Guide to Writing a Thank You Letter for Patient Referral

Writing thank you letters for a patient referral is essential for medical professionals. Still, busy schedules can sometimes make it difficult to find time to write and send a personalized card. Handwritten and customized letters can make the recipient feel special and remind them how important they are to your business. In this article, we talk about the value of a patient referral thank you note and provide examples of how you can write one yourself.

What is a Patient Referral Thank You Letter?

A patient referral thank you letter is usually sent to the physician who referred their patient to you and your medical practice. You should send these letters every time you receive a patient referral to express gratitude for them trusting you with their patient. A patient referral thank you letter will brighten the other physician’s day and likely lead to more patient referrals from them in the future.

Why Writing a Thank You Note Is Important

Writing a thank you letter for a patient referral may seem like a simple courtesy. Still, it can actually be a great gesture to foster positive relationships with other medical professionals. Such personalized touches show how much you respect the recipient’s ability to carry on with the patient’s medical journey. That said, other physicians are also more likely to refer you if a connection already exists.

How to Write a Thank You Letter for a Patient Referral

An effective thank you letter consists of different elements that create a personal connection and build rapport. When written correctly, the effort develops into a mutually beneficial relationship between you and other medical professionals. Here are the steps to writing a thank you note for a patient referral.

  1. Start with a professional greeting. Greet the recipient with their professional title and full name to show respect.
  2. Express gratitude for the referral. Talk about the patient they referred and how grateful you are that they thought to recommend you. Use phrases such as “Thank you so much for thinking of me…” and “I appreciate your confidence in our office…”
  3. Offer patient referrals for them in the future. Extend an olive branch to start a mutually beneficial professional relationship when it comes to patient referrals.
  4. Conclude with thanks. Thank them once again for the patient referral, and leave your contact information, so they know how to reach you in the future.
  5. Proofread before sending. Grammar and spelling mistakes are unprofessional and will make your letter look sloppy. Be sure to edit your letter for any errors before sending it.
thank you letter for patient referral

Sample Thank You Notes for Patient Referrals

Now that you know how to construct a thank you note, look at these samples of thank you letters for inspiration.

Thank you letter for an individual or patient’s referral

Dr. Laura Smith
XX Clinic/Hospital

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you so much for thinking of me and referring Katie Miller to me as a patient. This is a great compliment, and I guarantee that Katie will be satisfied with the services at our clinic.
I will be sure to think of you in the future when I have a patient who needs a physician referral, as I’d like to extend the same favor. Thank you for your referral, doctor, and for the confidence you have in me and our practice.


Dr. Michael Johnson

Thank you letter for an organization’s referral

Dr. John Harrison
XX Clinic/Hospital

Dear Dr. Harrison,

Thank you for referring Johnson and Johnson to work with our practice. I’m so grateful that you thought of us when they were looking for a referral. I hope to work with you again in the future for other opportunities like this one.


Dr. David Garcia

Thank you letter for a colleague’s referral

Dr. Brianna Clark
XX Clinic/Hospital

Dear Dr. Clark,

Thank you for referring your colleague to work at our practice. We’re so excited to work with them and look forward to this new partnership. If you ever need assistance at your practice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Dr. Steve Brown

The Value of a Well-Written and Sincere Thank You Letter

Writing a thank you letter for a patient referral is the best way to expand the number of patients you have and create greater connections with other medical professionals.

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