Thank You For Your Business: What To Write In a Thank-You Card

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What is one thing you should write in a thank you note to thank a customer for their business?

To help you craft thank you notes for your customers, we asked marketing professionals and business owners this question for their best tips. From naming the parties you connected with to offering future assistance, there are several things you can include to thank a customer for their business.

Here are 10 things to write in a business thank you card:


  • Names of Parties You Connected With
  • Include the Potential for a Next Step
  • Include Details About Their Customer Journey
  • Ask for a Review
  • “We Know You Have Other Options”
  • What You’re Thanking Them For
  • Call Them by Name
  • Reference Personal Conversations
  • “Looking Forward to Serving You Again”
  • An Offer of Future Assistance

Thank You For Your Business: What To Write In a Business Thank You Card


Names of Parties You Connected With

If you’re a B2B business performing services for a larger organization, you may interact with a series of contacts in different departments, such as accounting, legal, and so on. So, when thanking a customer for their business, remember to include the names of their colleagues that you connected with at different stages of a project. People come and go frequently within certain organizations, so it’s helpful to build rapport with multiple people on staff to keep the connection warm.

Chloe Brittain, Opal Transcription Services


The Potential for a Next Step

A thank you later to a customer should have a personal note to it, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for business development. Every thank you note should include some sort of a next step. This next step is not a sales pitch and doesn’t have an immediate call to action, as you don’t want your customer to get the feeling there being sold to in, what is supposed to be, a heartfelt gesture. Instead, consider this a step towards setting up the next step. 

Saying something as simple as “keep in touch” or “I look forward to working with you again” can help set the stage for the next time you speak with the customer. If your experience with the customer was mutually beneficial, letting them know that you would like to work with them again in the future is crucial to building customer loyalty.

Connor MacDonald, The Ridge Wallet


Details About Their Customer Journey

Sending a thank-you note is a personal touch that shows the customer how valued their business is. When done right, it sets you apart from competitors and fortifies your relationship with customers. However, it can be tarnished through the use of generic templates. After all, the most important element of a thank you note is its sincerity – if it seems rushed, it can undermine the importance of your message. Therefore, you should always include details of the customer’s journey with your company when writing a thank you note.

If they’re a new customer, this could be as simple as referring to a purchase that they recently made. If they’re a long-term, repeat customer, consider talking about specific instances of their loyalty. Perhaps they sent some helpful feedback, wrote a positive review, or referred your company to their friends. Showing appreciation for acts that are often overlooked goes a long way in showing the customer that they matter to you.

Mike Grossman, GoodHire


Ask for a Review

Thank you notes are almost always well received and are the perfect opportunity to get some feedback (either public or private) on your products or services.  If you can ask the customer for a review (make sure to let them know how and where to leave it) you stand a great chance of increasing your reviews without a lot of added effort.

Sylvia Kang, Mira


“We Know You Have Other Options”

“We know you have other options.” Southwest Airlines always impresses me when I take a flight and the attendant says, “We know you have other options when you fly, and we appreciate you choosing Southwest Airlines.”

Reciting this sentence is a strategic business development move, and it has without a doubt led to a rising customer acquisition and referral rate. By acknowledging that your customers have other choices (your competitors), they realize you don’t take their patronage for granted.

Rachel Blank, Allara


What You’re Thanking Them For

When writing a thank you note to a customer, it’s important to include specifics about what you’re thanking them for. Instead of having a generalized thank you note, tell the customer exactly why you’re sending the note to them and include details about a specific interaction or something that you have enjoyed about your relationship with that customer. Including a personal detail about the customer and your relationship with them will make the thank you note much more meaningful. Plus, the customer will know that it’s not just a form thank you that was sent to all of your customers. It’ll be clear that you took the time to write a personalized thank you note.

Dave Rietsema, Matchr


Call Them by Name

Other than the thank you itself, one thing you should always include is your customer’s name. A personalized note provides so much more meaning than a generic thank you card, and customers will feel seen and valued when they know you remember their face, story, and name. If you have a personal anecdote to include in the message about your interactions or experience, include it. People will remember how your note made them feel when its personalization and effort stand out.

David Aylor, David Aylor Law Offices


Reference Personal Conversations

Make sure to reference any conversation or small talk you had with the customer during the transaction. Whether it was a discussion about the holidays, product preferences, or even the weather, reference in your thank you note some reminder about the conversation you had with the customer. While thank you cards are common, customers will take notice if a salesperson took time to remember the customer and their conversations.

Michael Williamson, Hoist


“Looking Forward to Serving You Again”

A thank you note is a personalized way to engage with your customers. Express your gratitude for their business and more importantly, express your desire to do business with them again by saying, “I look forward to serving you again soon!” This will show that you value them as a customer and that you’re waiting to provide them another great service in the future.

Jeffrey Zhou, Fig Loans


An Offer of Future Assistance

The most essential thing that you should include in a thank you note for customer service is an offer of help. This can be done by providing useful information or advice on the product the customer has just purchased, or by giving them a link to your company’s website where they can find more information about their purchase. It is also advisable to leave contact information so that the customer may reach out with any concerns or questions they may have – obviously, this is all part of writing a good closing in your card.

A thank you note should also include an acknowledgment of the customer’s patronage and appreciation for their business. It should also mention any specific product or service that the customer enjoyed, and offer a future way to contact them in case they have other needs.

Jane Kallinger, Sewing From Home


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