How to Improve Your Sales Writing

Content has continued to increase in importance when it comes to marketing techniques, sales success, and overall awareness of a brand or product. While the visual elements of marketing and sales are certainly important and effective, they aren’t the only elements to consider. The copy you put out in the form of sales pitches, email messages, web pages, and video captions can drastically impact your overall success. If you’re looking for tips on how to improve writing skills, keep reading.

What Is Sales Writing?

Sales writing and sales copy is a type of content written to persuade the reader to purchase a product, sign up for a service, or learn more about a company or promotion. Sales copy comes in many forms, including bulleted lists, paragraphs, and image and video captions. When writing sales copy, it’s important to focus on how your product or service can alleviate or solve the pain points your target audience is experiencing.

Common Sales Copy Problems

Copywriters and salespeople often struggle with writing strong, engaging copy. They may face common problems in their efforts like:

  • A lack of an engaging, interesting tone: Engaging tone is making sure that your writing isn’t too dry to appeal to the reader. While your content doesn’t have to rival a thriller novel in its page-turning qualities, it should be interesting enough to the reader to make them want to keep reading and learn more about the solution to the problem you’re addressing. Your tone should be compelling enough that the person feels like they can’t say no or move on to something else.
  • Assuming that your product or service speaks for itself: If a consumer has no frame of reference because they have no experience with what you’re selling, they won’t understand that what you’re selling is the best. It’s crucial to engage with prospects on an emotional level as well as tap into their desire for what you have to offer. You may find that the best way to tap into this desire is to highlight their pain points and confirm why your product or service can eliminate those pain points.
  • Using the same copy for all prospects: Good sales copy can vary, depending on the needs of the target audience and the changing market. You can test out what you have by looking at how your audience responds to it, and shift accordingly. If a certain pain point you’re touching on in the copy isn’t a major concern to your readers, they may move on without engaging with your brand.
  • Applying research: Performing research, reviewing results, and speaking to members of your target audience can help you identify the most pressing pain points and highlight those, as well as your offering, more effectively. Using this information to guide your copy as it evolves will help create more compelling content.

Sales Writing Tips

If you need sales writing tips to boost your copy and expand your reach, you’re certainly not alone. Some of the best marketers and copywriters in the world utilize tips that help them improve the quality of their writing and engage more effectively.

Here are some great tips to try:

  • Focus on a single element: Hone in on a single point, rather than trying to cover a wide range of what your business or brand offers. You can always create copy that touches on the various elements of what you offer but work on different pieces that can focus on one specific point. This is to ensure the piece is as easy to understand and digest as possible.
  • Clearly highlight benefits: Consider what you believe to be the most compelling or marketable benefit of your product or service. Craft your copy around this, highlighting the pain point that it stems from and how what you offer can alleviate the struggle. For example, if you sell software that tracks employee time, you might focus on the user-friendliness of the system, the ability to track and input time remotely, or the option to pull reports for accurate payroll. However, focusing on all of these elements at once could make the copy drag on too long or feel unfocused.
  • Use more engaging language: This type of writing must compel the reader to take action, whether that action is contacting you to view a demo or making a purchase. Think about how you can appeal to your reader, such as through telling a story or identifying with what they’re dealing with in a certain situation. For example, if your target audience is parents, highlight things that parents go through when raising children to get a better response. Your product is an on-the-go snack designed for children, so touch on the challenges of dealing with hungry kids and the solution of opening your snack, instantly quieting down hungry mouths.

With these tips in place, you can create a more compelling and engaging copy that will resonate with your target audience.

Communication Tools and Strategies

Using the right tools for communication is all part of your overall sales and marketing strategy. The method you use for sharing your copy and communication is also important and impacts your results. In today’s world, email inboxes are overflowing and messages often get overlooked. The average office employee receives more than 120 emails every day. Stand out from the crowd by sending something other than another marketing email.

A handwritten note is something that will definitely help you stand out, and partnering with Handwrytten makes it easier to scale this marketing outreach effort. Adding personalized notes to your lead nurturing and customer appreciation efforts can also spark personal connections and generate an affinity for your brand.

Producing a handwritten card may seem impossible, especially when your company is on a fast-growth trajectory, but using the services of Handwrytten allows you to employ this proven technique without spending hours putting the pen to paper. Learn more about Handwrytten and how the services can help you maximize your sales copy while sharing it in a more effective manner.

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