Coming Soon: Handwriting Improvements

We at Handwrytten are always improving our technology.  We are currently finalizing our new backend that allows us to better serve you internally. We will soon be releasing a new version of our web app with better usability and more features. But today, we’re excited to announce improved handwriting generation, that will roll out this week!

Our Current Handwriting

We believe Handwrytten currently has the best handwriting generation on the planet. We have a number of features that allow our service to pass the “Turing Test“, a test of “does this look real, or is it ‘robotic'”?  The main ways we do this are the following:

  • Use multiple copies of each letter (up to 10!) in both upper and lowercase form. Each one is randomly put in the note to ensure there is enough variation to trick the reader.
  • Capture the unique ligature combinations of a handwriting style (or “font”), including how the “writer” puts key letters together, such as two O’s next to each other, two T’s, or connecting T and H or O and F.
  • Vary the spacing between lines.  You typically don’t write on lined paper, and the robot shouldn’t either.  We randomize this interline spacing very subtly so it appears more natural.
  • Vary the left margin. Having a “hard edge” on the left side of the page would not look natural. We ensure that each line starts at a different spot, creating more organic-looking writing.

While we believe this is best of class, for the last year, we have been working hard to address our main remaining complaint: straightness.

New Bending in our Handwriting Technology

Our updated handwriting engine now bends each line of text, very subtly to create an even more organic effect. Like line spacing and left margin movement, we keep it subtle intentionally. We want the recipient to think the writer tried very hard to keep the writing straight but had moments of weakness!

In the image above, you can see two copies of the same note. On the left, the writing is subject to the line bending. On the right, it is not. Some of the bending is circled, but if you look closely, you can see many other examples as well. In fact, no line is perfectly straight. You can examine the full handwriting sample at the very top of this post.

Coming to All Handwriting Styles this Week

This new feature will automatically apply to all handwriting styles this week. Currently, we will not give you a choice on how “bendy” to make your writing. In the future we might add this ability. For now, we will keep it subtle and natural. You might not even notice if you don’t look carefully.

Continual Improvement and Feedback

At Handwrytten, we strive to continually respond to your needs, and react to your feedback. This feature is the direct result of this feedback.

If you have any questions on our new writing, or have other questions or comments, please let us know!

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