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We are excited to announce the launch of our new Handwritten Note Prospecting tool. Unmatched in capability, you can easily send handwritten notes and inserts to everyone in a defined area meeting certain criteria. Best of all, there is no additional charge for the list data!

Handwrytten has partnered with one of the world’s largest and most accurate data providers to allow you to send handwritten notes and inserts to everyone in a designated area!  Target by city, zip code, street address or just pick a location on a map.  Want to narrow it down? Add some criteria, such as home ownership status, net worth, length of residence, home value and more. In just a few minutes, you can send fully personalized messages to thousands or tens of thousands of residents in the defined area!

Even better, we are offering this feature at no additional charge! Your standard and bulk Handwrytten note rates apply.

Here’s a breakdown of the 6-step program for sending handwritten notes to blanket an area.

Step 1: Choose Campaigns from the Top Menu

Log into and click your name from the menu in the top right. Choose “Campaigns” from the options that appear. You will see three Campaign types. Birthday campaigns and “Multi-Step” campaigns are currently under development, so keep your eyes peeled for those features soon!

Choose the “Select” button under “Outbound Prospecting” to begin!

Shows How to find the Campaign Launcher

Step 2: Select Your Criteria

We currently support 4 main handwritten outreach campaign types. Each type can be further refined with “Optional Settings”.  The 5 handwritten outreach campaign types are:

  • Address: Type an address, and choose a mileage radius. We will target all residences within the radius from the property address.
  • ZIP Code: Blanket an entire ZIP code with your message.
  • City and State: Going large? You can target an entire city! Just enter the city and state.
  • Circle: Choose your own point on a map and add a radius. It might be easier to first choose an address, then switch to circle. to refine the point on the map.
  • Polygon: (NEW FEATURE!!!) You can now draw a polygon on the map and set exactly where you want to target notes.

All radii currently grow in 1/4 mile increments.

After you have chosen your campaign outreach method, you can then add optional criteria. These criteria are:

  • Home Ownership Status: Target homeowners, renters, or both. If you leave the filter empty, you will target both homeowners and renters.
  • Household Income: Target low income, middle income, or high income prospects by filtering household income. If no options are chosen, all household incomes will be included.
  • Net Worth: Target residences based on affluence. Choose amounts ranging from less than $25,000 to over $1m.  If no options are selected, all net worth options will be included.
  • Home Value: Target home values ranging from less than $50,000 to over $2m. If no options are selected, all home values will be included.
  • Length of Residency: Target residents based on how long they have lived in their residence. Values range from less than six months to more than 20 years. If no options are selected, all lengths of residency will be included.

Filter by Address

Step 3: Choose your Card

Now, choose your card. You can select from the category drop down or use a search box to find the exact card you’re looking for. Any custom cards you designed will be available for outbound prospecting as well.

Shows how to select a card for outbound prospecting campaigns

Step 4: Compose your Message

Type your message like you would any other Handwrytten card. Be sure to include Merge Fields to create a truly personal message featuring their first name or last name.

If you have a signature on file, feel free to include this too.

Typing a New Message into the Outbound Prospecting System

When your message looks good, click “Continue”.

Step 5: Choose Delivery Options and Inserts

Want to include a custom insert?  Need the notes shipped to you? Just like a bulk order, you can add these options here.

Why no gift cards? We felt our clients wouldn’t want to send gift cards to hundreds (or thousands) of recipients without chatting with them first. It could get incredibly expensive! That said, if people really want that option, please let us know and we can add it back to the system.

Choose shipping options for Handwritten Note Prospecting

Step 6: Confirm and Add to Basket

Finally, you’ll confirm your order.  Make sure the targeting is complete and then you can add it to your basket.

In your basket, you will see one preview. The additional results will be available when you pay for your order.

Confirm Outbound Handwritten Note Prospecting Campaign

Excited to Get Your Thoughts!

We have worked really hard to design a system that is both easy to use and best of class. We think you’ll love it, but we want to get your thoughts! Let your account manager or customer service rep know what you think!

We are now working to get you the birthday card campaigns, multi-step campaigns and more. Expect more great updates soon.

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