Car Purchase Thank-You Letters: Why You Must Use Them

Sending a handwritten letter is an easy and effective way for car salespersons to show their gratitude. Not only are you providing superior customer service, but your car purchase thank-you letter is sure to resonate with your customers following a sale.

Keep reading to discover why you should use handwritten notes for auto dealers, when to send, and how they’ll help you to stand out from the competition. We’ve even included examples to guide your future thank-you letters!

Why Use Thank-You Letters Following a Car Purchase?

Car salesman can get more customers by providing a quality product or service and providing a satisfactory customer experience. It is critical to establish good relationships with customers, whether new or existing, in order to promote repeat business. The best way to show gratitude and strengthen customer service is to send a professional thank-you letter or card.

Why Should You Write a Thank-You Letter?

The primary purpose of a thank-you note is to express gratitude for someone’s time and help. Car purchase thank-you letters show the car salesman appreciates the business relationship and wishes to remain at the forefront of the buyers’ minds in the future. A secondary benefit is paying attention to details and following through on tasks, which are essential business traits.

In Salesforce’s study, 84% of customers said being treated as a person, not a number, was very important when trying to win their business. You encourage repeat business and increase consumer advocacy when you thank your customers for their business or even include “thank you for your business” messages in your orders.

There are various types of thank-you notes depending on the situation and the relationship between the salesman and buyer. Sending a thank-you email is appropriate if the buyer frequently communicates via email.

Handwritten notes of appreciation still have their place. A letter of this nature occurs less frequently, and the recipient will remember the sender’s personal touch. Handwritten thank-you notes are appropriate when meeting participants do not know each other previously. Because handwritten notes are more personal, they are more likely to be noticed.

84% of customers said being treated as a person, not a number, was very important when trying to win their business.

When Should You Send a Thank-You Letter?

Sales reps should send thank-you notes as soon as possible following the first interaction with a potential buyer. Once you have contact information, care salesmen should always thank the new leads for their initial interest. Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible after the encounter so that the recipient is still thinking of it, even if it’s a simple text. Immediately following the meeting, you can write and send a letter if you have an address.

In a car sale, there is nothing more important than a sincere “thank you” from a salesperson. Writers benefit from the act of writing a thank-you note and expressing their gratitude on both a mental and physical level. By writing a handwritten appreciation note, you let a customer know they are valuable to you in this digital world. It is a good idea not to include promotional incentives and promotions in handwritten thank-you letters. Thank-you letters should only contain appreciation, along with gratitude and a great closing statement.

When Should You Avoid Sending a Thank-You Letter?

You should always send some type of paper gratitude letter to a new or returning customer, especially if they have bought a car. Or, at the least, when they have visited the dealership.

If you fail to write a thank-you letter too soon after the initial meeting or contact with the customer, then it is too late. If the letter arrives later than three weeks after the vehicle‘s purchase, then it may be best to avoid a written corresponce and send an email in its place.

Tips for Thanking a Customer For Their Recent Automobile Purchase

Despite having access to a wide range of dealerships, your client chose to purchase a new car from you. While your dealership and salespersons were picked, that does not guarantee that they will return in the future. It is important to let your customer know that you value their business and are always available to them in closing the sale; this is one of the basic tenets of good automotive marketing.

Here are 3 tips to help craft your perfect car purchase thank-you letter and some key business pointers to keep in mind.

1. Keep It Simple and Sincere

Don’t worry if you’re struggling with the right words – your thank-you cards don’t need to be a major work of fiction. You should keep them short, but professional and personal. Making an impact with a few sentences is easy.

Thank-you cards for car sales are small gestures that can have a substantial effect. Your personal thank-you note must convey appreciation, demonstrate that you listened to the customer‘s concerns, and outline that you are always available to answer any questions they might have. Include car purchase thank-you letters in your follow-up process, and you will probably observe an impressive increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Handwritten letters have more permanence than canned responses via email or text. People are more likely to save these types of letters as wholesome reminders of the salesman and their experience. Especially if the letter is unique and customized.

2. Consider Expressing Your Gratitude Beyond Words

Thanking someone is important, but a thoughtful, handwritten note can show a greater level of investment and appreciation than a mere thank-you. Car salespeople can send messages to follow up on a conversation, remind someone they have not been forgotten, raise new issues, or even include a gift.

It is generally well appreciated when you take the time to make a thoughtful letter of thanks. Some car salesmen and dealerships include boxes of cookies, gift cards to restaurants, or gift cards to include with their letters. Salespeople increase the rapport they have with clients through small gestures like this.

While including gifts is not at all necessary, the point you’re really trying to make is that the customer‘s satisfaction is on your mind. You want them to also know just how much you appreciate their business now and any in the future. The best way to get this point across is through simple honesty and gratitude.

3. Personalize Your Written Correspondence

Your objective in writing a “thank you for your business” letter should be to build a bond between you and your client. Be courteous but informal, and keep it warm and friendly.

Your letter should include the customer‘s name to add more tailored personalization. You also want to be brief but specific when recapping the recent transaction (i.e., “a new car purchase“). Remember, the point isn’t to promote, but to show gratitude.

While it’s always a good idea to include a point of contact reference (i.e., “Please let me know if you have any issues”), you want to make sure this isn’t coming off sales like or brings down the tone of your letter. Keep things optimistic, happy, and grateful.

When you take the time to write a thank you letter that:

  • Uses the customer‘s real name
  • Recounts the sales experience in a positive light
  • Expresses gratitude for the customer‘s business at your dealership

You can show a genuine interest in the customer and improving the salesperson/customer relationship. In turn, you are promoting brand loyalty without hard advertising and interacting with a soon-to-be loyal customer.

sales rep at car dealership shaking hands with customer

Example Thank-You Letters for Car Salespersons

There are a few different ways to thank a customer for their new car purchase. While using templates is fine for the basic structure of your thank-you letter, it’s important to add personal details since every customer is unique.

Make sure you use their name, so the customer knows it’s exactly for them. Give thanks for their business, and end it on an enthusiastic note! Using personalized cards will help you stand out.

Here is an example of car purchase thank-you letter:

Dear [customer‘s name],

It was an honor to help you with your recent car purchase. I hope your [make/model of vehicle purchased] is proving a nice choice for you. You were a pleasure to work with.

[Build this sentence around some personal detail you discovered during the sales process, for example, “What did your wife think about the new car when you brought it home? You expected her to enjoy the sunroof, but did she?”]

It is a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate your business. It means a lot to me that you came to [dealership‘s name], and I am so happy we found a vehicle that works for you!


[Your name]

[Your e-mail address]

[Your phone number]

Automate Your Client Communication

While the writing and sending of letters can tedious, it is an essential task for any salesperson. So how does one find the time to write every single customer they assist?

Technological innovations, like Handwrytten, use automation to make it easier for car salesmen to draft handwritten sales purchase thank-you letters. 

With tools to facilitate a streamlined communication process, the customer experience is heightened like never before. Thus helping to solidify the sales rep/buyer relationship can lead to greater revenues through personalized marketing and repeat customers.

Stand Out From the Competition With Personalized Service

Of course, you want to stand out in the competition. Therefore, your thank-you letters should be personalized, sincere, and of top-notch quality while also keeping in mind top automotive marketing trends.

Although sending thank-you letters may seem like a daunting task, services like Handwrytten make sending handwritten correspondence easy. Learn how to get started today!

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