Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas: Top 97 by Handwrytten

Are you ready to explore a world of exciting, innovative, and engaging fundraising ideas for nonprofits? You’ve come to the right place!

In the following fundraising extravaganza, we’ll dive into 97 unique and effective ways to raise money, engage with your supporters, and make a lasting impact on your cause. From themed events and seasonal fundraisers to virtual experiences and unconventional approaches, there’s something for everyone in this treasure trove of inspiration.

So buckle up, and let’s embark on this journey of discovering the best fundraising ideas for your nonprofit organization!

Short Summary

  • Raise funds with 18 top ideas for nonprofits, from art sales to science fairs!
  • Explore 6 different types of sponsorship programs and 12 unique charity auction ideas.
  • Host exciting events like virtual galas, outdoor movie nights, and harvest festivals all year round!
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Why Fundraising is Important for Nonprofits

Fundraising is essential for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. It enables them to generate unrestricted resources that can be used to advance their mission, reach new audiences, scale up operations, build networks, and more. Fundraising campaigns also create a sense of community between supporters and the organization, strengthening relationships with their most devoted followers.

At the end of the day, fundraising helps create a brighter future for the cause and the people it serves. But, as a nonprofit owner, when you want to solicit donations and get more money from your supporters, there is a fine line between coming off as too needy and inquiring to collect donations at just the right amount.

With these 97 ideas, you’ll have endless opportunities to engage your supporters in meaningful ways.

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18 Top Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

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Imagine skyrocketing your fundraising success with 18 incredible ideas that cater to a variety of nonprofit organizations and events. From matching gift drives and online shopping fundraisers to text-to-give campaigns, these great fundraising ideas will empower you to raise money and raise awareness for your cause. Let’s dive in!

1. Art Sales

This is a classic fundraising idea – host an art sale fundraiser to engage supporters and generate funds for your cause. Invite artists that are community members to donate their pieces for display, and allow visitors to purchase the artwork as a way of donating to your organization.

You could even have special events like silent auctions or gallery viewings to make the experience even more exciting and draw in larger crowds.

2. Matching Gift Drives

Reach out to corporate sponsors and ask them to offer matching gifts that double the donation amount from individual donors. This is a great way to encourage generous giving while also engaging with corporate partners who are eager to give back. To make it extra easy for donors, provide simple instructions on how they can request matching gifts from their employers.

3. Online Fundraising Event

Join forces with online retailers that donate a percentage of each purchase back to your nonprofit organization when customers shop through certain links or use specially-designated promo codes at checkout. This type of fundraising is incredibly convenient for both fundraisers and supporters, so don’t forget to promote it widely!

4. Text-to-Give Campaigns

Make donating easy by setting up text-to-give campaigns that enable supporters to send contributions directly from their phones at any time. All you need is a shortcode, keyword, and number that donors can text when they’re ready to give – making it much more convenient than traditional donation methods like checks or cashier’s checks!

5. Science Fairs

Science fairs are a great way for schools, libraries, or other public spaces to become involved in hosting unique fundraising events with educational components. Invite science experts or partners from universities who can help host interactive experiments or informational booths about various topics related to science and technology – all while raising money for the cause!

6. Crowdsourcing

Take advantage of the power of digital fundraising with online platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Create a campaign that outlines your nonprofit’s goals, and invite supporters to donate either a one-time amount or a recurring contribution. This is an excellent way to reach larger audiences, as crowdfunding campaigns can be shared across social media channels quickly and easily.

7. Virtual Galas

Host virtual galas or dinner parties that bring supporters and volunteers together for an evening of fun and entertainment from the comfort of their own homes! Choose engaging activities like cooking classes, gaming tournaments, or art shows – all with the underlying purpose of raising money for the nonprofit organization.

Here, you can charge a small registration fee and even offer branded merchandise to help pay for the event.

8. Outdoor Movie Nights

Turn movie night into an outdoor experience with a special screening in your local park or neighborhood square! Charge admission for entry, offer snacks & drinks for sale, set up a raffle table, or coordinate some other type of fundraising activity during the showing to raise extra funds.

9. Harvest Festivals

Celebrate seasonal events like autumn harvests with outdoor festivals full of food stations, arts & crafts booths, live music performances, and even petting zoos! Invite local vendors to showcase their wares while visitors enjoy family fun activities – all while raising money for your cause.

10. Charity Runs & Walks

Get active with charity runs/walks that take place in neighborhoods around town or at larger events such as marathons. Have participants register online before race day (and collect registration fees), offer incentives like medals or t-shirts for completing different courses/distances, and provide post-race refreshments to show appreciation!

11. Puzzle Fundraisers

Host a puzzle fundraiser to get supporters thinking and engaged while having fun! Ask local businesses or individuals to donate puzzles of all sizes and themes, then invite friends and family to come together in teams to complete the puzzles as fast as they can. Reward the fastest teams with small prizes to make it even more exciting for participants.

12. Online Auctions

Online auctions are an excellent way to engage supporters from around the world while raising money for your organization. Collect donated items like one-of-a-kind artwork, experiences, jewelry, clothing, and other goods that can be auctioned off online via bidding wars or fixed-price sales on platforms like eBay.

You could even offer free items that solely require you to sell raffle tickets. In doing so, this sort of ‘raffle fundraiser’ could allow you to get a lot more money that can go directly to your cause, even funding the event itself!

13. Bake Sales & Food Fairs

Bake sales are an easy and delicious way to raise money that people won’t want to miss out on! Ask volunteers or bakers in your community to contribute their sweet creations, then set up shop at a local event or market for everyone to enjoy. For bigger events, try hosting food fests featuring cuisine from different cultures so that there’s something interesting for everyone!

14. Street Performances

Invite talented locals such as musicians, magicians, actors, dancers, or comedians to put on entertaining performances in public spaces like parks or downtown squares. Charge admission fees for people who want to watch the show and have performers dedicate some of their time (and profits) towards your cause – letting them know how much their efforts are appreciated!

15. Silent Disco Parties

Get supporters grooving with silent disco parties that feature DJs playing music through wireless headphones rather than speakers! This unique experience is sure to draw large crowds looking for a good time – plus, you can charge admission fees or donations at the door for added fundraising opportunities. To boost engagement even further, have attendees dress up in themed costumes throughout the night!

16. Penny Drive

Conduct a penny drive to encourage people to give back small amounts of change with big impacts! Ask supporters to drop off their loose coins at local businesses or schools, then collect and count the money at the end of every week. During summer months, host a “penny war” between different neighborhoods and see which one can raise the most funds for your nonprofit organization!

17. Recycling Campaigns

Take advantage of all the waste that’s thrown away by running recycling campaigns. Start by setting up collection boxes in public spaces around town, then have volunteers come in each week to sort through the trash and separate out any recyclable items. Sell these items back to companies for a profit, or use them as payment for goods or services – all while helping the environment and raising money for your cause!

18. Art Competitions

Host art competitions at local galleries or community centers to spark creativity among supporters and generate some extra funds along the way. Invite professional or amateur artists alike to showcase their works, then charge admission fees for people who want to attend the event and vote on their favorite pieces. Award prizes to winners and donate proceeds from ticket sales towards your nonprofit organization!6 Fundraising Ideas for Sponsorship Programs

6 Sponsorship Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

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Sponsorship programs play a vital role in the success of many nonprofits, and we’ve got six thrilling fundraising ideas to help you make the most of these opportunities. From themed sponsorship packages and crowdfunding campaigns to sponsored social media challenges, these ideas will help you elevate your fundraising efforts and build lasting partnerships.

19. Donor Wall

Create a unique and interactive donor wall to recognize and honor sponsors of your cause. Ask each sponsor to provide a logo or photo that will be displayed on the wall along with their name or company name. When visitors check out the donor wall, they’ll know exactly who is helping to support the organization.

20. Social Media Challenges

Host social media challenges where participants are asked to post pictures or videos of themselves taking part in an activity related to your nonprofit’s mission (e.g., walking for cancer awareness). Ask sponsors to donate prizes for winners or have them match donations made by supporters throughout the duration of the challenge.

21. Crowdfunding Campaigns

Work with sponsors to create crowdfunding campaigns that draw attention to your organization’s goals and purpose while raising money from individuals around the world. Have sponsors match donations up to a certain amount, promote the campaign online, and acknowledge their contributions on social media after it’s all done!

22. Matching Gift Programs

Reach out to companies that offer matching gift programs to double or even triple donations made by their employees toward nonprofit organizations like yours! Make sure you inform staff about this benefit so they can take advantage of these opportunities – giving you more money in the process!

23. Sponsor Packages

Develop unique sponsorship packages tailored towards businesses so they can get maximum exposure from their contribution while helping your nonprofit reach its goals at the same time!

Offer different levels of packages with different perks such as tickets, advertising space, exclusive events or experiences, merchandise discounts, etc., depending on how much money they’re willing to invest in your cause. Make sure to let your board members know about this so that they can spend some time talking with potential, high-level donors.

24. Special Events & Concerts

Host special events like musical performances or galas that feature live entertainment from local bands and artists while drawing attention (and funds) toward your mission!

Bring sponsors on board early so you can make sure their involvement is properly recognized at these events – whether through ticket sales or exclusive experiences/activities provided exclusively for them! You can also charge a small admission fee to help pay for the event.

3 Ideas for Annual Gala Dinners

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Annual gala dinners are a staple in the world of nonprofit fundraising, and we’ve got five incredible ideas to make your next gala truly unforgettable. From themed events and silent auctions to celebrity appearances, these ideas will have your guests talking for years to come.

Why not try hosting a themed event that reflects your cause and the spirit of your nonprofit?

25. Themed Events

Why not try hosting a themed event that reflects your cause and the spirit of your nonprofit? You can choose to focus on a particular element or idea, like sustainability or community development, and create an immersive experience with decorations, food, music, and activities that tie in with the theme.

26. Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a great way to give guests the chance to bid on unique items while also donating funds to support your mission. You can opt for virtual silent auctions for remote events or physical ones if you’re able to host in-person gatherings!

27. Celebrity Appearances

Make your gala even more special by inviting celebrity guests who share your organization’s values and want to help your organization succeed. After all, who doesn’t want to dine with a celebrity?

7 Fundraising Events for Community Engagement

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Connecting with your community members is essential for any nonprofit, and these seven fundraising events are perfect for fostering community engagement. From tree planting days and petting zoos to pancake breakfasts, these ideas will bring people together while raising funds for your cause.

28. Tree Planting Days

Diversify your fundraising efforts with tree planting days – this is a great way for guests to get outdoors and contribute to the environment while also supporting your organization.

29. Petting Zoos

Petting zoos are a great way to engage the community while raising funds for your cause. Petting zoos provide an opportunity for people of all ages to connect with animals, learn about animal care, and have a unique experience. Plus, having fun animals around is sure to draw in a crowd!

When hosting petting zoos as a fundraising event, it’s important to make sure that the animals’ health and safety are a top priority. It’s best to work with local farms and zoos, or even a local pet store, that are certified and experienced in providing safe and enjoyable petting zoo experiences. This will ensure that everyone involved – from the animals to the guests – have an enjoyable time.

To maximize fundraising success at your petting zoo event, consider offering sponsorships or exclusive animal encounters that guests can purchase beyond the entrance fee. This will increase individual donations while also providing access to experiences that guests won’t be able to find anywhere else. You could even offer sponsorship packages that include VIP or “meet-the-keeper” access and behind-the-scenes tours!

Be sure to promote your petting zoo event on social media platforms so that as many people as possible know about it. Encourage supporters of your organization to share the information with their networks so you can reach a wider audience. With enough promotion, you’re sure to draw in plenty of visitors who will be eager to support your mission through their donations!

30. Community Fairs

Organize a community fair to bring together local businesses, nonprofits, and vendors while also raising funds for your cause! You can have fun activities like face painting, mini golf, carnival games, and more.

31. Pancake Breakfasts

Pancake breakfasts are a classic way to raise money while providing a delicious meal to your supporters! You can even add competition elements like the fastest eater or the most creative pancake design to make it more fun.

32. Charity Runs/Walks

Encourage physical activity and promote healthy habits with charity runs/walks that fundraise for your cause while bringing people together in the spirit of the community.

33. Local Music Concerts

Bring in local music talent to perform live at your event – this is an excellent way to connect with your community members and offers engaging entertainment that will help make your fundraiser one-of-a-kind!

34. Community Challenges

Create exciting challenges that invite individuals and organizations alike to support your cause while also having some friendly competition along the way – you could even reward winners with special prizes or recognition!

6 Different Sponsorship Programs

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Sponsorship programs come in many shapes and sizes, and we’ve got six different types to inspire your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. From financial sponsorships and organization sponsors to corporate social responsibility campaigns and in-kind sponsorships, these programs can provide valuable resources to help your nonprofit achieve its goals.

35. Financial Sponsorships

Financial sponsorships are a great way for companies to show their commitment to a mission or cause and contribute funds to an organization they support. Organizations can set specific donation levels to make it easier for potential sponsors to decide how much they want to contribute.

They may also offer incentives like exclusive access or recognition in return for donations at certain levels. Organizations should do their due diligence when accepting sponsorships, as some arrangements may not be in line with their values or mission.

36. Organization Sponsors

Organization sponsors are typically businesses that have similar missions and goals as the nonprofit organization they’re sponsoring and are willing to lend resources, such as volunteers or marketing assistance, in order to help achieve those goals.

These organizations often provide financial support as well, but the main focus is on leveraging resources from both sides in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships that will further the mission of both parties involved.

37. Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Corporate social responsibility campaigns are a great way for larger companies to show their commitment to a particular cause and raise awareness about it among employees and customers alike.

Companies can partner with nonprofits on these campaigns by providing money, goods, services, or volunteer labor in order to donate back to society while also raising brand visibility within the nonprofit sphere. This type of sponsorship is especially useful for nonprofits who need help with tasks such as event planning or marketing collateral development.

38. In-kind Sponsorships

In-kind sponsorships involve companies donating products or services instead of money – this could range from donating office supplies or equipment all the way up to providing free services like web design or printing services for special projects or events.

In-kind sponsorships can be incredibly helpful for nonprofits who need certain supplies but don’t have the budget necessary for them – this type of sponsorship is especially useful when launching new initiatives that require specialized expertise or materials that aren’t available through traditional fundraising avenues.

39. Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships involve companies donating money, products, services, or volunteer labor in order to host an event related to the nonprofit’s mission and/or fundraising efforts – this could range from hosting a charity dinner gala all the way up to putting together an entire festival!

Event sponsorships offer companies great exposure while also giving them the opportunity to directly engage with potential supporters of their cause and create meaningful relationships with them along the way!

40. Matching Gift Programs

Matching gift programs allow individuals who donate money towards a nonprofit’s cause to receive double (or sometimes even triple!) donations if they are employed by a company that matches charitable contributions made by its employees! Participating employers must be registered with the matching program before any gifts made by employees can be matched – so it’s important for organizations seeking matching gift funds from employers to do their research beforehand!

Once established, however, these programs provide an incredible opportunity for donors (and nonprofits) alike – allowing individuals to make bigger donations than originally planned without having the extra burden of being able financially to cover more than what is necessary!

12 Charity Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

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Charity auctions are a classic and easy fundraising idea for nonprofits, and we’ve got 12 incredible auction ideas for you to explore. From autographed memorabilia and unique experiences to one-of-a-kind items, these auctions will not only raise funds but also create unforgettable memories for your supporters.

41. Autographed Sports Memorabilia

A great way to raise funds is by offering autographed sports memorabilia. Have your supporters bid on items such as jerseys, baseballs, and other signed sports items from their favorite teams and players. This is a great way to appeal to those who are passionate about sports and benefit from the profits of the auction as well.

42. Charity Dinner/Lunch

Host a special charity dinner or lunch with a VIP guest speaker in attendance. Guests will be able to purchase tickets for this unique experience while also supporting a good cause. Offer silent auctions for attendees to bid on special items throughout the event, as well as speakers that talk about the importance of the cause that is being supported at the fundraiser.

43. Online Auctions

For those who may not be able to attend physical events, online auctions can offer people an opportunity to get involved in supporting your cause without having to leave their homes! Invite participants from all over the world and offer them chances to bid on exclusive items through your website or social media pages – you can even host livestreams of these auctions so supporters can tune in and participate wherever they are!

44. Silent Art Auction

Hosting a silent art auction allows guests an opportunity to view pieces of artwork before making their bids – this helps guests learn more about each piece but also makes sure that everyone has time to appreciate each one before deciding which pieces they want to take home! Items could include sculptures, paintings, photographs, and more!

45. Celebrity/Influencer Experiences

Invite celebrities or influencers who support your cause and provide experiences with them that supporters can bid on – these could range from meet-and-greets at special events or private dinners hosted by celebrities themselves! This will not only help bring attention to your cause but also generate increased interest in participating in the auction itself due to its exclusivity factor!

46. Unique Experiences

Offer up unique experiences such as luxury vacations or trips overseas that supporters can bid on – you could even partner up with local businesses in order to make these experiences even more memorable for participants!

These types of auctions allow supporters an opportunity to explore new cultures while supporting a good cause at the same time – it’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved!

47. Local Business Packages

Partner with local businesses in order to create packages that supporters can buy featuring products or services from these companies – this helps create relationships between them while also raising money for your nonprofit’s mission!

Supporters may be more inclined towards bidding if they know they are directly benefiting local businesses alongside giving back through their donation (or winning bid!).

48. Movie Night/Game Night Packages

Who wouldn’t love getting together for game night or movie night? Put together special packages, including snacks, games, drinks, etc., that participants can choose from when bidding – this gives them an opportunity to have fun with friends while contributing towards a good cause at the same time!

49. Date Night Packages

Date night packages provide couples (or groups) with an opportunity to spend quality time together while also supporting your nonprofit – packages could include things like dining gift cards, spa gift certificates, or vouchers for movie theatre tickets – anything that would make for a romantic evening out!

50. Live Performance Tickets

Provide participants with tickets for live performances such as theater shows, comedy shows, concerts, etc., where proceeds made will benefit your organization – this offers entertainment while allowing individuals to give back simultaneously without ever having leave their seats during the show! Performers can also create their own fundraising pages leading up to the event to sponsor both themselves and your nonprofit.

51. Getaway Packages

Give people chances to get away from it all with packages offering nights away from home (at hotels/resorts) as well as activities such as boat rides or city tours depending on location – this type of package appeals to those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while still making a meaningful contribution towards a worthy cause during their vacation/getaway time!

52. Vacation Home Rental Packages

Offer vacation rental packages where participants receive weeklong stays at luxurious properties around the world – sponsors may pay costs associated with renting out the property while the nonprofit handles all marketing-related efforts necessary to promote the package amongst potential bidders who want to experience luxe living without breaking the bank!

These types of auctions appeal to a wide demographic of visitors due to rent ranging anywhere from short weekend stays to long month-long stays depending upon availability.

5 Fun Runs and Walkathons

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Get your community moving and shaking with these fun runs and walkathons for fundraising. From themed races to obstacle courses, these active fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise money and promote fitness.

53. Obstacle Course Races

Get your participants ready for a challenge by hosting obstacle course races. From mud runs to “ninja warrior” courses, these races are sure to get people excited and motivated. Offer multiple distances and difficulty levels for racers of all ages and fitness levels. Throw in some fun surprises along the way, such as foam pits or slip-n-slides, to make the race more exciting!

54. Themed Runs/Walks

Host themed 5Ks/10Ks/marathons to make it more fun and unique! Have themes such as superheroes, beach day, ’80s, Disney characters, etc. Runners can dress up in costume according to the theme and have a blast while raising funds for their cause. You could even offer prizes for those who dress up in the most creative costumes!

55. Color Runs

These popular runs feature color explosions at each kilometer, where runners are doused with nontoxic paint! This type of race is great for involving the entire community – recruit volunteers to be stationed at each color station, passing out color powder and wearing white shirts so they don’t miss out on all the fun!

56. Scavenger Hunts

Participants can buy tickets for a chance to take part in a scavenger hunt around their city that will have them running all over town, searching high and low for hidden clues! Each team that participates must pay an entry fee that supports your organization – plus, teams will be competing against one another in order to win prizes (which could also be donated by sponsors!).

57. Fitness Challenges

Create fitness challenges for individuals or groups that include goals such as running a certain number of miles or doing a certain number of squats or push-ups within a certain amount of time – participants must pay an entry fee in order to participate, with proceeds going towards your nonprofit cause!

In addition, you could partner with local health clubs or gyms, which would help promote their business as well as provide donations through these sponsorships back into your organization!

6 Talent Shows and Concerts for Fundraising

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Let the talents of your community shine with these six talent shows and concert ideas for fundraising. Featuring local artists, celebrity performances, and themed events, these musical fundraisers are a surefire way to entertain your audience and raise funds for your cause.

58. Karaoke Night

Get your supporters and community singing along with a karaoke night! People can sign up to sing a favorite song, and they can donate an entrance fee or pay for drinks at the bar. You could also seek sponsorships from local bars for cash or discounts on drinks and snacks, with proceeds going back into your organization.

59. Celebrity Concerts

Bring in celebrities to perform at a fundraising concert. Invite singers, bands, comedians, actors, or any performers that would bring in an audience willing to donate towards your cause. Not only will you raise money for your mission, but you will also get some good publicity as well!

60. Sing-a-Long Nights

Community members can come together to belt out their favorite tunes during sing-a-long nights – this is especially fun around holidays/festive seasons such as Christmas/New Year’s Eve when everyone knows the words to the classic tunes! Have people pay an entrance fee and offer prizes for the best singers or groups who sing along – all proceeds benefit the organization’s mission!

61. Variety Shows

Host a variety show featuring everything from singers to magicians – invite individuals/groups from the community to showcase their talents while raising funds on behalf of a nonprofit – these types of shows usually include intermission breaks where participants sell snacks/beverages door so extra donations can be made through purchases!

62. Open Mic Nights

Offering open mic nights gives anyone the opportunity to come out and show off their talents while raising money – whether it be spoken word poetry, standup comedy routines, or musical performances; hosting open mic nights provides entertainment for guests while giving them a chance to express themselves publicly without judgment!

63. Battle of The Bands

Have bands from around the area compete against one another in a battle of the bands competition put together by your nonprofit benefit organization.

This offers musicians the opportunity to gain exposure while entertaining the masses – winners receive prize money as well (which could either be donated by sponsors or through ticket sales), ensuring that everyone involved profits from the experience!

6 Bake Sales and Food Festivals for Nonprofits

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Satisfy your community’s sweet tooth and raise funds with these six bake sales and food festival ideas for nonprofits. From gourmet popcorn sales and cookie dough fundraisers to international food events, these delicious fundraisers are sure to be a hit with your supporters.

64. Gourmet Popcorn Sales

Get your supporters munching on delicious gourmet popcorn while supporting your cause! Have gourmet flavors such as salted caramel, white cheddar cheese, or jalapeno ranch. Sell individual bags or boxes of popcorn for a fundraiser and offer sponsorships from local stores for discounts on ingredients (which will, in turn, bring in more donations).

65. Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Offer cookie dough fundraisers where participants can buy tubs of pre-made cookie dough and bake it at home. Choose from classic flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter or unique flavors such as oatmeal cranberry and white chocolate macadamia nut.

You could also generate sponsorships from local bakeries that would provide discounts on ingredients to lower the cost of the cookie dough, resulting in higher profits for your organization!

66. International Food Festival

Celebrate different cultures with an international food festival! Invite vendors to serve up dishes from around the world – think tacos, arepas, pho noodle bowls, laksa soups, doner kebabs – anything goes! Offer tickets for entrance fees which will raise money for your cause while giving attendees an opportunity to try something new and learn about other cultures through food!

67. Pie Tasting Events

Enjoy some pie-tasting fun with fundraising events featuring sweet treats like fruit pies, cream pies, and cheesecakes. Have people pay an entry fee to taste all the different pies (or offer tickets if they want to buy full-size pies).

Provide sponsorships from local bakeries who might donate some of their delicious pies or offer discounts on ingredients in order to lower costs!

68. Ice Cream Socials

Cool off with summertime ice cream socials! Host a sundae bar with various toppings and let people top their own desserts – you can also have a flavor contest where participants can vote on their favorite flavor while sampling all the deliciousness!

Make sure there are sponsorships from local ice cream parlors who can provide discounted prices on ingredients which will help increase profits for the nonprofit’s mission!

69. Coffee/Tea Fundraising Events

Get your supporters ready for some nice hot beverage sales – host coffee/tea fundraisers featuring gourmet coffees/teas from around the world with flavors like hazelnut creme brulee rooibos tea or spicy chai latte mix.

Participants should purchase a ticket in order to sample these unique beverages – proceeds directly benefit your nonprofit organization’s mission!

5 Different Community Yard Sales for Fundraising

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Looking for a low-cost, community-driven fundraising idea? Look no further than these five different community yard sales for fundraising. From themed sales and neighborhood events to online auctions, these yard sales are an excellent way to engage your community and raise funds for your cause.

70. Online Auctions

Bring your yard sale online and have supporters bid on items offered up by your organization – this could range from furniture, books, clothes, electronics, and more! Have people pay an entrance fee in order to participate in the auction (which will help raise funds for the cause).

Once the auction is over, the highest bidders will be able to pick up their items at a designated location or have them shipped directly to them.

71. Neighborhood Yard Sale

Get together with your neighbors for a community-wide yard sale! Invite everyone to clean out their closets and donate gently used items that can be sold at the event. Have people pay a small fee in order to take part in the sale – proceeds from these fees will benefit the organization’s mission.

Make sure there are sponsorships from local businesses that might provide discounts on supplies such as tables/chairs or flyers that can be used during the event.

72. Themed Sales

Host themed sales such as vintage clothing or toy sales – these events are great for targeting specific audiences and raising awareness for your cause! Have people pay an entrance fee and offer prizes to those who find unique items while browsing through each booth – all proceeds benefit the nonprofit’s mission!

73. Swap Meets

Put on swap meet events where participants can bring any unwanted items that they would like to give away or exchange with others! These events usually attract younger crowds who are looking for low-cost alternatives when it comes to shopping – have people pay an entry fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission.

Enlist local stores that might provide discounts on supplies, such as tables/chairs which can be used during this event!

74. Silent Auctions

Hold silent auctions where guests can bid on various donated items without having to physically attend an event – simply set up an online auction page where supporters can browse through all of the different products being offered and place bids accordingly!

This type of fundraising idea is great for raising awareness about your cause while giving individuals the opportunity to purchase something special without leaving the comfort of their own homes!

6 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

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In today’s digital age, virtual fundraising ideas are more important than ever. We’ve got six incredible virtual fundraising ideas for nonprofits, including virtual galas, online art classes, and virtual trivia nights. These online events allow you to reach a wider audience and raise funds from the comfort of your supporters’ homes.

75. Virtual Galas

Host a virtual gala and invite your supporters to join in on the fun! These events are similar to traditional galas, but all you need is an internet connection and a computer. Have people pay a fee to enter the event (which will benefit the organization’s mission).

During the gala, have sponsorships from local businesses that can provide discounts on items like decorations and catering supplies that can be used during your online event.

76. Online Art Classes

Get creative with an online art class – invite a professional artist to lead a live-streaming session where participants can learn how to create their own artwork while supporting your cause.

Have people pay an entry fee that will directly benefit the nonprofit’s mission or offer sponsorships from local artists who might provide discounted rates for supplies used during these classes.

77. Virtual Trivia Nights

Test your supporters’ knowledge with virtual trivia nights! Invite teams of 2-4 people to participate in this friendly competition – have them pay an entrance fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission.

Offer different levels of difficulty for questions and offer interesting prizes such as gift cards from sponsorships from local businesses!

78. Live Streaming Concerts/Shows

Put on live-streaming concerts/shows featuring popular bands or artists in order to raise funds for your cause! Have individuals pay an entrance fee that goes towards funding your nonprofit’s goals while also giving supporters access to amazing performances that they may not be able to see anywhere else!

Make sure there are sponsorships from local venues that might provide discounted sound/lighting equipment which could help reduce costs incurred by your organization when planning these types of events.

79. Online Cooking Classes

Teach supporters how to cook up delicious dishes with online cooking classes! Invite professional chefs or food bloggers to lead sessions on different techniques, recipes, and ingredients while raising funds for your cause – make sure there are sponsorships from local grocers who might offer discounts on ingredients used during the tutorials so that you can keep costs low while increasing profits for the nonprofit’s mission!

80. Charity eGaming Events

Get together with gamers around the world and host charity eGaming events – create tournaments that participants must register for in order to play (all fees go towards benefiting the organization’s mission).

Additionally, try to leverage sponsorships from gaming companies who would be willing to donate prizes like special edition games or accessories as incentives for those who place highly at these tournaments – this will help draw more people into participating while increasing awareness about your organization’s cause at the same time!

Seasonal Fundraising Ideas

Free seasons four seasons tree vector

Seasonal fundraising ideas are an excellent way to capitalize on the spirit of the season and engage with your supporters in a meaningful way. From winter-themed events like holiday markets and ice skating fundraisers to spring flower sales, summer beach cleanups, and fall harvest festivals, there’s a perfect fundraising idea for every time of the year.

So, whether you’re planning a cozy winter event or a vibrant summer activity, these seasonal fundraising ideas will help you make the most of the changing seasons and create unforgettable experiences for your supporters.

3 Winter-Themed Events

Free Wolves Forest photo and picture

Embrace the magic of winter with these three winter-themed fundraising events, including holiday markets, ice skating fundraisers, and winter carnivals. Holiday markets can feature craft fairs, gift bazaars, and festive bake sales, providing a cozy atmosphere for your supporters to shop and donate to your cause.

81. Holiday Markets

Host a holiday market and fill it with festive decorations, craft fairs, gift bazaars, and bake sales! Invite local businesses to set up their own booths so that people can purchase items from them directly while supporting your cause. Have people pay an entrance fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission.

Additionally, securing sponsorships from local stores might provide discounts on supplies or decorations that can be used during the event – this will help to keep costs low while increasing profits for your nonprofit!

82. Ice Skating Fundraisers

Get your supporters in the winter spirit with an ice skating fundraiser – invite individuals to come out and skate at a nearby rink while raising funds for your cause! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission.

Offer sponsorships from local businesses who might provide discounts on rentals such as skates or hockey sticks which can be used during this event.

83. Winter Carnivals

Put on a winter carnival filled with festive activities such as hot chocolate stands, cookie decorating stations, and snowball fights! Invite guests to come out and enjoy these activities while supporting your cause – have them pay an entry fee which will go towards funding the nonprofit’s goals.

Additionally, sponsorships from local stores could provide discounted rates on items like snow cones, or popcorn could be sold during this event in order to raise money for the organization’s mission.

3 Spring Fundraisers

Free Butterflies Flowers photo and picture

As the days grow longer and the flowers begin to bloom, spring nonprofit fundraisers offer a fresh and vibrant way to raise funds for your nonprofit. Easter egg hunts, flower bulb sales, and Earth Day cleanups are all fantastic spring fundraising ideas that your supporters will love.

84. Easter Egg Hunt

Get into the spirit of spring with an Easter egg hunt fundraiser! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission. Invite local businesses to set up booths at the event and secure sponsorships from local stores that could provide discounted rates on items like candy and prizes, which can be used as incentives during the hunt.

On top of that, have volunteers hide special eggs filled with treats that can only be collected by completing secret challenges – this will add an extra layer of fun for participants while also increasing engagement with your cause!

85. Flower Bulb Sales

Host a flower bulb sale to help support your nonprofit – invite people to come out and purchase beautiful flowers that will brighten their spring gardens while also contributing to your organization’s mission!

Offer different varieties of bulbs from daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and more – make sure there are sponsorships from local nurseries who might provide discounts on these flowers which can help reduce costs incurred by the organization when planning this event.

86. Earth Day Cleanup Events

Celebrate Earth Day by hosting a cleanup event in order to raise funds for your cause! Invite supporters to join in on this initiative and have them pay an entrance fee which goes towards funding the nonprofit’s goals.

Have volunteers go around collecting trash, recycling materials, or planting trees while raising awareness about your organization’s mission – make sure there are sponsorships from local environmental organizations who might provide discounted supplies such as gloves or bags which can be used during the clean-up activities. Additionally, offer interesting incentives such as gift cards or T-shirts as rewards for those who participate in the event!

3 Summer Activities

Free Flowers Meadow photo and picture

Make a splash with these three summer activities for fundraising, including outdoor movie nights, beach cleanups, and summer camps. Outdoor movie nights are a relaxing and entertaining way to bring your community together, with attendees enjoying a film under the stars while contributing to your cause.

87. Outdoor Movie Nights

Get your supporters in the summer spirit with an outdoor movie night! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission. Invite local businesses to set up booths at the event and offer sponsorships from local shops that might provide discounted rates on items like popcorn, candy, and drinks that can be sold during this event (hint: partner with a local bar to further drive community involvement).

Additionally, have people bring blankets or lawn chairs so that they can enjoy the film comfortably while making a contribution to your cause – this will help create a fun atmosphere for everyone involved!

88. Beach Cleanups

Host a beach cleanup event to support your nonprofit – invite individuals to come out and pick up trash on the beach while raising funds for your cause! Have participants pay an entrance fee which goes towards funding the organization’s mission.

Garner sponsorships from local businesses that could provide discounted rates on items like gloves or bags, which can be used during this activity –this will help keep costs low while increasing profits for your nonprofit!

Additionally, create interesting incentives such as gift cards or T-shirts as rewards for those who participate in the cleanup – this will help to motivate more people to get involved with supporting your cause.

89. Summer Camps

Put on a series of summer camps that focus on engaging children with hands-on activities related to nature, science, art, and more! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission.

Working with local businesses that could provide discounted rates on supplies or equipment that can be used during these camps – this will help keep costs low while increasing profits for your nonprofit!

Additionally, create incentives for campers, such as gift cards or T-shirts as rewards for participating -this will encourage more people to attend your camps and support your cause!

3 Fall Festivities

Free Road Forest photo and picture

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, fall festivities provide a wonderful backdrop for your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Harvest festivals, pumpkin decorating contests, and haunted houses are all fantastic fall fundraising ideas that your supporters will adore.

90. Harvest Festivals

Celebrate the beauty of fall with a harvest festival fundraiser! Invite people to come out and enjoy a variety of activities such as hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and more – have participants pay an entry fee which will go towards funding the nonprofit’s goals.

Additionally, offer sponsorships from local stores that could provide discounted rates on items like food or drinks which can be sold during this event in order to raise funds for your cause. This festive event is sure to bring in plenty of funds while also building community engagement around your organization’s mission!

91. Pumpkin Decorating Contests

Host a pumpkin decorating contest at your next fundraising event – invite participants to creatively decorate pumpkins for a chance to win prizes while also contributing to your organization’s mission! Have participants pay an entrance fee which goes towards funding the nonprofit’s goals.

Partner with local businesses who could provide discounted rates on items like paint, glue, and glitter, which can be used by contestants during the contest – this will help reduce costs incurred by the organization when planning this event.

Additionally, have volunteers judge each entry and choose winners based on creativity and originality – these awards will add an extra layer of fun while further increasing engagement with your cause!

You could even partner with a local restaurant to use their space as a place to have the event at.

92. Haunted Houses

Get into the spooky spirit of fall with a haunted house fundraiser! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards benefiting the organization’s mission.

Invite local businesses to set up booths at the event and offer sponsorships from local stores that could provide discounted rates on items like props or decorations, which can be used during this activity -this will help keep costs low while raising money.

5 Creative/Other Fundraising Events

Free live escape game live escape room play escape game live and win illustration

For those looking to think outside the box, we’ve got five creative and unconventional fundraising ideas to inspire your next event. From escape room events and office Olympics to appreciation grams, these ideas offer a fresh and exciting approach to raising funds for your nonprofit organization.

93. Escape Room Event

Create an interactive experience for your supporters with an escape room fundraiser! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards funding the organization’s mission. Invite local businesses to sponsor the event and offer discounts on items such as decorations, props, and clues, which can be used to create a unique puzzle-solving experience.

Additionally, set up interesting incentives such as gift cards or T-shirts for those who manage to complete the challenge in a certain amount of time – this will help to motivate more people to get involved with supporting your cause!

94. Office Olympics

Encourage team-building while raising funds for your nonprofit with an office Olympics event! Invite teams from local offices to compete in a variety of activities such as relay races, darts tournaments, and spelling bees – have participants pay an entrance fee that goes towards funding the organization’s mission.

Offer sponsorships from corporate businesses who could provide discounted rates on items like snacks or beverages which can be sold during this event -this will help keep costs low while increasing profits for your nonprofit!

Additionally, have volunteers judge each activity and offer awards or prizes for winners – this will add another layer of fun while motivating more people to support your cause!

95. Appreciation Grams

Show gratitude and raise money with appreciation grams! Send out tokens of appreciation – like balloons, chocolates, or postcards – with notes expressing how much you appreciate someone’s contribution or support towards the organization’s mission.

Ask participants to make a donation that goes towards benefiting the nonprofit’s goals in exchange for these heartfelt tokens of thanks – this will help show how much their efforts are appreciated while also raising funds for your cause!

96. DIY Classes

Teach supporters new skills while fundraising by hosting DIY classes at your next event! Have participants pay an entry fee that goes towards funding the organization’s mission. Invite local businesses to sponsor the event and offer discounts on items like supplies or tools which can be used during these classes –this will help keep costs low while increasing profits for the nonprofit!

Additionally, create incentives such as gift cards or T-shirts that can be earned by completing certain projects within a specified timeframe – this will motivate more people to get involved with supporting your cause while also learning something new in the process!

97. Giveaways and Raffles

Generate buzz around your cause with giveaways and raffles at upcoming events! Have participants pay an entrance fee which goes towards funding the organization’s mission. Offer sponsorships from local stores that could provide discounted rates on items like prizes or tickets which can be used during these activities –this will help reduce costs incurred by the organization when planning this fundraiser.

Additionally, create interesting incentives such as special discounts or vouchers that can be earned by correctly answering trivia questions related to your cause –this innovative approach is sure to bring plenty of attention (and donations!) to your nonprofit’s goals!

Streamlining Fundraising with CRM Integrations

handwrytten integration with HubSpot and Zapier

Handwrytten’s integrations with various customer relationship management (CRM) systems can streamline fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations. By connecting their CRM system with Handwrytten, nonprofits can automate tasks such as sending thank-you notes and appreciation grams to donors, managing donation records and donor profiles, tracking donation trends and performance analytics, and more. This helps save time and resources that can be better utilized by exploring other fundraising opportunities.

Integrating Handwrytten with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Make, and Pipedrive allows nonprofits to easily manage donations while also staying connected with their supporters.

  • Handwrytten’s integration with Salesforce provides features like a donor database and customizable dashboards to help track donations throughout the year.
  • HubSpot, integrated with Handwrytten, enables nonprofits to create custom forms for collecting donations online, as well as comprehensive marketing campaigns to reach potential donors.
  • With Handwrytten’s Zapier integration, nonprofits are able to automate communication processes with automatic email notifications of new donations or updates on donation status.
  • Handwrytten also integrates with Make, which helps simplify the process of creating visuals for promotional materials such as flyers or emails that will help increase engagement with campaigns.
  • Lastly, Pipedrive offers powerful project management tools such as task list creation and collaboration features to ensure all necessary actions are completed timely in order to maximize fundraising efforts.

By integrating handwritten note automation with these CRM systems, nonprofits have access to a full suite of features that provide insights into their donor base while helping them efficiently manage their campaign operations – this ultimately translates into higher success rates when it comes to raising funds for their cause!


Hosting fundraising events is essential for nonprofits in need of financial support to help reach their goals and mission. However, organizing these events can require a lot of time and resources. Handwrytten’s integrations with various CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, Make, and Pipedrive streamlines this process by automating tasks that would otherwise take up valuable time and energy. These features provide insight into the nonprofit’s donor base while also helping to efficiently manage campaigns – ultimately leading to higher success rates when it comes to raising funds for their cause!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

What do nonprofits do to raise money?

Nonprofits can raise money in a variety of ways, such as by creating a donation page, starting a membership program, sending fundraising letters, emails, and texts, planning and hosting an event, holding a silent auction, looking for a corporate sponsorship or partnership, and applying for grants.

By taking advantage of these tactics, non-profits can get the funds they need to make a positive impact on the world!

How to raise $5,000 for a charity?

Are you looking for a way to raise $5,000 for charity? Put your fundraising efforts into high gear with these 6 proven strategies! Create a crowdfunding campaign, ask for matching donations, sell tickets online and raffle off prizes, participate in giving days, and invite supporters to raise funds on your behalf.

Follow our 5 best practices tips for the most successful charity fundraiser!

What is the most profitable fundraising event idea?

A charity auction is the most profitable fundraising event, as it encourages donors to enter a bidding war for high-value items. Live and silent auctions are both effective options and with careful planning, they can be a huge success.

Let’s get started on raising money for your cause – plan an auction today!

What are some fundraising ideas?

Are you looking for exciting and effective ways to fundraise for your school? Look no further! There are plenty of low-cost fundraising options that will help you reach your financial goals. Consider holding bake sales, auctions, car washes, or even virtual events like online raffles or silent auctions.

How to raise money?

Raise money for a great cause by tapping into these creative fundraising ideas! From restaurant partnerships and design challenges to crowdfunding and peer to peer fundraising, there’s something for everyone when it comes to raising funds.

Invite your friends and family to join in and get ready to have some fun while giving back!

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