10 Customer Thank-You Cards that Stand Out

Last updated October 24, 2022
Sending a sincere customer 
thank-you card is a great way to show your appreciation for their loyalty and business. It’s a simple yet effective way to establish and build strong relationships with customers. Whether you send a thank-you card following a holiday, after a purchase, or introduce a particular discount or promotion; your customers are sure to appreciate your effort.

A customer thank-you card is a great way to stand out, whether a handwritten note, social media message, appreciation letter, or a thank-you sent by direct mail. It’s also a great way to provide excellent customer service and a meaningful way to expand your customer base for a small business, establish new relationships, and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Keep reading for 10 customer thank-you cards that stand out.

Thanking Your Customers is an Act of Great Customer Service

While some businesses go to great lengths to build rapport with customers, with elaborate promotional gifts or trying out various customer experience strategies, the purpose of every thank-you note is to express gratitude. A simple card with a personalized handwritten note is all you need. It’s a great way to make a great impression, whether you’re reaching out to a new client or connecting with returning customers. 

There are great ways to thank your customers, and timing can help improve your relationship with them. Whether it’s on their birthday, following a recent purchase, or a seasonal card.

Results that Generate Noticeable ROI

There are a few great reasons to send automated thank-you cards with Handwrytten, including:

  • Content marketing and promoting new and existing products and services
  • Increase your following on social media
  • Getting results that generate noticeable ROI
  • Improving customer service skills

While sending an email or electronic card may seem convenient, a handwritten card goes a long way to add a sincere and personal touch to your message. It’s a great way to get your customer’s attention. 

10 Sample Customer Thank-You Card Messages

A simple, concise message with a personal touch is the best way to send a thank you to a customer. The following sample messages are a great way to appreciate your customer, with the option of adding a few graphics, a stylish handwritten font, and a discount towards a future purchase.

1 “Happy Birthday! Thank you for your business.”

Everyone enjoys a birthday card, whether it’s from a close friend, relative, coworker, or retailer. When you keep track of your customers, their product preferences, contact information, and a few personal details, you’ll have the benefit of showing some appreciation for their birthday.

2 “Thank you for supporting our local business.”

Did you receive an order from a long-time customer or a new client? A quick thank-you greeting card with your social media and contact information is a great way to maintain contact. If you fill orders online by mail, you can send the thank-you note along with the product. If you operate a small or local business, mentioning your appreciation is a great way to build a long-lasting relationship.

3 “We appreciate your business.” 

Sending a quick thank you to a new customer is a great way to establish a rapport from the beginning, especially with a first-time customer. When you contact a new customer, you’ll improve your marketing ROI, showing your appreciation for their business. 

If you operate as a small company or locally-owned business, a quick “thank you for supporting local business” is a great way to market your products and services. It’s also a significant opportunity to show customers where they can reach you by phone, online, and through social media.

4 “Your loyalty is greatly appreciated.”

Every business has loyal, high-value customers who frequently place orders and provide consistent support. A specialized thank-you card recognizing years of loyalty may include a custom border design and artwork to provide a classic, signature appearance. You can add custom inserts to take your appreciation to the next level, whether you’re providing an exclusive offer or an invite to a promotional event.

Recognizing high-value customers is ideal for showing appreciation for their loyalty and good customer service. When dealing with other businesses, it’s a great way to build and expand your network and marketing success. High-value customers provide significant revenue, especially for small businesses, that rely on large orders and repeat business to succeed.

5 “Thank you for calling our support team.”

If a customer calls your technical support team or customer service to resolve a matter, it’s essential to reach out following a call, email, or online chat message. While some issues are easily solved quickly, other matters require research and follow-up contact.

When you send a quick thank-you for your customer’s patience while a situation is resolved or a simple greeting card to ensure they received good service, this can go a long way to improving customer relations in the long term. 

A thank-you note can also serve as an apology if a customer encounters an unfortunate experience with a product or service. This strategy offers a way to mend a negative customer experience by offering a gift or service, along with a thank-you.

6 “As a thank you, we invite you to join our exclusive membership.”

A specialized thank-you note to high-value customers may also include an invitation to join a loyalty program for exclusive benefits and discounts. You may include the advantages of joining an exclusive membership as a part of the card or direct your clients to visit your business’s website or social media page, where they can find details of the offer.

7 “Seasons Greetings and thank you for your business. Enjoy a discount on us!”

The holidays are a great occasion to get in touch with customers, whether they buy from your business regularly or you haven’t heard from them in a while. A simple thank-you can start as a season’s greeting, with a few updates on upcoming promotions, or a quick “thank you for shopping with us” as a reminder that you have great products and services to offer. They can even add up to a Christmas card, if you so desire.

Are you planning a major sale event or promotion during a specific season? Add a business card, social media information, and the dates and details of any upcoming specials along with your thank you. As a token of appreciation, you can offer a seasonal discount or coupon.

8 “Thank you for your business. Your feedback is important to us.”

Are you curious about what your customers think of your business and how they rate your services? A thank-you card is a great way to invite feedback on customer service, product quality, and simple input on areas of improvement. You can add a link to a survey platform or where customers can provide ratings and reviews on social media as a part of your handwritten thank-you note.

9 “A small gift as a way to say thank you.”

Is your business ready for an expansion or scheduling a new product launch? A small gift or sample is a great way to introduce a new product to your customers. 

If you’re offering new services or a discount package, you can incorporate special packages into your thank-you note as a way to invite customers for a sample or discount. In one message, you’ll have the benefit of reestablishing relationships with previous customers while promoting your business. It’s an excellent way to increase content marketing ROI while improving the customer experience for returning clients.

10 “Thank you ___ for supporting our business with the purchase of ___.”

This message is a great way to thank all your customers for their business. You’ll have the option of customizing a thank-you with their name and the purchased product or service. This personalized approach is a wonderful way to start a solid relationship with your client.

A personalized approach is one of the best ways to capture your customer’s attention and establish a positive interaction.

Additional Ways to Make Thank-You Cards Stand Out

A personalized approach is one of the best ways to capture your customer’s attention and establish that you care about the customer experience. Custom thank-you cards offer a special appeal when they feature unique artwork or art themes associated with your business or the products you offer. For example, if you sell pet-related products, you may include a few paw prints or hand-drawn cats and dogs on your custom card.

A corner design, trim, or border with a custom theme is a great way to add your signature look. It’s also an excellent way to add a personalized appearance that you can incorporate onto your social media and website.

Sending a friendly business thank-you note with directions to your new store location is an easy way to let new and regular customers know where you’re moving to and how to get there.

Add a Call to Action to Encourage Further Participation by Customers

A custom thank-you card is an excellent opportunity to market your business with coupons, stickers, and pins. You can include a custom discount on the card or a limited-time offer for specific products and services. When you offer a loyal customer some free merchandise and a chance to try samples, you’re effectively investing in a marketing campaign where clients wear, display, and use your promotional items. At the same time, ensure to sign off your thank you card properly to send the right message.

Add Custom Inserts to Take Your Appreciation to the Next Level

Writing thank-you notes with custom inserts goes a long way to showing appreciation. When you send thank-you cards with Handwrytten, you’ll have the benefits of showing gratitude to customers without the hassle of time-consuming handwritten thank-you notes from Google sheets and a list of clients. 

When you place an order with Handwrytten, it’s a great way to add a personal touch with the ease of robotic handwriting machines and custom messages.

Send Automated Thank-you Cards with Handwrytten

Show every valued customer that you appreciate their business, whether you send a greeting card on their birthday, after a recent purchase, or during the holiday season. It’s a great way to get in contact by direct mail with a custom message. Establishing solid, long-term relationships with your customers is as easy as sending a custom card with a personal touch. 

Create beautiful business thank-you cards for your customers with Handwrytten and enjoy the benefits of long-term relationships with your clients.

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