7 Church Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Congregation

A church is just like another business or nonprofit organization with an ongoing need for church marketing ideas to build a strong congregation of devoted, long-term members.

Church growth ideas can be traditional marketing strategies or creative and unique marketing strategies that fit the needs and interests of your local community. A community is always adapting; people, companies, and attractions come and go.

Below, see a few church marketing ideas that can be implemented and updated year after year to grow your congregation. These strategies involve advertising ideas and personal touches you can include, such as a handwritten letter, that can draw in more potential members.

Church Marketing Ideas

Advertising Your Church

The first step with any marketing strategy is to focus on advertising. If community members are unaware of your church and the mission behind what you do, they likely won’t attend a service. Advertising your church can draw in new attention and grow your congregation.

Send Handwritten Direct Mail

The first item on our list of church marketing ideas is handwritten letters. The value of a handwritten, personalized letter will always carry value no matter how a community may change. Sending handwritten nonprofit direct mail to potential members can create a memorable experience that makes your church stand out. Customize your mailers to match the values of your church and include an invitation for these members to join your welcoming community.

Marketing letters or direct mailers are easy to automate with a company like Handwrytten. Automated letters can save you crucial time so you can invest in additional church marketing ideas.

Distinguish Your Brand

Churches are everywhere, so make your church stand out with a unique and distinct branding. An effective plan will have your Church seen on bulletin boards, front lawns, billboards, or car stickers. Think of everywhere potential new members might spend their time!

Having a sharp-looking and intriguing logo will unify your current programs and easily become a visual brand across town.

Update Your Website

Some businesses and nonprofits rely solely on social media for advertising community events. Regardless of where potential members see your advertisements, it’s highly likely they will go to your website for more detailed information.

Therefore, a fast and efficient website is mission-critical. Make sure images are optimized to load quickly and that you have the standard landing pages like contact, about, and programs. You may even want to consider writing and posting an SEO-optimized blog post weekly to drive organic traffic to your site.

Invest in Video Marketing

Since many churches have the capacity to stream or prerecord sermons online, it’s a great opportunity to build your video marketing plan.

YouTube is the easiest way to upload a video. Once you upload your video, you can link it or embed it on your website or social media pages. Live streaming on social media works well, too. Be sure to have a variety of topics and lengths to appeal to potential new members.

Increase Church Attendance

Increasing church attendance includes both current members and potential members.

Keep in mind that your existing congregational members have specific characteristics that may drive like-minded people to attend. But don’t forget about expanding the diversity of your congregation. All types of marketing can be tailored to fit a particular subgroup of your community that may not be well represented in your congregation.

Word of Mouth

Possibly the most effective church marketing strategy is to encourage current congregation members to invite their friends and neighbors. People tend to be more invested in something if it is recommended to them by someone they trust.

Connect Regularly

This may be hosting events at the church, or going out into the community to meet with current and potential congregation members. Connecting regularly could also mean sending scheduled handwritten notes to congregation members on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other major life events. Let them know you’re thinking of them and that you care about what goes on in their lives outside of Sunday mornings.

Offer Inspiration

The last item on our list of church marketing ideas should be innate. Once you have your website and social media accounts set up, think of ways you can inspire members outside of Sunday services. This can entail posting a link to your latest podcast, blog article, or weekday youth group events. In addition, don’t forget about your Sunday’s sermon description, or even a quick Bible verse or funny meme can keep everyone engaged.

Keep in mind that people are scrolling in social media multiple times a day. Posting something daily will keep your church brand regularly visible.

Grow Your Congregation with Exceptional Marketing

Your church marketing plan may incorporate all of our suggestions. But when it comes down to it, nothing is as warm and inviting as a personal, handwritten letter. Reach out to congregation members to share your appreciation for their continued support and loyalty. Contact potential members via direct mailers to share what your church is all about and encourage them to attend.

Save your valuable time for more time-consuming marketing strategies and let Handwrytten’s services do the work for you. Easily create customizable letters and mailers to add a personal touch to each handwritten note. Automate the mailing process so you reach your intended audience at just the right time. Ready to get started? Sign up today.

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