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Did you know business inserts could boost your response rates for your next direct mail campaign? Although so simple, business inserts can accomplish a wide range of objectives for your business. For example, $5 gift cards for your clients’ favorite restaurants can leave a lasting impression. Even a simple business card or fridge magnet can make your brand more memorable and increase engagement.

If you’re wondering how to incorpoate business inserts into your direct mail strategy, the reality is, the sky’s the limit. You can use colorful card stock inserts with QR codes to direct smartphone owners to a landing page on your website. You can even send coupons or limited-time offers to incentivize purchases. Also handwritten business thank you note is a thoughtful way to let your customers know that you appreciate their business.

Direct mail inserts are an exciting way to create a fun and novel experience for your target audience, all while improving response rates. However, inserts aren’t just about gathering your audiences’ attention and sales from your customers. When approached correctly, mail inserts can be used to say “thank you” to the people who are ultimately responsible for your business’s success.

There are countless ways to show appreciation to your customers with direct mail inserts. Keep reading to discover our favorite strategies.

10 Mail Inserts That Say “Thank You”

Expressing appreciation through direct mail marketing inserts is all about mindset. It starts with asking a simple question: what could you give customers that would make their day and make them feel valued?

When you start with the recipient’s experience in mind, you can go on to use thank-you inserts to improve results for your business. Practically any mail insert you use to market your business can express thanks to your current and potential customers.

Here are 10 great examples of inserts that say “thank you.”

1. “Thank You” Cards

This one may be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning: thank-you cards. Specifically, handwritten thank-you cards for an extra-special, personal touch.

A simple thank-you note may seem insignificant, but don’t underestimate the power of straightforward appreciation. People love feeling like their purchase or contribution made a real difference. They also love having their participation acknowledged.

Most of all, people love receiving notes that feel personal, even when they come from someone at a company. In fact, people are far more likely to open envelopes with handwritten addresses on them. Check out Handwrytten’s automatic handwritten note services to see how you can take advantage of this.

2. Gift Cards

Any message of appreciation is sure to land well with your audience. However, when you include monetary gift as thanks, even if it’s small, you’ll make an even bigger impact.

Gift cards do more than just tell someone “thank you.” They actually show it. Giving someone $5 or $10 to spend at their favorite cafe or restaurant will prove that your thanks are genuine.

3. Coupons

Maybe your business doesn’t have the budget to send every customer $5 gift card. Instead, you can do the next best thing and gift them coupons for your own store or service. That way, not only will your customers receive something of genuine monetary value, but they’ll be enticed to buy from you again.

Coupons are an especially good thank-you gift for existing customers. If someone has purchased from you before, you can rest assured that taking a few dollars off their next order will mean something to them. It’s also a generous gesture of acknowledgment of past business they’ve done with you.

4. Handwritten Letters

This is a good strategy when you’re sending printed reports or other businesslike messages to your audience. To make the whole correspondence feel more personal, you can insert short handwritten notes to send with them. This is sure to grab their attention and make them more interested in everything you have to say.

Of course, you don’t have to actually write a hundred notes by hand. With Handwrytten, you can outsource your letter-writing in bulk to actual robots.

5. Refrigerator Magnets

Everyone loves a good refrigerator magnet. They usually look nice and complement a kitchen’s appearance, and they’re useful for holding reminders and important keepsakes. Not only that, but a decorative magnet with your business’s name, logo, and slogan (as well as your contact info) can be a great marketing tool.

They also make nice gifts. If you’re unsure what else to send your loyal customers as thank-you gifts, consider designing some appealing magnets for them. It’ll make for a nice surprise when they open your letter, and they’ll probably use it.

woman holding envelope for customer

6. Prepaid Donation Envelopes

Admittedly, a prepaid donation envelope is less like a thank-you present than a reminder to continue supporting your cause. Still, if your organization is doing good work in the world, your audience won’t mind the promotion. And more importantly, people appreciate having the postage paid on the envelopes they’re given to use.

Of course, this is something you can do if you’re a mail-order business, too. And even though prepaid envelopes don’t exactly say “thank you” on their own-you might want to combine this idea with another one from this list-it’s a polite gesture to prepay the postage on business envelopes.

7. Custom Balloons

This is a unique and innovative marketing idea used by The Economist, the famous news magazine. They sent their subscribers bright red balloons in the mail (uninflated, of course). One side had The Economist’s logo printed onto it, and the other side featured a drawing of a brain that would increase in size as the balloon was inflated.

The Economist’s not-so-subtle message was that reading their magazine would make you smarter. You might want to come up with your own angle if you use this idea, but sending colorful balloons to your audience is sure to get attention.

8. Mini-Calendars and Planners

As with our kitchen magnet idea, it’s always nice to send customers something useful. While not everyone uses physical calendars or planners anymore, it’s still a tried-and-true idea that helps organizations get their names out there. And since it’s a tangible gift with real uses, it’s not a bad way to show appreciation to your audience.

Other simple gifts that share this category include custom address labels, bookmarks, maps, and even tote bags. Feel free to get creative when coming up with thank-you gifts for your audience. Just remember that whatever you send them needs to fit neatly into the envelopes or packages you’re using.

9. Your Business Card

Sending your business card along with your newsletter or message isn’t exactly a way to say “thank you,” but it’s a good mail insert to use nonetheless. It gives recipients a convenient way to keep your information on hand without hanging onto the envelope or letter.

And if your business card has a very beautiful or interesting design, it can almost feel like receiving a gift. It may not exactly say “thank you” by itself, but it can get your customers talking about you.

10. Fun-Shaped Card Stock Reminders

This is similar to the business card idea, but it can be a lot more fun. Using card stock, you can have colorful notecards made with your business information to send your audience. These cards can be cut into charming and interesting shapes, and they can feature anything from intriguing designs to short cartoons.

For practical purposes, these card stock notes can be used to remind your audience about upcoming sales, events, or fundraisers. Or you could simply use them to share your business’s contact information, like a glorified business card. Just make sure the decorative elements justify the larger format.

3 Ways to Mention Your Business Insert in Your Letter

Now that you’ve chosen an exciting insert to send to your audience, you’ll want to direct their attention to it in your letter. This way it will be sure to stand out, and your recipients will be more likely to find the overall experience memorable.

Here are a few ways to do just that.

1. Point Out the Usefulness of the Insert

If you sent your audience a useful tool of some kind, point out its useful qualities. This tip applies to things like calendars and planners, although you can point out the value of any gift you include. This may help your audience appreciate the insert more, which will influence them to choose your business again in the future.

2. Suggest Something to Use the Insert For

This is similar to our first point, only instead of simply stating what the insert is for, actually suggest something the recipient can do with it. Suggest that they treat themselves to their favorite drink with a cafe gift card, or that they snuggle up with a book they’ve been wanting to read with your bookmark.

3. Point Out the Insert is Your Gift to Them and Repeat Your Thanks

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to point out that the insert you included is your gift to them for being a loyal customer. Not only does this help people feel indebted and appreciative for the gift, but it also reminds them that you value their business.

Say “Thank You” With Handwrytten

You now have 10 fantastic ideas for mail inserts to use in your next direct mail campaign. Whether you want to increase traffic to your online store or remind an existing customer about your service, mail inserts are one of the best ways to do it.

This is only the beginning, however. Saying “thank you” to the people who support your business is one of a marketer’s most important jobs. And the more authentically you can show your appreciation, the better for your customer experience and business.

Handwrytten makes it easy to send personal-feeling, handwritten messages in bulk – just make sure to order one of our packages at the right time to make sure it arrives on time. Get your free sample kit today or learn more about our marketing materials.

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