Veterinary Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Are you looking for a way to attract more clients for your office, but are running short on veterinary marketing ideas? You’re not alone! Advertising for veterinarians can be tricky. When your veterinary clinic is also a small business, the best way to bring in a new clients is with a marketing campaign that stands out. 

Many of today’s innovative marketing strategies can be aimed at potential clients in your area and are easy to set up! Keep reading for our favorite veterinary marketing ideas you haven’t tried.

Get Creative With Your Veterinary Marketing Strategy

One thing that keeps veterinary customers coming back, even if they find cheaper alternatives, is a personal connection with their veterinarian. Attract pet owners to your veterinary practice by standing out from your competition to harness personal connections with your target audience.

Personal connections aren’t built from ordinary advertisements. They are created when you establish a marketing plan that makes your clients and potential clients feel seen and appreciated. Soon, we will go over several ways to do this in detail.

If you don’t have a solid content marketing plan in place, now is the time to get started! A veterinary marketing plan that includes fresh and creative ideas is sure to keep your clients coming back and bring in new ones.

A connection can be made through social media, direct mail, or awesome personal visits. Take advantage of opportunities to connect when clients come into your veterinary practice. Rewards for long time customers also creates loyalty.

Personal connections are created when you establish a marketing plan that makes your clients and potential clients feel seen and appreciated.

6 Veterinary Marketing Ideas You Have to Try

When your practice is low on new clients, playing with new veterinary marketing ideas is the best way to get on potential clients‘ radar. Many marketing ideas don’t cost anything except for a little time. Other marketing ideas will cost some money, but are proven to have successful results. Veterinarian marketing with handwritten notes is just one example of this. 

Keep in mind, marketing is not just about bringing in new clients. It’s also important to build relationships with current clients and rewarding loyalty. Some of the most loyal customers are made from establishing a connection early. 

There are many different marketing ideas on the web, but which ones are going to improve your clinic? Here’s our six favorite that are sure to impress your customers.

1. Create Relationships on Social Media

Today, nearly every consumer is on social media. It is in your best interest to take advantage of that. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platforms; depending on your target audience. You can make connections with current and potential clientele on any app. 

Local businesses thrive when they connect to their community. Clients love coming back to you because you feel like home. Do not start your connection when a client walks into your practice, start it on social media

Digital marketing in particular has shown a lot of growth and results. We encourage you to create social media accounts, if you haven’t already!

2. Send Direct Mail

While direct mail sounds a little old school, you have to admit you still get excited when you get a personal letter in the mail. One great veterinary marketing strategy is sending cards to clients’ and potential clients‘ houses.

Handwritten notes support marketing for veterinarians. That’s because they go a step further than social media. They are physical and meaningful to clients. Direct mail is effective when done correctly. 

Your client base has likely received hundreds of marketing emails that they will never open or read. When you send your clients a handwritten card from your practice they are much more likely to open and read it.

Why bother writing emails for your client list that will most likely end up in their junk mail? You could be sending handwritten notes that they will read and appreciate. 

3. Start a Blog For Your Veterinary Hospital

Starting a blog is a great way to create a community online. Blogs use the tactics of content marketing to build an online presence for your business. By posting pictures, videos, and articles to your blog site you can attract clients.

Your blog will attract customers to your website after wowing them with your informative, funny, and/or interesting blog posts. All you need is a qualified writer!  

Additionally, the blog will build your credibility online. This way no potential clients will have to guess if your practice is legit. Has there ever been a more perfect veterinary marketing strategy?

4.  Create Profiles For Your Staff Members

Any pet parent would like to know who is helping their fur baby. Show your client that their pet is in good hands by letting them get to know your staff through profiles on your website. 

All your employees should have a profile. That includes front desk attendants and veterinary surgeons. Use a nice, professional photo. Then, give some details about their qualifications and experience in veterinary practice.

5. Create Special Offers and Referral Awards

Special offers are a great way to bring in new potential clients. Your special may be as small as 10% off pet food or as big as a free first exam for new clients! By putting out a special offer, you will allow prospective clients to give you a try and build a connection with you.

On top of special offers, it is a good idea to reward your current clients. When you put in place rewards for clients when they refer friends, it is a win-win. You get a new client and they feel special. 

You will bring in these new clients and prove to them that you are the best veterinary practice around. Then, you will have secured loyal clients who will come back every time they need anything for their pets. 

6. Handwritten Notes for Veterinarians

Of all the ideas, handwritten cards sent to clients’ addresses works time and time again. You can send them for many reasons throughout the year. And, when you use a handwritten card service like Handwrytten, it is easy!

Vet techs may decide to send a handwritten note to each client for holidays to let them know that they are thinking about them. They are perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday you celebrate. Choose a festive card from a wide array of options. Then, write a festive note wishing them and their pet a happy holiday from their vet. Finally, all you have to do is confirm, pay, and send! 

Your clients would also appreciate a birthday card. With a small amount of effort, you can find their pet’s birthday in their medical record. Then, send them a card congratulating Sparky on another healthy year gone by.

In your handwritten note, you may choose to remind them that they should schedule their annual check-up. This way you can bring in some more foot traffic at your practice. 

Sending handwritten notes to prospective clients is also on the table. Start the conversation with a card to introduce yourself, the veterinarian. Consider offering a discount if they mention your card at their first appointment. 

You should also contact a grieving family after a beloved pet has passed. A “thinking of you” card can go a long way for heavy hearts. This shows your client that you have a connection with them, and they will remember that.

Get creative when you are sending handwritten cards! You can use Handwrytten’s services for any number of reasons beyond the ones we have outlined. Any kind of card will build a relationship with your clientele. 

Personalize Your Patient Communications with Handwrytten

Veterinarians around the nation trust Handwrytten to write and send their personalized cards. Handwritten communication is not a thing of the past, with our technology it is a look into the future. 

It is only a few simple steps to start a conversation and build a trusting relationship with your clients. Veterinary marketing is not always so simple, but to send online personalized cards with direct mail is a no brainer.

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