Write a Heartfelt ‘Miss You at Church’ Letter: Tips & Samples

For many, church is a second home, a place where you check in with other members to see what’s happening in each others’ lives and support one another. When a member is absent from the community activities, reaching out to check in is a great way to show support. Writing is one way to show you care, and handwritten letters are one of the best ways to deliver an “I miss you” message without having to say anything at all.

When to Send “Miss You at Church” Letter

We’ve all noticed when the person we’ve been chatting with stops showing up to Sunday service. Or the member we planned to attend the church retreat with never shows up to sign-ups. An ‘I miss you at church’ letter helps communicate they’ve been missed in fellowship and should be sent when looking for them to return.

“We Miss Your Business” Letter Examples

Before technology and typing, people wrote letters to one another to communicate things like ‘I care’ and ‘I’m thinking of you.” Writing an inactive church member a letter shows you’ve taken the time to think about them enough to reach and reconnect. Writing isn’t always easy, so here are a few sample letters for contacting inactive church members.

Example 1

Dear (Name),

We wanted to let you know, we miss you at church!

We know these past few years haven’t been easy and the uncertainty in the world has made it difficult for faith to flourish. But the church is here to support and uplift our members through continued fellowship and unwavering love. 

We’d love to hear from you and to update ourselves with what you’ve been doing and where you’ve been worshipping. 

Example 2

Greetings in Christ!

Matthew 18:12 shows us Christ’s heart toward each and every one of us. Like Christ, we are writing to say, we miss you at church and want to reconnect with you!

We’d like to extend an open invitation to welcome you back for this week’s (insert service/retreat/event) to celebrate & worship with us! 

Example 3


Life has a way of catching us all off guard and we know that everyone needs a moment to take it all in. We want you to know we’ve missed you at church and would love to hear from you. 

The body of Christ is large and if our church isn’t your permanent home, we are ecstatic you’ve found a strong community elsewhere. Just let us know so we can celebrate you at your new permanent church home!

Tips for Writing a Heartfelt Letter

A “miss you at church” letter is intended to extend an offer of a strong community and invite people back into a welcoming environment. We’ve come up with some great tips to show this in your next ‘miss you at church’ letter.

Personalization is Key

A great way to highlight a member’s importance in the community is to draft a handwritten message. However, drafting customized handwritten messages can feel daunting. Luckily, companies like Handwrytten, a digital handwriting enterprise, make the writing process easier with our personalization feature. Using innovative technology, handwritten nonprofit notes can replicate your handwriting to add a touch of ‘you’ to any of your messages.

Using innovative technology, Handwrytten can replicate your handwriting to add a touch of ‘you’ to any of your messages.

Be Reassuring

Messages don’t need to be complicated, but they do need to demonstrate understanding. Let members know life gets busy or acknowledge the anxiety that has accompanied the global pandemic and fears about returning to service. And then tell members the church is waiting with open arms when they are ready to return.

Ask About Plan Changes

Over the last two years, the world has changed tremendously. Encouraging members to share their journey and where it has taken them is a crucial element in building a repertoire with absent members. This gives members a chance to inform the church of any changes and the church the opportunity to impart that worship anywhere still edifies the body of Christ.

The Value of Handwritten “Miss you at Church” Letter

Handwritten letters are a tale as old as time. Sending a ‘miss you at church’ letter that is handwritten says ‘we’re thinking about you,’ in a more thoughtful and personal way. With so much going on, small acts of kindness and care go a long way.

Consider drafting your next handwritten letter using Handwrytten’s digital handwriting services. We offer a variety of customization options, including designing your own card or using your own handwriting. For your next letter, contact Handwrytten or sign up to start creating thoughtfully crafted handwritten letters today.

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