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It is finally here: the most-requested feature in Handwrytten history! We are proud  to announce the launch of our new Birthday Card automation system! Can you tell we are excited? We hope you will be too.

Do you want to automate sending out birthday cards and potentially include your business card or a small gift or a gift card? Then please consider our Birthday Card Automation platform. With our new system, birthday cards are automatically queued to send two weeks before the recipient’s special day. You can even send different birthday cards to different recipients. For example, business and personal contacts can each receive a different kind of card, message, and gift.

We spent a lot of time designing our new Birthday card automation system. We hope it’s easy to use and user friendly, but just to make sure, we want to walk you through the process from start to finish. It can be done in four easy steps:

Step  1: Choose Campaigns from the Top Menu

Just like our recently released Outbound Prospecting Tool, the Birthday card automation is under the Campaigns menu. Just click the  “Select” button under “Birthday Cards”.

Log into and click your name from the menu in the top right. Choose “Campaigns” from the options that appear. You will see three Campaign types. “Multi-Step” campaigns is currently under development, so expect to see that in early 2023!

Shows How to Get to Birthday Automations

Step 2: Create a New Birthday Card Automation

It is possible to have multiple automations running. For example, you might use one automation for your family and friends’ birthdays, and another for work contacts. Each would have a different birthday message, on a different style of card, and could even include a different gift card or gift product insert.

As such, you need to create each automation group separately. Start your first one by clicking the “Create Automation” button.
Add New Birthday Automation

Step 3: Choose your Recipients or Make it Your Default

Next, choose your recipients. There are two ways to do this. You can either select your recipients manually to define your target, or set the automation as your Default birthday automation.

Default birthday card automations work a bit differently. Instead of defining who the automation goes to, default automations go to all contacts in your address book that contain birthdays, except any contacts currently in another birthday automation.  So, if you have an automation for business contacts, where you specifically selected your business contacts, and then another campaign set as Default, the Default campaign will go out to all contacts except those in the business automation.

To choose your recipients, simply select your recipients from your contact list shown in the  bottom of the screen. You will see all contacts in the list, but will only be able to click “continue” if your chosen contacts have birthdays in the system. To add their birthday (or edit other information), simply click the pencil icon to the right of their name.

To select this campaign as default, simply click the “Default Campaign” switch in the upper right.

After you have selected your contacts or marked this as your default campaign, click the “Continue” button and the bottom.

Choose Birthday Recipients

Step 4: Choose your Birthday Card

Simply select a card from Handwrytten’s growing selection of greeting cards, or select one of your own custom cards.

We initially show you our great selection of birthday cards, but any card typically available to you can be part of your automated birthday card system. For example, if you have a custom card with us, you can include that card here.

Simply find your perfect card, and then click the “Select Card” button below it.

Choose Birthday Card

Step 5: Craft your Birthday Card Message Template

Now, type your message to include in each card.

Be sure to use the Merge Fields dropdown to add the recipient’s first name, last name and/or company name in the note.

You can also add your signature, if you have one on file with us.

When your template is good to go, click “Continue” at the bottom.

Typing Birthday Card Message

Step 6: Finalize Your Automation

Just a few more things to finalize before you’re done. Set your return address. Include an insert (such as a business card) or choose one of our gift cards or gift products to include with every note, and most importantly, set your start and end birthdates.

The start date is the first birthday to include in the campaign.  By default this is 14 days from today, as we send all birthday cards 14 days before the birthday. The end birthday date would send to everyone whose birthday is celebrated on or before this date.

Alternatively, you could have this automation run in perpetuity, by setting the end date to “No end date”.  In this case, just be sure to occasionally change out the card and message!

When you are done, click “Save Automation”.

You will now return to the main automations page, where you can see the high-level details of your campaign!

Finalize Birthday Card Automation

So, what are you waiting for? Be the birthday boss and get handwritten birthday cards for your employees automated today, or send cards to family members with love. If you have any questions, please reach out to our help staff, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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