Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Your Best Clients

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing yet? Can you hear the tune of your favorite holiday song coming from the speakers of your car radio? If so, then it means you, like many others this time of year, are already in the holiday spirit. This may also mean you’re gearing up to be in full-fledged gift-buying mode.

While it’s important to keep close family members and friends in mind during the holidays, it’s also just as important to consider your clients when shopping for holiday gifts.

Keep reading for our top 10 holiday gifts for your best clients.

Thank Your Best Clients This Holiday Season

Clients give the gift of their patronage to business owners year after year. They want to feel appreciated for their continued loyalty, especially around the holiday season.

There are many wonderful holiday gift ideas for you to consider giving your clients this year.

10 Popular Holiday Gifts for Your Clients

To make it easier to choose the perfect gift for the loyal supporters of your business, take a look at these 10 holiday giftideas. There’s a wide range of gift ideas available to serve a variety of different clients this holiday season.

1. Handwritten Holiday Cards

While this idea may seem simple, it’s also a classic that everyone is sure to love. When your clients receive their handwritten greeting card from you in the mail, they’ll be pleased that you were thinking of them.

The card doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either. A simple handwritten card with a warm message of appreciation is all that’s needed to make your client feel special.

2. Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients

A great way to give your customers a corporate gift and continue to promote your business is by gifting company swag with your logo or the logo of your clients’ business.

Who doesn’t love a good reusable water bottle or blanket? Or perhaps more corporate gifts to use around the office like business card holders or pens? By giving your clients practical gifts they can use with your company’s brand, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

3. Gift Cards

Holiday gift cards are always a good choice when buying gifts for your clients.

You can give a gift card they can use for your business or you can help support other small businesses in your area by purchasing cards for their stores.

Either way, your clients will be feeling the holiday joy when they reveal their gift card from you!

when to send holiday cards

4. Gourmet Chocolate

Holiday food gifts are among the favorites when it comes to client gift options.

Imagine opening the mailbox to find delicious chocolates sent from a business you work with. Wouldn’t you be taken aback at the thoughtfulness while trying to refrain from eating the whole box in one sitting?

This is what makes chocolates a great choice to show your clients your appreciation this Christmas.

5. Succulents

No matter who the client is, they are sure to love opening a box from you to find a perfect, low-maintenance, green addition to their home or office.

Not only is this client gift inexpensive at around $2 apiece depending on where you buy, but you could also include a personal touch to the pot it comes in by adding your logo or the client’s initials.

6. Themed Gift Boxes or Baskets

A holiday gift basket or box will put a smile on any client’s face.

These gifts are also enjoyable to shop for because you can pick a fun theme to help you choose what goes into the box.

A box with the theme “Cozy Night In” could contain a DVD, hot chocolate mix, and a customized throw blanket.

Depending on how much you want to spend on the gift will determine how many items go into the box or basket. The options for showing your customer appreciation with this gift are endless!

7. Aromatherapy Gifts

Any gift that has the ability to relieve stress, is a winner. Give your loyal customers the gift of relaxation this year with scents like “forest pine” or “Lavender Fields”.

These gifts could come in the form of candles, room sprays, essential oils, or any other aromatic item. If your budget allows, give them all!

Surprise your client with a whole box filled with a variety of sprays, candles, and oils in scents that will foster relaxation and the Christmas spirit.

8. Coffee-Inspired Gifts

Chances are, your clients already love a good cup of coffee in the morning.

A coffee-inspired gift lets them know you recognize their desire for a steaming or iced cup of Joe before they begin their day.

Coffee-inspired gifts like mugs, beans, or holiday creamers are the perfect way to thank your customers this season.

Go ahead and customize a mug with your logo or something personal to your client for an added touch.

9. Wine

While this gift can be a little more expensive than the others, nothing exudes class like giving a good bottle of wine as a gift of appreciation.

This idea may not work well for every client. However, if you know them on a more personal level and happen to know they enjoy drinking a glass of wine occasionally, then it’s the perfect gift!

Many companies now will even create personalized wine labels for you to add to any bottle you buy, giving the gift a warm touch from your heart to your client’s.

10. Edible Arrangements

If you don’t think your clients will enjoy holiday food gifts of wine or chocolate, there is another option.

An Edible Arrangement is the fruit alternative to a bouquet of flowers. Like flowers, the arrangement is colorful and visually appealing, the only difference being, you can eat it!

Your customers will have a smile on their face when they receive their delivery of edible arrangements at the office.

Looking for Affordable Options This Holiday Season?

The great thing about this list is that it can be customized to fit any budget. For example, if you want to go the gift basketroute, minimize the items you put in the basket to lower the price of the gift.

Your client will be happy whether it’s two items in the basket or four!

Choose the Best Holiday Gifts for Your Special Clients

Finding gifts for customers is no easy task, but it’s important.

You may show your appreciation for them throughout the year with special cards on their birthday, or a thank-you email here and there. But when the holiday season hits, you’ll want them to know just how special they are to you with a giftthat is hand-picked.

Choose Christmas gifts from this list or another holiday gift guide to ensure your customers feel the love.

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