11 Work Anniversary Gift Ideas Employees Actually Want

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Work anniversaries are about acknowledging and expressing deep gratitude for committed employees. These celebrations are opportunities to reflect on the services of loyal employees and all they’ve contributed to the company. Continue reading to learn more about celebrating work anniversaries and how you can use personalized gifts and handwritten letters to celebrate your employees.

The Importance of Celebrating Anniversaries

Celebrating a happy workiversary is not only beneficial to the employees’ professional growth but to the company as well. Employee recognition creates opportunities for both the company and its employees. Reflections are made, productivity goes up, and employees maintain high motivation in pursuit of company goals.

1 Year Anniversary

By one year, employees have adapted to the company’s workforce and made significant contributions to the success of your business. Below are some great work anniversary gift ideas to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Send a Handwritten Letter

A personalized handwritten letter is a great way to express gratitude and speak from the heart as opposed to buying a classic and less customized Hallmark card.

With Handwrytten, you can easily personalize your letters and send them without delays. You can also include a gift card by using Handwritten direct mail automation tools to add an extra “Thank you” factor to your letter.

Customized Care Box

A customized care box goes a long way in celebrating a monotonous moment. You can include a happy hour box, a tech backpack, a personalized sports bottle, etc. Match your care box matches the interests of your employees to show that you’re invested in more than just the work they do.

Unique Company Merch

Some companies choose personalized company merchandise as anniversary gifts. Consider designing a t-shirt, a backpack, or a water bottle made specifically for a fellow worker. By doing so, you’re helping employees understand the value of their services and giving them a chance to rep their workplace.

5-Year Anniversary

A 5-year work anniversary gift should express admiration for an employee’s commitment. Here are some ideas for celebrating an employee’s 5 years of service.

Additional Paid Days Off

Many employers now offer paid days for their employees, so it’s only fitting that employees who’ve stuck around for 5 years receive a well-deserved paid break. By giving your employees additional time off with pay, they can re-energize and return to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their tasks.

Team-Wide Celebration

There’s no “I” in team, which is why a team-wide celebration activity is a great option as an anniversary gift. The employees will feel a sense of belonging and the team’s spirit will remain high while gaining a greater appreciation for one another.

Relaxation Basket

A relaxation basket should include small gifts that will make your employees feel special and at ease. Include items that express a sense of relaxation such as chocolates, sparkling cider, wine glasses, or slipper socks. To add an extra layer of sweetness, add a ribbon to the basket.

10 Year Anniversary

In a period where the average U.S. worker spends 4.6 years with a company, it’s worth celebrating those who’ve stuck around for a decade. Your loyal employee may appreciate some of these 10 year work anniversary gift ideas.

Employees must continue to keep their skills in demand. With a 2-week sabbatical, your employees can use their time to develop professional skills that will benefit them and the company as well. New skills will be brought back to the workplace.

Travel Kit

Every loyal employee deserves a vacation from time to time. As an attentive employer, go the extra mile and create a small travel kit. Include small tokens such as skincare products, moisturizers, small towels, water bottles, and even a Starbucks gift card. Don’t overthink it, just include some essentials.

Decorate Their Desk

Don’t let your employees come into work every day thinking this will be just another day at the office. Showcase the creative and thoughtful side of your organization by covering your employees’ desks with ribbons, magnets, push pins, company mugs, and handwritten cards.

25 Year Anniversary

Your 25-year employees have accepted your company as part of their family. Celebrate your employees with these 25 year work anniversary gift ideas that highlight this incredible milestone.

Host a Formal Event

A formal event is a great opportunity to highlight your company’s values while expressing how your employees exemplify those values. Your workers will reflect on the progress and success of their journey. More importantly, a formal event will strengthen your company’s image and culture.

Bucket List Item

At some point, every employee will want to take time off to focus on personal pursuits. As a company leader, take some time to help your employees complete their bucket list. You can offer personal recommendations, paid time off, or create a small travel bag with necessities to ease their vacation planning.

Celebrate Your Employees With Handwrytten

Nowadays, employees are bombarded with emails with little to no value. On the other hand, a personalized handwritten letter leaves a lasting impression because it’s authentic and leaves employees with a sense of self-appreciation.

If you like to share your gratitude with your employees while creating lasting bonds, sign up with Handwrytten. With our robust tools, you can send personalized messages to your employees without having to write by hand.

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