12 Strategies To Increase Patient Referrals For Physical Therapists

What is one strategy for a physical therapist to increase patient referrals? 

To help you increase patient referrals, we asked CEOs and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From marketing with video testimonials to leveraging patient reviews for your brand, there are several strategies that may help you increase referrals to your physical therapy service. 

Here are 12 strategies for increasing patient referrals:

  • Market With Video Testimonials
  • Use Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Promote Your Service With Web Content
  • Use Feedback to Your Advantage
  • Sponsor Slowpitch Softball Teams
  • Offer Personalized Care Plans
  • Send Out Newsletters Weekly
  • Host Special Promotional Events
  • Network With Other Professionals
  • Liaise With Counseling and Health Screening Groups
  • Incentivize Patients to Refer Others
  • Leverage Patient Reviews for Your Brand


12 Strategies To Increase Patient Referrals For Physical Therapists


Market With Video Testimonials

When you have a career in health service, video testimonials are a powerful marketing strategy. For instance, you can have clients discussing in a video how much the physical therapist improved the quality of their lives by decreasing their physical problems. Happy clients can describe a before and after situation in which they previously suffered and now their lives are better thanks to the physical therapist.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging


Use Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, in my opinion, are one of the best market media for launching your physical therapy practice. Have you ever wondered how businesses post advertisements on social media platforms, Google search results, and in physical therapy-related spaces? You don’t need to look any farther; by purchasing digital real estate, you can construct a bold advertisement that will put you immediately in front of prospective patients. The best thing is that you only pay when people who are interested in your ad click on it.

Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics


Promote Your Service With Web Content

Create relevant website content, such as tips on providing a quality care plan and treatment to injured patients, shareable on social media. This strategy will help boost the physical therapist’s expertise exposure across online channels. Digital promotion, such as helpful and interesting video tutorials and podcasting can also go viral, which further helps accelerate referral generation.

James Parsons, Content Powered


Use Feedback to Your Advantage

Practice owners who understand what’s working and what isn’t tend to be more successful at keeping their calendar full of appointments. Listening to the source, the patient, is the greatest way to accomplish this. PTs can become more well-rounded and efficient by implementing a simple feedback survey. Patients receive more value from their treatment if your PTs are more efficient. One of the most potent weapons for increasing volume is the value, and hopefully healing, that patients experience. People want to brag about how fantastic they felt after their physical therapy session, and they are more likely to return if they have problems in the future. Feedback is an underutilized tool for a long-lasting referral system, whether you have patients fill out a survey after treatment, send an email, or even ask them in person about their experience.

Kenny Kline, BarBend


It’s no secret that as we age, we become more prone to injury. It’s simple biology, whether we like it or not. And one of the prime grounds for middle-aged injuries? Slowpitch softball fields. Americans love their baseball (as well as its sister sport softball), and as such, continue playing the sport well into their 40s and 50s. However, despite being a slow-paced sport, injuries still regularly occur. Torn ACLs, pulled hamstrings and groin injuries are nightly occurrences. Thus, if you’re a physical therapist looking to increase patient referrals, consider sponsoring a softball team.

The cost isn’t much (usually just the cost of registration fees and team shirts), yet the marketing awareness is huge. Everyone in the league will know and recognize your name, creating an instant pool of potential patients. Of course you never wish for an injury, but they inevitably happen in softball leagues, and when they do, you’ll be well-positioned for referrals when injured players ask for you.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight


Offer Personalized Care Plans

One of the most effective ways for physical therapists to increase their patient referrals is by establishing a reputation for having tailored care plans for each patient. This puts them in high esteem and is a good indicator of their expertise as they can create care plans that vary based on their patient’s conditions. Patient experience plays a vital role in recommendations. The more impressed they are with your services, the more likely they will advocate for you.

Kathryn McDavid, Editor’s Pick


Send Out Newsletters Weekly

When it comes to marketing your clinic, newsletters are vital. And if you don’t already have one, you should get one right away. Newsletters assist practice owners in staying in touch with patients, building brand confidence, increasing occupational knowledge, and much more. While popular retail stores and furnishing stores may use newsletters to market products, physical therapists should approach newsletters with one goal in mind: to establish brand loyalty via education and insight.

Physical therapists have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to deliver free information to prospective patients that could lead to a conversion in the future. According to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, musculoskeletal problems affected more than half of persons aged 18 and up, or over 124 million Americans, in 2015. The market for physical therapy is huge, but the ordinary American’s knowledge of physical therapy is limited, so your clinic may assist bridge the gap through education.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel


Host Special Promotional Events

As a healthcare practitioner, some of the strategies that have worked for me might also work well for you. Every so often, host a special promotional event and encourage your current patients and partners to invite people from their network. Make an impression with your expertise and professional services, and event participants will be more likely to refer you to others. An event is also a good opportunity to offer special discounts or free trials to generate even more patient referrals.

Norman Bizon, TravelBug Health


Network With Other Healthcare Professionals

One strategy for a physical therapist to increase patient referrals is to network with other professionals in the area. For example, they can reach out to local doctors, nurses, and chiropractors to collaborate and refer patients. Creating strong relationships with other professionals in related fields will ensure that their patients become your patients.

Hector Ruiz, BBQ Grill Academy


Liaise With Counseling and Health Screening Groups 

Physical therapists can start by looking for groups and organizations in their community that offer health screenings and counseling. Physical therapists can offer their services to these groups, especially during the fall and winter months when physical activity is limited. Physical therapists can also offer their services at local health fairs, schools, and other community events where people gather. By offering their services at these events, physical therapists increase their visibility in the community and can receive referrals from the people they help.

Farhan Advani, BHPH


Incentivize Patients to Refer Others

There are several strategies that a physical therapist can use to increase patient referrals, but one effective strategy is to create a referral program. This program can offer incentives for patients who refer other patients to the practice. These incentives can be in the form of discounts, free services, or even cash rewards. By creating a referral program, physical therapists can encourage their patients to spread the word about their practice and help to grow their business.

Eugene Chimpoy, Church Helper


Leverage Patient Reviews for Your Brand

Patient reviews, through Yelp or Google, are an effective way for physical therapists to attract more business. These testimonials can be included on the therapist’s website as a way to build their personal brand. Today, potential clients and customers will look to online reviews to inform their buying decisions. By providing compelling evidence that they do a fantastic job, physical therapists will find it easier to increase patient referrals.

Gerald Lombardo, The Word Counter



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