10 Growth Hacking Strategies To Increase Conversions

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What is one growth hacking strategy that a small business should consider trying out to boost conversions?

To help small businesses boost conversions, we asked marketing leaders and small business owners this question for their best insights. From adding fun incentives to using immersive video marketing, there are several growth hacking strategies that may help your small business increase its conversion rate

Here are 10 growth hacking strategies to increase customer conversions:

  • Add Fun Incentives
  • Partner With Another Company
  • Request Customer Testimonials
  • Offer Free Trials
  • Convert Customers Who Abandon Their Carts
  • Give Out Free Samples
  • Less is More with Conversion Targeting 
  • Make Content That Is Unique to Each Page
  • Implement AI Chatbots
  • Use Immersive Video Marketing to Boost Conversions


Add Fun Incentives

To supercharge growth, inject some incentives into your sign-up or referral process. Dropbox, for example, offered users extra storage at no cost if they shared a tweet or Facebook post about the brand. If you’ve crafted a solid buyer persona, you know what incentives speak to your ideal customer. Utilize these to help your business grow.

Claire Routh, Markitors


Partner With Another Company

Rather than go it alone, see if you can partner with another company. The advantage of doing so is that you will share audiences and customer bases. This is an attractive option especially for two small businesses that aren’t in much competition with each other. You won’t pull business away from each other and can drive referrals and sales to your partners.

Carey Wilbur, Charter Capital


Request Customer Testimonials

As you grow your customer base, use the positive experiences to your advantage. Ask new customers you sense are satisfied to leave positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and elsewhere. Digital word-of-mouth is incredibly effective, and reviews left by real people can make a big difference. These testimonials can lead to referrals, which in turn will lead to increased conversions.

Allan J. Switalski, AVANA Capital


Offer Free Trials

Customers love to try before they buy, so it may be in your interest to do free giveaways or offer free trials to generate buzz. At Curricula, we offer free accounts to up to 1,000 employees to our fun eLearning platform. This way our users can get a good firsthand feel for our product and services offering. These trials often lead to customer conversions and referrals for our employee security awareness training program.

Nick Santora, Curricula


Convert Customers Who Abandon Their Carts

One growth hacking strategy you can use to boost conversions is to entice customers back after they have abandoned their carts. Using a targeted email series can help draw them back to your website and boost your conversions. If you offer a risk-free trial, using this email series is a perfect time to remind them that they have nothing to lose by completing their sign-up.

You can also include your best positive reviews from customers to help establish social proof and entice customers to finalize their purchases. Offering a special discount in the last email of your abandoned cart email series can act as a last-ditch effort to close the sale. A common reason for cart abandonment is unexpected fees like shipping or tax, so offering a free shipping code or a set percent or dollar amount off their order can help them feel more comfortable completing the transaction.

Maegan Griffin, Skin Pharm


Give Out Free Samples

Giving out free samples is an easy way to get your name and products out there in a risk-free way for consumers. First off, you’ll ingratiate yourself with them through your generosity, which is always a plus. Secondly, assuming you have a quality product, the free sample you gave out can make a big enough impression that it will drive customers to actually purchase more. Don’t underestimate the power getting free stuff can have on a customer’s mindset!

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


Less is More with Conversion Targeting 

As a small business, you generally only have a limited budget for marketing and branding. Therefore in order to boost conversions, you need to be laser-focused on your target market. Do not get into the trap of trying to target a broad and large market. Rather be very specific about who you speak to and how you address them. I have implemented a much more targeted strategy in my online business and I have come to see conversions grow by up to 80%. For small businesses conversion targeting the old adage remains true, less is definitely more.

Mogale Modisane, ToolsGaloreHQ.com


Make Content That Is Unique to Each Page

Once I’ve identified my target market, I do everything I can to meet their wants and convert them. And, for that, I use the power of content – after all, content reigns supreme. But we’re not talking about any kind of material; we’re talking about page-specific stuff.
If you provide audiences with material specific to the page on your website that they are now on, you can increase conversions by more than 500 percent. With so much competition on the market, why would your potential clients stay on your site if you aren’t consistently providing them with information that intrigues them and addresses their concerns?

Axel Hernborg, Tripplo.com


Implement AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are a great growth hacking strategy to help your small business boost conversions. They’re great at answering simple questions, providing support, and generating quality sales leads for your sales team. AI chatbots are also available 24/7 and can help provide support and sales to your customers even when your employees are unavailable. If you are looking to boost conversions and drive more sales in your organization, try looking into implementing AI chatbots into your website.

John Wu, Gryphon Connect


Use Immersive Video Marketing to Boost Conversions

Thanks to the growth of the metaverse and soaring popularity and effectiveness of video ads, immersive video marketing is one growth hacking strategy small businesses cannot ignore. Immersive videos powered by virtual reality provide your customers with unforgettable, highly interactive experiences that help boost conversions, customer retention rates, referrals, and average lifetime customer values. Such highly engaging content is also more likely to go viral on social media, which will help drum up more clients for the small business.

Lisa Richards, The Candida Diet


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