How To Appreciate What You Have: 13 Tips

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What is one tip for better appreciating what you have?    

To help you better appreciate what you have, we asked CEOs and business professionals this question for their best insights. From reflecting on your journey to doing a social media detox, there are several tips that may help you practice gratitude.

Here are 13 tips for better appreciating what you have:


  • Reflect On Your Journey
  • Appreciate Those Around You
  • Participate in Daily Gratitude Meditations
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal
  • Write Handwritten Appreciation Notes
  • Stop Seeking Outside Validation
  • Read the Book “Hillbilly Elegy”
  • Survey Your Wants vs Your Needs
  • Appreciate the Little Things
  • Dedicate Time to Things that Spark Joy
  • Reflect on a Younger Version of You 
  • Pay it Forward
  • Do a Social Media Detox


How To Appreciate What You Have: 13 Tips


Reflect On Your Journey

As Shakespeare said, “What’s past is prologue.” Everything you’ve gone through in the past has led to this moment. You’ve overcome challenges, and you have set, met, and surpassed goals. Celebrate these milestones! Whenever you get a chance, take a few moments to look back on your journey, on what you’ve gone through, and what you’ve achieved over the years. When you stop and think about it, you have so much to be thankful for.

Vicky Franko, Insura


Appreciate Those Around You

How often do you stop and appreciate those around you? Whether we’re talking about family, friends, colleagues, or employees, you shouldn’t ever take the people around you for granted. Those people are key contributors to your success and happiness in a variety of ways. Always be grateful for all that their presence contributes to your life, and don’t be afraid to share with them how much they mean to you.

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors


Participate in Daily Gratitude Meditations

During a gratitude meditation, you concentrate on your breath and visualize all the things in your life that you are grateful for. You are performing two of the most impactful happiness practices at the same time resulting in a double-whammy for your wellbeing. This daily practice of reflection gives me a sense of control, improves my resilience, encourages me to bounce back from highly stressful situations and the ongoing uncertainty in the world right now.

Amit Raj, The Links Guy


Keep a Gratitude Journal

Being grateful every day is the best way to appreciate what you have. However, keeping a gratitude journal will also help you stay motivated! You can read through previous entries, and see how life has brought things you can appreciate to you. Moreover, it forces you to think of things you are grateful for, and thus opens your mind!

Annie Chopra, She TheQueen


Write Handwritten Appreciation Notes

It’s easy to say “thank you,” but how you do it can matter as much as doing it. So, any time the opportunity presents itself, I would urge you to take the time to write a handwritten note of gratitude. It turns what could be a perfunctory expression of thanks into a deeply personal act. Your handwritten notes will be deeply appreciated by those who receive them, and the gratitude you feel will be more deeply etched in your mind.

Nick Santora, Curricula


Stop Seeking Outside Validation

Seeking outside validation hinders you from appreciating your progress. However, when you overcome it, you can divert your focus on the things that truly matter, especially those that nurture you as a person. When you stop comparing yourself to others, you can see the small wins you’ve missed out on because of your insecurity. You will begin to feel grateful for what you have, embrace all of your imperfections, and use them as a motivation to achieve the quality of life you deserve.

Jake Smith, Absolute Reg


Read the Book “Hillbilly Elegy”

If you want to truly readjust your outlook on life and better appreciate what you have, you need to gain some perspective. And in order to do that, I highly recommend reading “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis” by J.D. Vance. If you’re trying to find some perspective, this book will absolutely give you that in spades. Taking an in-depth look at the poverty of old rust belt towns, this book allows you to empathize with the situations of others much less fortunate than yourself. A moving memoir that discusses physical abuse, alcoholism, poverty, and trauma, it’s a sobering view of what your life could be. I’ve read this book twice, and for me, each time that I’ve read it, I always gain an appreciation of the life I have, even if not perfect.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight


Survey Your Wants vs Your Needs

In business, leaders tend to keep pushing themselves and their companies to reach arbitrary goals that might not be right for them, or their organizations. The trend of unmitigated or uncontrolled growth for growth’s sake can be a contributor to why so many companies fail. Companies that grow too fast can exhaust their target demographic, or try selling to consumers that aren’t an ideal fit, meaning they’re less loyal. Appreciating what you have is a way of recognizing success in yourself and your company. 

The best way to appreciate what you have is to acknowledge what you need over what you want. We all want to run a million dollar company, or have unlimited funds, but that’s not what we need. What we need is stability, comfort, and flexibility. Those three tenants can help build an excellent quality of life, and help a business owner step off the treadmill of forward progress. This advice is great for entrepreneurs, or just individuals who want to become a more appreciative person.

Kyle Risley, Lift Vault


Appreciate the Little Things

How often do you appreciate the little things? It could be a smile on your child’s face, or your dog playing with his favorite toy, or even a customer enthusiastically thanking you for helping them. Whatever it is, be grateful for all of it, for every single little moment, every little thing that is a part of your life. Don’t ever take even the smallest thing for granted and slow down to notice the little things.

Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority


Dedicate Time to Things that Spark Joy

To better appreciate what you have, spend time relishing things that bring you joy. One major reason many people discredit their blessings is that they do not allow themselves time to truly enjoy their loved ones, treasured possessions, or favorite hobbies and pastimes. The hectic and demanding pace of modern life can make it difficult to set aside personal time, yet ignoring the good things can lead to dissatisfaction. Even taking ten minutes to talk with a family member or enjoy a cup of coffee while staring out a window, free from distraction, can serve as a reminder and a recharger. If you block out time in your schedule to intentionally enjoy something beloved each day, then you will remember the benefits of your situation and feel deeper gratitude.

Carly Hill, Virtual Holiday Party


Reflect on a Younger Version of You 

If you want to more effectively appreciate what you have, ask yourself this question: was there a time when I wanted what I have right now? Today, in the era of overwhelming and consistent social media exposure, it’s easy to constantly be thinking ahead to the next vacation, promotion, or thing to buy, but by taking a moment to reflect on a younger version of you—one that would be proud of where you are and how far you’ve come—it becomes much easier to see the reality and value of what you have in the present moment. When gratitude becomes difficult, ask yourself which aspects of your current situation would impress the child in you.



Pay it Forward

You may not realize it, but sharing what you have with other people is a refined form of appreciation. Having the heart to provide for the needy is an expression of self-love in the most selfless way. When you have the immense capacity of gratitude, it also shows that you are content with the things you possess. Your intention is pure, and you are doing it because it gives you immeasurable happiness. By sincerely and willingly sharing your blessings, you are also sending a special message of compassion and generosity to everyone.

Allan Stolc,


Do a Social Media Detox

Comparison is the number one enemy of happiness. While scrolling through Instagram might give you inspiration for what your dream life looks like, it can also make you feel frustrated that you’re not quite there yet. Constant exposure to what basically is a highlight of other people’s lives can result in a decrease in life satisfaction. This is why doing a social media detox every once in a while is so highly recommended. Once you stop looking at your phone, it’s easier to notice all the good things that are already a part of your life and appreciate them more. If scrolling through social media is part of your job description, just remember that whatever picture-perfect images you see have been carefully curated to reflect the viewers’ tastes and needs.

Maja Kowalska, Zety



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