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Entrepreneurs who understand successful marketing methods are returning to one of the most reliable strategies of all time — a direct mail campaign. Modern consumers love to receive a physical piece of mail in this digital day and age, ensuring direct mail campaigns yield results when companies invest in them properly. Nevertheless, tracking a direct mail campaign as it unfolds and gauging its eventual success can be quite difficult for the uninitiated.

You need to master direct mail tracking to achieve true marketing success. Here’s how to make sense of direct mail metrics as you begin to measure the worth of your marketing campaign.

Why You Should Track Direct Mail Campaigns

Not all entrepreneurs are convinced that direct mail tracking is a worthwhile endeavor. They argue that marketing is already expensive, so why bother with an additional expense in the form of tracking? The truth is that you’ll never be able to determine which parts of your marketing budget are achieving results if you fail to consider direct mail analytics and track the overall success of your campaign.

Business titan John Wanamaker famously claimed that “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Modern entrepreneurs don’t need to struggle with such an issue; digital tools allow today’s business owners to monitor their marketing efforts like never before.

By investing in direct mail analytics, you’ll generate valuable metrics which help you determine where you’re outperforming the competition. Soon enough, your company will be benefiting from a great Return On Investment (ROI) on direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Campaign Tracking Strategies

Tracking your marketing efforts is important, but which direct mail metrics should you be paying attention to? These tips will help you gather and make sense of the right data.

Establish KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) refer to the crucial metrics which gauge your overall success. KPIs for a direct mail campaign include the response rate and conversion rate of prospective clients. It also includes the overall size of sales, which helps you determine if direct mail efforts are encouraging customers to spend more than usual when shopping with your brand.

The most important KPI of all is whether you’re garnering an ROI. In short, assess whether the revenue coming in from your direct mail campaign is greater than the amount you’re expending on it in the first place.

Include Tracking Code

By including a tracking code in the direct mail you send out, you’re inviting recipients to help you gather valuable data. Direct mail tracking codes could be a URL you refer recipients to visit online. Alternatively, it could be a QR code you physically send them so that they can scan it with a smartphone.

Include a call to action about your tracking code when sending direct mail to collect more information on your target audience. Before long, clients will be handing you valuable data you can use to bolster profits.

Social Media Engagement

Who says the old and new worlds never collide? Include links to your social media pages whenever sending direct mail to encourage recipients to follow you online. Offering deals and enticing discounts to those who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms may help you lure in new customers. Monitor the activity on your social media feeds following direct mail campaigns to assess if your methods are yielding results.

Excellent direct mail tracking necessitates a social media presence. If you can’t keep track of your digital engagement, monitoring your direct mail efforts will prove very difficult.

Create a Phone Number

For those who don’t want to include a tracking number in the form of a QR code, try including a phone number instead. Recipients of direct mail can contact this number for an award or sign up with your loyalty program. It effectively allows you to engage with direct mail recipients who may not be digitally savvy or care about your website. Some people still prefer to do things the old-fashioned way — meet them halfway, and you’ll benefit.

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

The growing trend of investing in direct mail analytics can help entrepreneurs target a dedicated audience despite intense local competition. After carefully reviewing their direct mail metrics to see what’s working, business owners should consider employing this strategy to drum up new success.

Send Handwritten Mail

The only thing better than receiving a letter is discovering that it’s handwritten by someone who cares. By sending handwritten messages, your direct mail will seem authentic and create a meaningful connection with recipients. Outstanding companies like Handwrytten can help you manage the process of sending bulk handwritten notes to recipients who you truly want to garner a response from.

Follow up

Counter low response rates by sending follow-up messages that gain the recipient’s interest. Customers may be interested in your product or service but simply forgot about your previous message — sending a reminder can generate some new business during a down period.

Include an Offer

Include an offer you monitor in your direct mail tracking for prospective clients you really want to hook. A coupon or similar discount is always popular. Loyalty programs that enable customers to accrue points that they can exchange for rewards are also quite enticing. Include a limited-time offer to generate immediate action if you feel the lead may only be open to your message for a brief period.

Achieve Campaign Success with Handwrytten

Direct mail tracking is easy when you send out handwritten messages from the artistic experts at Handwrytten. Many of your previous customers will quickly feel compelled to visit your business once again after they receive a handwritten note soliciting their attention. Before long, your direct mail analytics will illustrate the staying power of this marketing method.

What else are you waiting for? Sign up with Handwrytten today to ignite a customer frenzy around your business that’s fueled by lovely handwritten messages.

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