Tips to Boost Your Car Dealership’s Ratings and Reviews

Online ratings and reviews form a company’s reputation in the online market. A higher reputation is liable to boost sales. A company must strive to get excellent ratings and reviews about its product. If you own a car dealership, you must understand that strong star ratings and reviews are foundational to your success. Many potential clients use the reviews and ratings of your dealership to patronize you.

Your star ratings, the length and volume of your reviews, how many major sites these reviews appear on, and how recent these reviews are made all contribute to your reputation score. A high reputation score implies high ratings and reviews. It also suggests that the dealership’s clients were satisfied with the service.

If you want to know how to improve your company’s reputation score, you can consider some current automotive marketing trends that many successful dealerships employ. These strategies include:

  • Request reviews
  • Monitor and respond to reviews punctually
  • Address issues and improve your business
  • Build personal relationships with your clients
  • Offer stellar services

Keep reading to explore these and additional topics in detail.

Why Do You Need Reviews?

Reviews are critical to the image of any business, and your car dealership is no exception. They can make or mar your business, and this is why you need to get positive reviews. Some reasons you need reviews are:

Reviews Drives Sales

People are more likely to make purchases when other people say it is okay, and online reviews are social proof of a company and its services. What this means is that they have a substantial impact on sales. As long as you have good reviews, you will get customers who will buy your products.

They Make Your Brand Visible to People

Search engines like Google and Facebook are where shoppers find dealerships online. These sites rank dealerships through their ratings and reviews from customers. If a company has a 5-star rating, it will rank higher on Google than those that have a 4.5 rating. What this means is that potential customers will only see your brand if you have reviews.

Reviews Make You Reliable and Trustworthy

When you have reviews, your brand gains a reliable outlook. This is especially important for businesses such as car dealerships, as clients will likely do their research before investing in a new car. In order to assess if they can buy from you with confidence, potential clients will look at both positive and negative reviews.

While, as you know, it’s important to have more positive reviews than negative ones, this can’t happen if you don’t have any. In other words, if a potential client is able to find opinions from which to gather information on your business, they will be more likely to trust you. It shows you are transparent and care about client satisfaction.

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Tips to Help You Boost Your Car Dealership’s Ratings and Reviews

Customers are always right when it comes to business. Therefore, you must make sure to influence public opinion in your favor as a dealer. It is crucial that you work to improve your ratings and reputation score. Doing this will help you boost sales and create a loyal customer base. Knowing how to improve your company’s reputation is vital to the success of your business.

Some tips to boost your car dealership’s ratings and reviews are:

1. Create Your Business’s Review Page

An online business requires a website, and your car dealership is no different. You should create a page on your website to encourage customers to leave a review. You can also use other third-party applications to get your review site. Having this page ensures that your customers can leave comments and can write your car dealership’s ratings and reviews.

2. Request Feedback and Ratings from Your Clients

You should actively request reviews and feedback from your customers. Reviews inform you of the level of satisfaction your customer enjoys with your service. Unsatisfied and unhappy customers are quick to leave reviews on your products. As for the satisfied customers, they need to be pushed to leave reviews.

Potential customers might only see the negative ones if you do not try as hard as possible to have positive reviews on your sites. You should also try to word your request as friendly and politely as is possible.

3. Personalize Your Review Requests

Make your review request personal. Try to address your customers by their names. A good business is not one that only makes a lot of money but also has the trust and loyalty of its customers. It would be best if you endeavored to build long-lasting relationships with your client and make them feel part of the management process.

You can go one step beyond and send handwritten notes to customers instead of an email. They will know for sure you listen to them and will remember the gesture. Emails may seem generic or not personalized enough, so again, a letter builds a closer relationship with the client.

4. Offer Review Writing Tips to Your Customers

It is not all your customers that find the task of writing reviews enjoyable. To some, it is a challenging task. You can provide them with useful tips on how to write a clear review. Not only that, but you can also create a review writing template that they can follow.

The template should have spaces for their names, the product they bought, their opinions, et cetera. When you help your customers leave useful tips, you understand them better and can improve on your operations.

5. Respond Honestly to Reviews

Do you want to build your dealership’s reputation for the positive? Then, you should leave honest responses to your customers’ reviews.

Some dealers avoid responding to negative reviews. Not only is this bad for business, but it also ignores customers’ relations. Whether positive or negative, you should always make sure to respond to these comments. Thank them for the positive reviews; apologize for the inconveniences in the negative reviews, and assure them of improvements where necessary.

When you respond to reviews, you create better engagement between your business and your clients. Make sure to respond as quickly as possible and promise to make their experience better the next time.

6. Include Review Links in Your Email Signatures

You should include review links in the email signatures of your customer-facing staff. This will help them to access your review page faster to leave reviews. You should also send direct emails to your customers. Not only does this help to foster business-client relationships, but it also makes them feel part of the business. It also builds sincerity in your relations with them.

7. Offer Incentives for Online Reviews

Incentives encourage customers to leave reviews or do certain things you want them to do. However, you should never give incentives as a condition for writing reviews or leaving positive reviews. Let your customers leave their comments based on how they feel about your product and service. Doing this will reveal the genuine feelings of your customers concerning your dealership.

8. Publish Guidelines for Your Members of Staff

You should implement a review management process with your staff. They will help you to monitor the review, identify the major touch-points, and work on implementing these suggestions. Your team should always be on top of your customers’ comments. A flawless management process will also help to influence the public’s opinion in your favor.

These guidelines will guide your staff on how to act in case of a review, whether positive or negative. Your team must understand the impact of clients’ reviews on the dealership and respond appropriately. When your staff is friendly, you retain more customers and create a loyal base.

9. Seek Help from Professionals

When you need help, do not hesitate to ask experts. They would guide you on the steps to take and the strategies that will ensure you keep your customers satisfied. These experts can also help you draw out an efficient and effective review management plan.

10. Follow Up

Make sure you keep track of comments – especially negative ones. Take negative reviews as a way to better your business and improve your services all around.

11. Wow Your Customers

When your customer’s service is excellent, you will have no problems with getting positive reviews. Always make sure to put your customers’ needs first. You should not just do it; you should show them that you are doing it. No matter the medium customers use to connect with you, always make them feel welcome.

On that note, availability also plays a part. If they are able to contact you via phone, email, direct mail, chat, and other channels, they will feel comfortable because they’ll be able to choose. The rating of a happy customer secures for you the loyalty of many others.

Final Thoughts

There’s many ways to boost your car dealership’s ratings and reviews, and it starts with communication!

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