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Sending and receiving birthday wishes is a delightful experience, but keeping track of different dates and addresses can be a nightmare. Many people want to send annual birthday cards and other holiday greetings but simply can’t find the time to stay up to date on different events.

Luckily, you can always be on time with the help of an automatic birthday card service. Sick of forgetting family birthdays? Here’s why an automated birthday card service is the solution to your gift-giving troubles.

Automatic Birthday Card Service

Receiving any card is nice, but handwritten birthday cards from those you love will always hold a special place in your heart; they are a perfect time to sign a card “with love”, because that person is very important to you. Valued clients also love to receive thank you messages from the businesses they frequent, which has fueled massive demand for personalized handwritten messages.

That’s why Handwrytten has dedicated itself to providing the premier solution for seasonal greetings like Christmas cards; with Handywrtten’s personalized messages, you can remind the people you love and value that you’re thinking of them at scale.

Creating a positive impression is easier when your messages have a touch of personality. The Handywrytten experts let you send affordable birthday cards to customers and family members with ease. By tapping into the latest technology, their team can even replicate your handwriting.

Delight Friends & Customers With Automatic Birthday Cards

An automatic mass birthday card service is great for those who want to ensure every friend receives a birthday message, regardless of how busy their schedule gets. Sending birthday cards to clients is also popular with business owners who want to remind valued customers or employees that they’re appreciated. So why not spread some delight with a lovely handwritten message that’s custom-tailored for the recipient?

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Use Your Real Handwriting (If You’d Like)

Go the extra mile with an automatic birthday card gift service that uses your real handwriting. If you prefer, you can send a writing sample to be used to send mass messages to your friends. Alternatively, you can pick and choose from different handwriting styles that match your personality or commercial brand. With Handwrytten, there are always creative options to choose from!

Add A Gift Inside

The only thing better than a custom card is one that has a gift inside. Include a nice gift card from over 20 different retailers to ensure your friends, employees, or customers understand how much you value them. Before long, sending birthday cards to customers may drum up additional business for you!

Use Handwrytten’s Automated Birthday Card Service

It’s time to automate the process of sending out mass messages. Using Handwritten Direct Mail automation service, you can personally reach out to a huge number of people without burdening yourself. These birthday cards and personalized notes are also ideal for reminding clients about their previous connection to your business.

Nothing can compare to a handwritten letter that speaks from the heart. Now, you can combine this age-old communication technique with modern automation to get the best results possible.

To learn more about automated birthday cards, please read this tutorial on the system!

What are you waiting for? Contact Handwrytten or sign up today to start sending out automated birthday cards to friends, family, and customers across the country.

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