How to Send Letters to the Future

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Have you ever thought about sending snail mail to someone in the future? Say, years from now after you’ve passed away? Don’t worry, it’s not as morbid as it sounds. It’s also not like you have to make grand statements worthy of a Hollywood drama. Sometimes, all it takes to make someone smile is just saying “hello” or “I love you.”

You can also use these letters to celebrate special events with future relatives. Maybe your future grandchild would love to have a holiday card or a congratulations message that you prepared for them ahead of time. 

Keep reading to see how to send letters to the future: to the people who will remember you and keep telling your story long after you’ve become a ghost.

Who Will You Send These Letters to?

Before you start on your letters to the future, think about who you’ll send them to.

Every handwritten letter has an audience. In your case, it could be children, grandchildren, friends, or colleagues; anyone you care to say a few words of wisdom to.

Brainstorm a list of recipients for your letters. Make a note of where you’ll send them and how you think they’ll best receive it.

If you want a more sentimental, personal letter, you can consider sending a handwritten or paper letter. If you think a simple email will do, go ahead and use that one. It’s nice to strike a delicate balance between what the recipient would like and how you can show them your personality. 

After all, the whole reason for sending a letter is to give them a little bit of “you” when you can’t be there physically.

What Will You Say in These Letters?

Thinking of what to say might be the trickiest part; is this a ‘with love’ letter, or is it a thank-you? After all, how do you convey special messages in just the right words

Take as long as you need to draft these letters. It’s not like you have to say a lot in each one. Sometimes, you could just send letters to mark an occasion without having to write anything.

Remember not to take this task too seriously. It’s only natural that we want our readers to learn from our letters, but a little bit of humor can go a long way. You can even think of these letters as tiny time capsules into a time your reader might not have ever known. 

Tell some silly stories and share some vulnerable moments because nothing captures a reader’s attention like a bit of humor.

You might even tell your recipient that you are a ghost speaking from beyond the grave, especially if you want to get them in the Halloween spirit.

Companies That Will Send Your Future Letters

Believe it or not, there are actual services that can postmark your letters when you need them to. Most of them will send regular letters and emails and post your letters for a meager price. 

Some services are free, but you might have better peace of mind using premium features, especially when sending multiple letters at once.

Letter to My Future Self

An online email-sending service, Letter to My Future Self allows you to send an email to anyone and at any time you choose. You can draft the email on the site and store it encrypted until the send date.

The service is currently free, though you will be charged an extra $9 a year for premium features. Such features include unlimited emails, editing the emails after sending, and setting custom dates for as many messages as you choose.

Letter to Yourself

Similar to Gifts to the FutureLetter to Yourself allows you to send an actual letter to whomever you choose.

If you don’t know quite what to say to your recipients, they provide a whole list of topics to write about. It’s also not like you have to know when exactly to send the letter. As long as you have an approximate date for delivery, you can send your letter.

All letters are stored encrypted so no one can read the letter or access your personal information. Just in case your shipping address changes, you can update that in your account.

Letter to Yourself will also send your letters on high-quality paper with cute minimalistic designs on the edges.


FutureMe operates almost the same way as Letter to My Future Self: you can draft and send as many letters as you like to a specific email address. 

The service is free, but you can upgrade to a Premium membership for more features. However, after you’ve used the service for 3 years or have written 20 letters, they’ll ask you to upgrade. Premium might prove helpful if you are writing alot of letters and want to have continual access to them. Otherwise, until the letter is delivered, you cannot view it.

You can choose to share the headline of your letters on the FutureMe website. That way, people can get ideas or become inspired by what stories you tell in your own letters. 

Dear Future Me

The system at Dear Future Me is simple: you write a letter, you send a copy of it to Dear Future Me, and they send it to whoever you like on a specific day of a specific month.

Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles. You don’t have to create an account to track your letters or choose graphics or pictures, or other features for your letter

Prices for keeping your letter in storage vary. The longer Dear Future Me keeps your letter in storage, the less you pay per month.

Entrust Your Letters to A Friend or Relative

While hiring a company to send your letters is helpful, you can also ask a friend or relative to keep your letters for you. 

For example, you might be sending a card to a child you know. If you don’t anticipate giving the card to the child yourself, you can give the card to a parent or guardian, who can then present the child with it.

If you have a spouse or someone who lives with you, they can give the letter or card to the recipient on your behalf. Those two people might even open the card or letter together, making a special memory.

Make Finding the Letter a Game

If you want to go a little extra, make a scavenger hunt out of finding your letter.

You can write a whole series of letters that lead your recipient on a journey to find the final letter. While providing a clue, each one can also have little tidbits that lead to the end message. You might even include small activities or questions for your recipient to perform on the way.

Happy Halloween from Handwrytten!

We’re always trying to think ahead, but writing letters for the future is a fun way of doing it. All you have to do is think of something nice to say to your recipient, set a date for delivery, and let a professional service take care of the rest.

You might also come up with fun ways of sending your letter, such as entrusting it to a friend or relative or creating a scavenger hunt. Any way you send a letter to someone special, they will always appreciate a little spooky mail.

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