Send Lumpy Mail! Introducing New Product Inserts

For years, Handwrytten has offered gift cards with our handwritten notes. We also enable users to send their own business cards and other small inserts with the cards. Now, Handwrytten is proud to announce physical product inserts. Starting today, you can include coffee packets from two premium brands or a packet of seeds with your order. Not only are these products a nice surprise for the recipient, but “lumpy mail” has higher open and response rates too. Now that flat letter will be even more intriguing to open with the little lump (or rattling seeds) inside!

Celebrate with Golden Ratio Coffee

Golden Ratio Coffee is a whole new way to drink coffee. Delivered in a tea bag, Golden Ratio is very light in color, and smooth in taste. It is very gentle on your stomach and doesn’t stain teeth!

Bag of Golden Ratio Coffee

We are proud to offer their popular “Birthday Cake” blend! Perfect for sending to a family member or customers on their special day, this coffee is slightly sweetened and has subtle notes of vanilla and almond.

Golden Ratio is the “lumpiest” of our lumpy mail offerings, and requires extra postage. As such, it is charged at $3.00 per insert.

Connect with Waka Coffee

For more traditional coffee lovers, Waka Coffee fits the bill. Made from 100% premium Arabica beans from Columbia, this packet is well balanced, smooth-bodied with notes of citrus. No sugar is added to this coffee.

Waka coffee packet. Now proudly offered as an insert by Handwrytten.

Send Waka as part of your snail mail campaign, and show how creative you are in trying to get in front of a customer, client or prospect.

Colombian Waka Coffee is smaller to send and requires no extra postage. We are proud to offer Waka at $2.00 per insert.

Grow your Relationships with Ferry-Morse Seeds

Beyond coffee, other products fit perfectly in an envelope. One of which is seeds. We are now proud to offer lavender and basil from Ferry-Morse.

lavender, flowers, plants


Lavender grows inside and out and has lovely calming sent.
In your garden, Lavender plants are effective critter repellents. Try using them in the house to keep away pests!


Basil can be grown easily inside and outside. As an annual, it grows very quickly. In fact, it can go from seed to harvest in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. As a “beginner herb” to grow, we chose it to add to our inventory.

basil, herbs, food

Seeds are a natural choice for a real estate agent looking to improve their outreach campaign, or anyone looking to stand out. We are proud to offer the seeds of either variety for $3 per insert.

How to Add an Insert to an Order

Single Order

Adding an insert to an order is really simple. For single orders, just log in to the site, choose a card, click “Send” and type your message. On the next screen, you will be able to add the insert of your choice to your order, including gift cards and our new lumpy mail product offerings.

Bulk Order (Great for Direct Mail Campaigns)

Sending gifts in bulk is very easy as well.

Simply log into, choose a card, click “Bulk Send” and upload your list as you normally would. Be sure to choose the insert of your choosing from the list before you move to the next screen. It is really that simple.

Response rates for “Lumpy Mail” Campaigns

Hand addressed envelopes have a 300% higher rate of being opened than print envelopes. We don’t know the response rates from lumpy mail per se, however, many websites state a near 100% open rate, as people are so curious!

Have an Idea for a Product for Us to Offer?

We are sure there are plenty of other products beyond coffee packets and seeds that fit in an envelope. If you have any ideas for great products that we should offer, please let us know!

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