Customer Appreciation Ideas for Every Budget

You may be wondering how to remind your main customers that you value their business. A simple way to address this is to find a unique way to thank customers for their loyalty and show your customer appreciation. 

Using a variety of options, from handwritten letters to gift baskets, shows that your company is in tune with the needs of its customers and willing to show customer appreciation.

Thanking Your Customers

Showing customer appreciation is an essential aspect of customer retention and customer engagement. Giving your best customers something as simple as a planner shows inventiveness. Your VIP clients and donors will be so surprised that they’ll share their positive customer experience with others.

10 Easy and Economical Ideas To Show Customer Appreciation

Here are ten inexpensive ways to show your appreciation for customer loyalty. From practical to inspired, these ideas will help you connect with your existing customers. Of course, each client appreciation gift should have a personalized touch to make it as individual as possible.

1. Personalized Planner

Almost everyone has used a planner to get organized or keep day-to-day notes. Although handheld devices can perform these functions, there’s nothing like holding a personalized journal or notebook in your hand. 

A planner offers a way for your client to write down their ideas and goals. Writing things down helps you comprehend and remember, so handwriting still has appeal. It’s possible to choose a planner matching their taste or industry.

Before selecting a planner, you should have some background information on the interests of your VIP clients’ industry. A simple planner lacks a personal touch, but one that applies to their specific needs is more personalized to the user. If specifics are hard to determine, one with their logo will also make an impact.

For example, if your client is a real estate agent, gifting a planner popular with real estate agents is a good idea. If your business serves more than one realtor in the same office, personalizing each with the individual customer’s name or logo makes it unique.

A personalized business gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Even something as simple as a pencil holder or desk organizer is appreciated when it has a name or logo. Tucking your business card inside or enclosing a personalized handwritten note is a nice touch to show your gratitude. 

You can also stock planners and portfolios with Post-it notes and other necessities. These items can be colorful and decorative if you’re familiar with your customers’ favorite colors and patterns.

2. Logo Apparel

If you’ve thought about gifting clothing to your VIP clients with your logo, you’ve already guessed that it’s excellent advertising. Your customers will feel a connection to your brand when wearing a cozy sweatshirt. 

Many companies offer custom apparel in a variety of styles and prices. The apparel item you give can also have a slogan regarding their purchase. For example, if they’ve just purchased a new home or expanded their business, the message could relate to the event.

Casual styles with broad appeal are the most useful, and if you can imagine yourself wearing them. Gifts like monogrammed socks and scarves are size friendly. Fleece is a versatile gift many people choose to wear camping and to other outdoor events. 

3. Gift Baskets for Customer Appreciation

Few things are more customizable than a gift basket. It’s thoughtful to spend the time assembling snacks, fruit, and sweets to cheer up their day. In addition, this gift is easy to adapt for a special event or occasion, meaning that you can gift it to individuals or groups.

When your client receives a gift basket, it can turn their day around. The positive customer experience you create is unique to your company, and it is a great way to stand out from the competition.

Gift baskets are fun to receive during the holiday season, but the delivery of one when the client least expects it will make an impact. The approach and timing you choose could persuade them to renew their contract or plan future projects with your company.

4. Appreciate the Customer with a Gift Card

Gift cards are simple and always appreciated. They can be spent or re-gifted with ease. Consider sending one that is either cash-value such as a VISA card, or to a popular store like Amazon or Target. If you are very familiar with your recipient, you can try sending a niche card such as Home Depot.

On a budget? Send someone a coffee with a $5 Starbucks card with a handwritten note. Customer appreciation does not need to be expensive!

show customer appreciation with gift cards
Gift cards are a great way to show customer appreciation

5. Travel Essentials

Everyone travels, especially for business. One way to express your thanks for their business is to give them something helpful like a travel kit. Providing travel accessories with a logo is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand because your customers will frequently see these items.

You can customize toiletry bags with a logo, and you can address the needs of even the occasional traveler by including travel essentials. Grooming kits and skincare items are great on the go.

6. Branded Drinkware

Even if you don’t get a chance to meet every client you have, there are still ways to make an impression. Giving a housewarming gift is a wonderful way to show your customers you appreciate their business. Celebrating their achievements by giving them a congratulatory gift can result in further collaborations.

One gift that always finds use in the business setting or household is drinkware. A set of glasses or tumblers with your logo is a practical gift that many will see. 

The type of drinkware could be specific to your customer’s business. For example, a building contractor may appreciate something durable they can take to work, such as a stainless steel mug.

7. Handmade and Local Gifts for Customer Appreciation

Offering something sold in your area shows your customer that you value the local business. In addition, long-term customers will appreciate that you care about the success of companies in your community. It’s also an excellent way to network with local business owners by purchasing goods from local shops.

Including a handwritten card with the products adds a personal touch. Giving items one at a time or assembling them in a set is a thoughtful gift. It’s more personal to give handmade and homespun gifts than many items found online. The extra effort could increase the likelihood you’ll retain their business in the future.

8. Custom Tote Bag

With the need to re-use and recycle, everyone has a tote or shopping bag with a logo. If the tote bag is sturdy and has a classic design, your customers will use it repeatedly. It’s a good idea because it’s a way to share your brand and show client appreciation.

Tasteful tote bags are available for personalization with your logo or client’s name. If the tote bag has an appealing look, it can also be a topic of discussion.

9. Hybrid Work Essentials Kit

A new idea for business gifts is the hybrid work essentials kit. With a growing percentage of Americans working remotely, this is a valuable gift for those who work from home. However, even clients who work on-site will find this a practical gift when on the go.

A hybrid work essentials kit could include a lap desk, reusable water bottle, notepads, pens, a backpack, and even snacks. Creative additions to the kit include a terrarium or succulent garden.

Some of the items could have a logo or personalization. A gift that makes work more comfortable and easier is always welcome.

10. Swag Box for Customers

A box with branded items is also known as a swag box. It often gets used to show client appreciation or as a way to share your business aesthetic and when you onboard new employees. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a box. You can also use a small tote bag to add a selection of items.

It’s a great way to show your customers how much you appreciate them and a fun way to communicate with them. Items in the gift box could have a theme, such as food or tech. 

You can easily order swag boxes and ship them to customers, or you can try your hand at creating your own from promotional items and other items.

Automate Your Customer Appreciation with Handwrytten

The most thoughtful gifts are the ones you’ve taken the time to add a personal touch to. Customer appreciation gifts don’t have to cost a lot, but taking the time to learn about what inspires your customers is important. 

Researching the industry in which they work and the challenges they face can go a long way in helping you select the perfect thank you gift. Unique gifts will make your customers feel special. Including a handwritten card as a personal touch to a customer appreciation gift is a simple gesture and keeps communication open.

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