Unique Marketing Trends to Try in 2024

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Get ready to kick start your business in 2022 with these unique marketing trends. Personal communication and getting to the heart of your client’s needs will take your marketing further this year. It’s time to implement a marketing strategy that differentiates you from the competition. And what better way to set yourself apart than by being yourself?

Keep reading to discover unique marketing trends to try in 2022.

Ring in 2022 with New Business

Clients and customers want to know who you are before they are ready to do business with you. The digital age has removed us from the personal touches of our day-to-day lives, and we are craving a change.

Don’t get us wrong; digital marketing is still essential. However, a complete and innovative marketing strategy that differentiates your business from the competition needs to have a personal touch!

7 Unique Marketing Trends to Try in 2022

1. Personalization and Customization

One of the hottest upcoming trends fits our overall theme of brand personality. Clients are responding to marketing that is catered to them as individuals. As a small business owner, you might know most of your clients, or at least the regulars that come by often. So, wouldn’t it be great to make more of your clients feel like regulars?

To personalize your marketing, it is key to seamlessly integrate your marketing strategy into your clients’ everyday lives. Investing in a great CRM can be incredibly worthwhile since you will need to collect their personal information and keep it organized. Get them to follow you on social media, post relevant personalized content, and then follow up with personalized notes like birthday cards or Christmas cards to round out the strategy.

Direct mail is now considered unique since we can easily reach people instantly, but it holds a special place to receive real mail that a real person took the time to write to you. So while digital marketing is part of an overall strategy, direct mail will go a long way in reaching customers

2. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT)

Speaking of making your branding personal, a new acronym has emerged on the scene, hoping to dominate the marketingtrends of 2022. Clients want to know all about your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Although Google coined this concept in 2014, it is becoming even more prevalent now, when SEO firms guarantee the top results. EAT is an SEO concept that ensures Google will rate content higher when the site is credible. They rate content higher if it can be substantiated. When creating content, focus on the credentials of the person writing the piece or how the content is relevant to your reader.

Creating a persona around your ideal client is a helpful exercise. Once you know exactly who your ideal client is, you can target your marketing efforts to them in a way that will resonate. The focus this year should be on creating content that your readers will trust, that has the expertise to back it up, and the authority to help them make informed decisions. Not only will you rate higher on Google, but your readers will be EAT-ing it up. See what we did there?  

3. Short-form Video

The social media marketing trend taking the world by storm is still short-form video. People live busy lives. They typically prefer not to watch a 10-minute video on your product or service. Long-form video content is still great to have as an addition to short-form video. Once clients are interested, they are more likely to watch a longer video and get a more in-depth explanation.

In both B2C and now B2B environments, short-form video marketing is the way to grab attention and leave people wanting more. TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook reels are all great for reaching your clients. Using the persona you’ve created, find the platforms your clients are likely to use and show up on their feeds with a 30 video about you, your product, or just something you think they would like to know. 

4. Ethics and Values

Once you have created a persona around your client and you know what drives them, you will also know what values they hold. More than ever before, ethics and values are driving our purchasing habits. Customers want to support causes they care about. They want to buy local and feel like they are supporting a person rather than a large organization.

As a small business owner, you can use this to your advantage by communicating the organizations that you support and the values that you and your brand uphold. Whether it’s sustainable practices or non-profit support, choose something that matters to you, and support it through your brand. Customers are actively seeking conscientious brands. 

5. Influencer Marketing

Using influencers is another way to increase your reach to your customers, especially if you are targeting a younger audience. Finding an influencer that supports your values and can get your brand recognized across platforms will be a big trend this year. FaceBook and TikTok are both driving the influencer market by putting billions of dollars into creators generating original content.

Influencers are often more conversational, treating their fans like their friends, and customers are more likely to take advice from a friend than an advertisement. Finding an influencer that fits with your brand is important because it needs to feel genuine and personal for them to talk about your brand or refer you. 

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6. Live Streaming

While short-form videos are a great way to get your brand seen in a matter of seconds, a close alternative is live streaming. Live streaming is a great addition to your overall digital marketing strategy because you guessed it, it’s personal! People can see you in real-time and interact with the content you are creating. Consider Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Tik Tok Live, and YouTube Live.

Wherever your customers are, there is probably a live feed option to create interactive content in real-time. Social mediaadvertising needs to be personalized to reach people in 2022, so create content you can speak to live on camera and respond to people’s comments on the spot. By livestreaming, you are generating more of that personalized brand awareness and conversational marketing that is dominating this year. 

7. Hybrid Events

The last on our list is certainly not the least in the overall personalization of your 2022 marketing strategy. Hybrid events have been bourne out of necessity during the pandemic, but they are a great way to promote your business. Although things are starting to return to a state of relative normalcy, virtual events are here to stay. It is much easier to connect people from across the globe and get unique speakers from anywhere in the world to chime in at your events.

Many people have been missing out on the human connection during the pandemic, so in-person events are in for 2022, but making them a hybrid event and including the virtual aspect seems to be the happy medium for event planners the world over. 

Why are These Marketing Trends So Effective?

These trends continue to follow the same overall theme; they showcase personality. These trends are effective because customers want more from the companies they purchase from. They want to know who you are, what you care about, and why they should care about it too. Creating a content marketing strategy and putting your personal spin on your brand or product will go a long way in reaching your clients in 2022.

You must be thinking that you can’t possibly incorporate all of these marketing trends into your content strategy; you just don’t have the time. And let’s be honest, most small business owners don’t. We wear all the hats and put out all the fires on a day-to-day basis, but there are some great time-saving techniques for your small business.

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