Announcing Handwrytten’s AI Copy Writing Assistant

Today, Handwrytten is proud to release our new AI copy-writing system, AI Assist! AI Assist takes the brain wracking out of writing the perfect handwritten note and streamlines the sending process. Now, note crafting and note writing are handling by our robotic technology in our end-to-end system.

Handwrytten’s mission has always been to make sending a handwritten note as easy, or easier, than sending an email. While we have always taken the tasks of writing, stamping and sending the note off your plate, we are now proud to automate the last remaining step: writing the perfect note to send!  If you’d rather watch a video about the system, you can do so here:


Simply click the “AI Assist” link on the bottom of the message composition screen. Then, type a prompt for our generative AI system, such as “write a note thanking grandma for the freshly baked cookies” and we will take care of the rest! Our system will automatically write a complete note for you. Don’t like the message? Click “Try Again” and we’ll craft something new. When you’re happy, click “Insert” and finish editing your note before sending it.

Want some interesting ideas for the system? Try:

  • “Write a note to a client asking for a meeting after months of no contact.”
  • “Write a love letter to my wife and use iambic pentameter.”
  • “Write a birthday limerick to Jim on his 30th birthday.”
  • “Write a real estate prospecting letter to home owners in the neighborhood, explaining you just sold a home down the street for top dollar.”

The possibilities are endless!

AI Assist is available now. Look for it in the standard note sending screen, along with the new prospecting system and birthday/anniversary automations.

Have any questions or feedback? Please reach out. We are excited to hear what you think about this new technology.

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