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Why does the process of sending personalized holiday greeting cards seem to begin a full year in advance? You need to book the photographer, shop for outfits, survive a photoshoot, wait for edited images, design the card, wait for printing, address the envelopes, sign the cards, buy the stamps, and beat the deadline. Whew! 

If you miss a single step, you’ll find yourself falling further and further behind. Before you know it, the holidays will be over, and you’ll be stuck with a stack of misdated Christmas cards.

The solution might be sending out personalized New Year greetings instead! Not only will you be buying yourself a little bit of extra time, but your unique and thoughtful card will stand out from the crowd. Who wouldn’t love a little dose of cheer to start their year? 

Even if you aren’t prone to procrastination, there are plenty of great reasons to send New Years greeting cards with Handwrytten this year! Keep reading to learn all of the wonderful reasons why and how to make New Years Day the new Christmas!

Did You Miss the Deadline for Sending Christmas Cards?

In 2021, the theme this holiday season seems to be “supply chain issues”. Maybe you’re struggling to get your hands on the perfect gift. More importantly, however, have you considered how shipping delays might impact your holiday greeting card schedule?

This year, the deadline for submitting holiday cards is December 10, 2021. If you want to make sure your cards get to friends, family, and clients, you’ll want your cards addressed, stamped, and ready before then. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, you might already be out of time!

A New Year greeting is just as valid as a holiday card and will buy you the extra time that you need to get every detail perfect. New Year cards are more inclusive to friends and clients from all backgrounds. All your clients and friends will all feel equally included when they open your card on New Year’s Eve! 

Sending greeting cards in January can even help your personalized greeting stand out from the crowd. Friends, family, and clients will have a mailbox full of holiday cards before Christmas. A New Years card will be an unlikely surprise and afford recipients the time and space to appreciate your thoughtful message.

Example New Year Greetings to Share

You know exactly what to write in your holiday cards because you send a variation of the same greeting each year. What greeting should you include in your New Years cards? Here are some warm wishes for loved ones or business.

Consider including one of the following as part of your creative spin on the traditional holiday greeting card this year!

For Loved Ones

  • Have a Sparkling New Year!
  • Here’s To Another Year of Precious Memories, Joy, and love!
  • We look forward to what the New Year brings!
  • As One Year Closes, a New Story Begins! With love, [your name]
  • May this new chapter be filled with love, light, and friendship!

A friendly greeting, such as one of the above, is a great accompaniment for a more personal message. Consider including things you’ve accomplished this year, like a mini newsletter!

For Business

  • Thank you for being one part of a productive and successful year!
  • We wish you good fortune and success as you forge ahead this year!
  • May your 2022 be prosperous and full of joy!
  • May this New Year lead to further collaborations and much-continued success!
  • Our New Years Resolution is to find another opportunity to work with your organization in the New Year!

The specific message that you choose should relate to the nature of your business relationship. Specific details go a long way in turning a card into a truly memorable greeting!

handwrytten greeting cards app

Send New Year Greetings Online with Handwrytten

One of the most time-consuming parts of sending out business cards or greetings at holiday time is doing the writing. Handwritten messages go a long way toward showing that you care. Whatever the occasion, Handwrytten can do the writing – all you need to do is provide the message!

Simply type your personalized message directly on our website or on the Handwrytten greeting card app. You can choose one of our cards, or provide your cards or stationery. You’ll be able to choose the handwriting style that you like the best. 

We understand that you want your card to make a great impression, so feel free to be as picky as you like! We’ll customize any one of our cards to your exacting specifications and make sure every last detail is perfect. Our thick stock is high-quality and luxurious. 

After that, our handwriting robots get to work turning your online greetings cards into the real thing! We use robots equipped with real ink pens to write out every word and punctuation mark that you provide! Our greetings don’t look artificial because each card is written out individually, which will set your heartfelt greeting apart.

You won’t even need to address or stamp the envelopes. What if we told you that you could skip the post office lines altogether? We’ll apply first-class postage and send your greetings where they’re going. 

Your Handwrytten card will get to its domestic destination in about three or four days. You’re not limited to recipients in the United States, either. We can get your greetings to loved ones and associates in nearly two hundred different countries! 

There’s Nothing Like a Handwrytten Card!

Even if you missed your holiday card deadline due to procrastination, it’s not too late to make a great impression on loved ones or associates! New Year’s Greetings can be charming surprises full of warm wishes and bright sentiments just when the holiday magic begins wearing down. New Year’s is a wonderful time to reach out and toast to new beginnings with a beautiful handwritten card

It’s not too late to begin designing your New Year greeting with Handwrytten! Sign up today to begin the design process and see all of the delightful and engaging options that we have to offer! We’ll take care of everything so that you can begin designing next year’s cards before it’s too late!

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

Check Out Our Cards!

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