Real Estate Marketing Tips

The real estate industry is constantly shifting, requiring those who work in it to stay current and use innovative techniques to stay on top. Real estate marketing is an essential aspect of working as a real estate agent, but many agents aren’t sure where to start or how to boost their current strategy. Following a few real estate marketing tips can take your business to the next level and get you in front of the right clients.

Use Social Media in Marketing for Real Estate

real estate marketing tips

Social media is essential when it comes to realtor marketing strategy. Using your social media profiles properly allows you to get listings in front of the right audience and showcase your listings. One of the best real estate marketing tips is to set up profiles on both the traditional personal social media sites, as well as the ones designed for professional marketing. You can extend your reach and share good press, as well as interact with people in your area. Look for groups to join that allow you to connect with more potential buyers.

When you create social posts, make sure they are easy to share through the various platforms. Include social sharing buttons on all your listings for one-click sharing capabilities, and ensure that all your social posts are set to public so they can easily be shared by followers and friends of followers.

Step Up Your Realtor Marketing Photos

When it comes to selling real estate, you’re doing more than just showing off a property. While the home or land is important to showcase, those who choose to purchase a property will be living in a particular town, city, or region. Adding high-quality and visually appealing photos of the surrounding area can make the property even more appealing. Look for familiar sites, naturally beautiful outdoor spaces, and landmarks to photograph and include on your listings.

You may also want to consider partnering with a professional photographer to capture even better images. High-quality photography is essential to every listing, but it’s even more important when you’re trying to show off a high-end home. When partnering with a photographer, look for individuals with experience in the architecture or real estate photography space. Adding a virtual tour with interactive photos and videos can also take the visuals of your listings to the next level.

Get Your Name Out There

Another of our real estate marketing tips is to get involved in your community. Sponsoring local events, festivals, sports teams, and community groups can help you generate awareness about what you offer to those in the area, making sponsorship a great tool for realtor marketing. When you sign up as a sponsor, you typically get your name or business name on the materials produced at that event, such as a T-shirt, flyer, or pamphlet.

Create a Real Estate Marketing Nurturing Campaign

You may interact with people who aren’t ready to use your services right away, perhaps because of the current state of the real estate market or because they are working to save up for a down payment. These people can certainly become clients in the future, so it’s important to keep your name fresh in their minds while providing quality content. A nurturing campaign is a great tool when it comes to marketing for real estate.

Nurturing your sales leads and clients helps them feel valued and appreciated, especially when you provide them with tidbits of information that will benefit them. Group your clients based on the interactions you’ve had with them and tailor your campaign based on those interactions. If you have a group of first-time buyers, provide nurturing content that talks about how to care for your first home. When your list includes people who attended an open house, provide them with other open houses happening nearby or within a similar price range.

Tell a Story

Buying a home might seem like a simple business transaction to you, but to your clients, it’s a highly personal decision that will impact their everyday lives. Instead of presenting the facts about listings or properties in a businesslike way, use emotional storytelling to connect with clients and make your listings stand out. Human beings tend to respond better to stories, so using compelling copy and stunning visual elements can help you generate more views.

Use Various Real Estate Marketing Touches

Using various methods to reach your clients is another of the real estate marketing ideas that can help you boost your business. Each client has their own unique needs and desires, so some might connect more with modern digital marketing efforts, while others might receive a flyer in their mailbox and contact you right away. Blending your methods and providing various touches and connection points is the best way to reach everyone on your list in a way that appeals to them.

As you’re considering how you want to reach out to people, think about using a unique method for your next mailer. A flyer can get lost in the piles of mail people receive, but a personalized, handwritten note will stand out in the box. Handwrytten makes it easy to produce handwritten notes at scale, allowing you to connect with every client, lead, and prospective client in a way that helps them feel valued.

Ask for Referrals

After you complete a sale and your client has had time to settle into their new home, it’s important to maintain your relationship and keep the line of communication open. Set up a method to ask for referrals when the experience is fresh in their mind. You can use this to thank them for their business.

Make sure to include your contact information and a callback to the positivity of the buying experience so they can recall that when referring their friends and family who may be interested in buying or selling property. An email is a quick, easy way to send a referral request, but a handwritten card could take the request a step further.

With these real estate marketing tips, you can grow your business and get in front of a wider audience to increase your sales. Using Handwritten Real Estate Direct Mail allows you to maximize your reach and provide a more personalized experience to each client and prospect.

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