Simple Ways to Thank Customers this December

Your loyal customers boost your sales all year long. The holiday season is here and you can use this opportunity to celebrate success with your clients and show gratitude. When your customers trust you with their business, nothing says thank you better than personalized notes by Handwrytten.

Business owners often focus on leads and new prospects, but forget about their already loyal clientele. A thank you card would help you stand apart from your competitors and is a great way to build a strong relationship with clients to guarantee future business.

By thanking your customers, you acknowledge your appreciation for their trust in your business. When customers feel that they are not just another face in the crowd but a valued member of your business, they will show loyalty toward your brand. Therefore, your customer retention rate improves through a simple message of gratitude

Simple Ways to Thank Customers This December

With the newest technologies and social media, people tend to rely on emails and social media posts only. In such times, you require creative ways to thank clients this December. An old-school handwritten card or a handwritten thank you note is the most sincere way to thank a customer and celebrate those who helped make the year a success. It shows affection and effort from the business and has a high rate of getting opened by the customer immediately. 

You can also use a handwritten letter to show gratitude to people working for you such as a team member or employee. Employee engagement and employee recognition are a vital part of making your business a success. When a person feels appreciated through the season’s greetings, holiday cards or a birthday card they receive regularly, they work more loyally and whole-heartedly. 

An old-school handwritten card or a handwritten thank you note is the most sincere way to thank a customer and celebrate those who helped make the year a success.

Celebrate Those Who Helped Make the Year a Success

When you send holiday cards to customers, you gain their loyalty and future references. When you show your thanks to valued clients, you are very likely to achieve the following benefits:

Create Delight

A seasonal thank you card or a holiday card can bring joy to your customers and give them a sense of value. This is important because emotions play a crucial role in decision-making. That is why companies engage with Handwrytten to connect with customers and build loyalty. In short, holiday greetings can create a connection between your business. Your decision to do so is a gesture that clients will surely appreciate.

Stand Out in the Market

When was the last time you received seasonal greetings in the mail from a company? You may get a couple of cards every year, but this is not a common experience. Greeting cards are an opportunity to improve your customer service. Your company can stand out from competitors who only reach out online or focus on sales during a vacation.

Attract Potential Clients

Custom cards create an opportunity to get more eyes on your business along with thanking the client. Your seasonal greeting cards can attract favorable attention from new potential customers as well. If your customer displays the card while visiting friends and family, your business could get more credit.

Bulk Orders Save Costs

Handwritten holiday cards will help you reach many more customers in the spirit of the season without spending a lot of money. Unlike other marketing tactics, cards are profitable and allow you to please customers and make them feel special. Ask Handwrytten to do this for you in bulk.

Soft Sell

It’s a good idea to reach out to your customers with greeting cards to remind them of your product, service or skill during the holiday season. It works great when you have something exciting to offer as a gesture of client appreciation to your loyal customer.  If you send these cards in advance, customers will indeed be considering your brand for holidayshopping. 

Writing Christmas Customer Appreciation Cards

Writing a thank you note hardly costs anything and it only takes 5 minutes. If you are worried about how to thankcustomers for their business this December, keep the following tips in mind to write appreciation cards.

  • Always greet the client by name
  • Clearly state why you have written this note
  • Write how much you have enjoyed having business with the client
  • Repeat your thanks at the end
  • End the message by signing your name or use terms such as “Regards” or “Cheers”

If you have a more extensive client base and lack time during the busy holiday season, companies like Handwrytten can send handwritten Christmas cards to your customers for you. 

Send December Greetings with Handwrytten

December brings holidays and happiness along with it. It is the time to celebrate businesses for the whole year’s success and be thankful to each other. The best way to express your gratitude to your employees and clients is through customized handwritten notes. In this electronic era, handwritten cards always win the client‘s heart over emails or texts. However, it might not be possible for you to write so many cards at once. Handwrytten comes to your rescue in such times. 

Handwrytten uses robotic handwriting machines that use actual pens to write your required text on cards. You can either choose from pre-existing writing styles or opt for personalization.

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