ve wrapped up all the Merry Christmas celebrations, think about your friends and business associates who celebrate other holidays.

  • Co-worker: Light, peace, and happiness to you and yours for the year to come.
  • Close friend: May you experience the blessings of joy, love, and family this Kwanzaa.
  • Family: You are my biggest blessings this Kwanzaa. I celebrate you, my beautiful family!

10. Halloween

Halloween can be another fun holiday to send out holiday greeting messages, especially for real-estate agents. Go light-hearted and fun, or get a little darker and spookier. Adapt some of these to make them your own:

  • Co-worker: Ghostly Greetings from across the hallway! Enjoy Halloween.
  • Life partner: Trick or treat, you’re always my sweet!
  • Friends: May your broom always fly straight, may your fangs stay sharp, may your cat remain black, thanks for having my back! Happy Halloween.

Holiday Messages for Those Who’ve Had a Tough Year

If you’ve ever had a friend or family member go through a hard year, choosing your holiday greetings wording can be difficult. It doesn’t feel right to wish someone a Merry Christmas if they’ve just been through tragedy. With Handwrytten you can avoid the standard Merry Christmas cards available in the shops and rather send a personalized card that says, “I’m thinking of you, let me know if I can help.” 

Send Beautiful Holiday Greetings with Handwrytten

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