6 Ways to Personalize Generic Thank-You Cards

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Do you ever feel like a phony when you send a greeting card, especially a thank-you card? 

Maybe it’s to someone you don’t know so you’re not sure what to say. As a result, you just sign your name and let Hallmark’s writers do the rest. When that happens, you feel like you’re missing an opportunity to create a deeper relationship

Sometimes, it’s not even easy to find the right words when you’re giving a thank-you card to a loved one. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

There are plenty of solutions that can make it easier to personalize generic thank-you cards. Whether you’re sending a greeting card for business or personal reasons, a few “special touches” will make all the difference.  

We hope the ideas below contribute to improved relationships with customers, donors, and loved ones. Let’s take a look.

Make it Personable

There’s a lot of evidence to show that handwritten cards are more accessible than the alternative. However, accessibility is only one benefit. 

Think about the amount of messaging you receive daily – 40 texts, 20 emails, 500 advertisements, and about 10 receipts. How many of those are personalized? 

Maybe you’ll get something personalized every few weeks whenever you correspond with a partner or family member, but that’s likely it. Therefore, when you get a hand-written piece of correspondence, you’re going to open it. Period. 

That’s why it’s so important to send a hand-written greeting card for business or personal reasons. If you extend yourself out personally, you’ll improve your customer loyalty. There’s hardly a better content marketing strategy or sign of good customer service than personalized messaging. 

You’ll see that customer experience improves and you’ll increase donor loyalty if you’re working with donors. 

It’s also important to think, “why are you sending a thank you card?” You can then tailor the image, language, and delivery to be more appropriate for the situation. When you’re at a loss for words, thank you gifts always work wonders, too. 

6 Ways to Personalize a Generic Thank-You Card

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can personalize your thank-you card to make it stand out. 

1. Utilize Online Design Resources

There are many ways to design cards online. If you design the card yourself, you’re already in a better position than someone who buys a generic card and simply signs their name.

Handwrytten offers creation services and customized template options that will help you stand out from your competition and get your point across. 

2. Steer Clear of Cliché Language

Wondering about easy ways to make your message sound unique? Don’t say the same “canned” phrases and messages that everyone has been saying for the last 40 years. 

It’s a little bit of a thought exercise, but it’s a useful one – when you’re writing your card, look at the language and ask yourself if it has any personality to it. Did you see the language on a pillow at a superstore? “Love is a warm cup of coffee” might be true but it’s not going to express your personal brand or personality very well. 

Think of things that are from the heart, even if your letter is going out to a large group of customers. Make it true and meaningful, and it will make you glad you wrote it. 

This is particularly true for special cards like a wedding thank you card. The more personal the occasion, the more disingenuous it feels when you get an impersonal letter. From a business perspective, customer retention comes with attention to detail. Custom cards will go a long way. 

The small businesses out there might have an easier time with this than eCommerce sites or large companies. You’ve got more personal contact so personalized messaging is fresher in your mind, but larger corporations can get personal, too. 

3. Photo Cards with Handwritten Notes

A picture is a great way to humanize your business. A standardized card doesn’t reflect a lot of personality, but what could be better for personal expression than a photograph?

Your customer sees you, remembers you, and associates a friendly face with your brand. Without a visual reminder, they might forget all about the interaction they had with your brand. Tack a handwritten note onto that, and you’ve got a powerful marketing tactic. 

It’s always good to take a professional photo of you and your staff. Make it as personable yet professional as you can. That way, the customer can recognize whoever it was that they were interacting with or match a face to a name.  

With Handwrytten, you can upload a custom photo to use on the back of the card.

4. Play With the Thank-You Card Template

Thank you notes or handwritten letters express appreciation, but they can still fall flat if they’re on the wrong template. 

Find a standard template that works well for you, but try imagining different ways you could personalize it even more. For example, you might be able to work your business’ logo into the design in some way, or if it’s for a specific event, like for a wedding, change the tone to fit your topic better.

Alternatively, you can use the text in different positions to express a little more playfulness or aesthetic style. Thank you notes are always going to be effective on some level, but you can tap into the customer appreciation aspect if the card looks good enough to actually read.

Make it interesting! If you have to design your own template, so be it. At the same time, Handwrytten has numerous beautiful templates to work with. There are enough options to find something perfect for any occasion, whatever your business needs. 

5. Avoid Huge Blocks of Text in Thank-You Cards

Try to keep your handwritten thank you card message concise. 

Thank you notes with four paragraphs are a little hard to read unless they’re coming from a loved one. Your letter should be short and sweet, referencing something personal as well as your appreciation for the customer. You don’t have to go on about your business’ success or company-specific changes unless they’re relevant. You’re expressing thanks, not advertising. The more you talk about yourself when thanking someone, the less authentic that “thank you” feels.   Here are 10 simple thank you card messages for any occasion.

Business thank you cards should be direct, compassionate, and avoid self-referencing as much as possible. You can leave that sort of advertising for your marketing team.

6. Contextualize the Customer

If you’re struggling with a way to express thanks, think about what the customer means to you and your staff. 

Maybe your business was on the brink and a surge of customers saved the entire enterprise. Maybe you’re thankful because customers put a roof over your head and keep your employees living excellent lives. 

It could also be that your business supports a particular cause, and the customer is a person who has donated to you. In this situation, it would be appropriate to send them a donor thank-you letter. That kind of sentiment is always encouraging to customers because they’re reminded that they’re doing something of value. 

Remind them that doing business with you doesn’t just benefit some faceless CEO in a suit, it improves the lives of real people, and make sure to sign it off in a creative way.

Design a Personalized Thank-You Card Online in Minutes

Handwrytten gives you a simple solution to card-writing. If you want limitless cards in personalized handwriting created at once, you’re in the right place. The online card creation process is easy. We give you options to design beautiful stationery, add logos, add graphics, and generate beautiful messaging in no time at all. 

You can have as much or as little creative control as you want. Our pre-selected images and stylings make it easy for your card to stand out. We’ve also got different themes that will easily reflect your reason for communicating. 

Whatever the tone, Handwrytten has simple solutions. We generate the message in a handwritten script, and it goes out to your customers. Voila!

Choose from Handwrytten’s Online Selection of Thank-You Cards

If you want to see our selection of beautiful thank you cards, you’ll have to explore our selection of great thank you cards. Once you make your selection, we can send the cards automatically or schedule them for a later date. 

You streamline your entire writing and sending process through our site. It’s a one-stop way to get the messaging done, then leave it to us to send the letters at times you determine. 

Is time a precious commodity? We understand. You’re running a business, your mind is on a million other things. We’ve got you covered whether you don’t have the time or you’re not sure what to say. 

Leave it to us to curate and generate messaging that reflects your reason for writing with a personal touch. We’ll run it by you before sending it out, of course, so you can make sure the message is on-brand.

Why send a handwritten card online? It’s the smart, time-sensitive, cost-effective thing to do. Your business will benefit and you’ll have more free time to work on the things you’re passionate about. 

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

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