How to Create the Perfect Thank You Letter for a Donation

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Thank you letters are valuable notes that help nonprofits cultivate meaningful relationships with donors. According to a Cygnus study on donor-centered fundraising, 93% of donors would continue giving to a charity that provided a personalized thank you note for a contribution.

A properly handwritten letter conveys appreciation, recognizes contributions, and expresses commitment towards a cause. Continue reading to learn how organizations utilize these letters to deepen their relationships with donors.

What Makes Up a Thank You Letter for Donation?

A thank you letter for donation is written by an organization that intends to show appreciation for a donor’s contributions. For example, charitable organizations might send personalized letters to their monthly donors.

Thank you letters are appropriate anytime an organization wants to express gratitude for a contribution, such as a gift or a service. In any case, they should always be addressed to the individual or organization who contributed in the first place.

Why Writing a Thank You Note Is Important

Thank you notes help nonprofits build lasting bonds with donors. By highlighting their contributions, you help them understand just how valuable they are, which can open up the possibility of further engagement.

Additionally, a personalized handwritten thank you note for donation can provide greater value because it makes your contributors feel special and unique.

How to Write a Thank You Letter for a Donation

A properly-written thank you letter involves several steps to show appreciation for a donor’s actions, showcase their contribution, and be personalized to the individual. Here are some crucial elements that must be included in every letter.

Focus on saying “thank you,” not asking for a donation.

Nothing turns donors away more than nonprofits simply asking for more donations. This is why the content of a thank you letter should convey thankfulness, not neediness. Instead of making a sales pitch, celebrate your donors’ actions toward your organization.

Remind the donor of the good things that their donation has done for you.

Make sure you indicate how your organization plans to use your donor’s gift or service. Whether the donation is small or large, it’s vital that you lay out how the offer will be used in the short or long term.

Make the letter personal.

Nowadays, generic letters can be easy to detect. Don’t fall into the trap of replicating the same thank you letter. Add a personal touch to your letters by addressing your donors’ by their full names and utilizing second-person pronouns. You should also consider designing your letter with logos and graphics.

Keep the letter appreciative but short.

Never beat around the bush when it comes to writing a thank you letter. Keep it short, sweet, and straight to the point. These kinds of responses are not supposed to create confusion. A concise response with a consistent tone shows persistence and appreciation.

Send the thank you letter right away.

Do not underestimate the importance of timing. Your organization should send a thank you letter within 24 and 48 hours after receiving a contribution. Additionally, a prompt response establishes positive and continuous communication.

Sample Thank You Note for Donations

A sample thank you letter for donation will differ based on the organization, style and the message expressed. The following is an example (using the organization name Preserve Our Lands) to help guide you in setting up a proper response for donor contributions.

[Preserve Our Lands Header]


[Donor’s Full Name]
[Donor’s Designation]
[Name of Donor’s Company/Organization]

Dear [First Name of Donor],

On behalf of everyone at Preserve Our Lands, I want to thank you for joining us in our ongoing effort to preserve our nation’s public lands.

By becoming a monthly donor through our monthly restoration program, you’ve taken the first step in helping us protect our wondrous public lands and ensure that everyone has access to these natural spaces. With your help, we will ensure that our nation’s lands remain in the hands of the American people.

Do be on the lookout in the next 48 hours for a follow-up email from with information on getting involved with your local chapter. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at XXXX.
Thank you, once again, for your generous support.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Designation]

The Value of a Well-Written and Sincere Thank You Letter

A well-written thank you letter for donation puts your organization on the right path towards a cause and helps you retain your donors. Unlike a standard printout, a personalized handwritten thank you note for a donation speaks volumes about an organization’s ability to celebrate the contributions of its donors and their genuine eagerness to build a deeper relationship with them.

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