Developing Your Lead Engagement Processes

While lead generation is an important element of inbound marketing and business success, what you do with those leads after they are generated is crucial. Gaining a better sense of how to engage sales leads can boost business and create stronger relationships between potential clients and salespeople. As you create and enhance your lead nurturing strategy, make sure lead engagement is a significant part of your plan.

Identify Personas and Customize Content for Lead Engagement

One important step in the lead generation and the nurturing process is understanding the members of your target audience. If you don’t know who they are, what they want, and the pain points they’re dealing with, it will be more challenging to create a marketing strategy that appeals to those audience members. Today’s customers perform extensive research before making a decision and will invest time in solutions to their problems. One-size-fits-all content doesn’t work for this tech-savvy audience.

With the research you do and the information you ascertain about your target audience, you can identify and create buyer personas. Use the concrete data you find about these individuals and apply that data to create customized content that appeals to them and addresses their pain points. Customized content is always more appealing to someone who is in the research process, especially if it highlights an area of concern.

Utilize Multiple Engagement Channels for Contacting Sales Leads

Sharing personalized content is an important first step in your lead nurturing strategy. The next step is providing information and resources across multiple channels. If you’re trying to engage with a lead that doesn’t check their email very often, constant email communications aren’t going to resonate. But if that same lead enjoys browsing social media sites or visits your company website regularly, you can engage them via these channels. When a potential client sees information about your brand in multiple places, each touch increases the chance that they’ll pay more attention and engage.

Social media is a great way to engage with your leads, as well. LinkedIn Groups are beneficial for companies across all industries, as you can easily find and join groups with high membership numbers. Participation in the activities and conversations within the group can help you generate a strong rapport with the members, and you can build off those relationships to introduce your business and what you can offer to them.

Take Advantage of Tools and Resources

Managing sales leads is a complex process, especially if your company gets high volumes of inquiries. Better lead management starts with the right customer relationship management tool, and yours should include lead analytics and tracking features. When you have a CRM in place that includes these features, you can look at what sales leads are doing when they visit your site and interact based on their needs and behaviors.

Move Leads Through the Funnel

A strong sales funnel process is another important element of lead engagement. When a lead first interacts with your brand, they may not know exactly what they’re looking for or haven’t made a solid decision. However, the more they engage with your site or review the content you share, the more likely they are to move toward a decision. Base your marketing actions on their actions and behaviors. For example, if a sales lead spends a lot of time looking at the specific features of a software platform, sending a follow-up email that highlights those features.

The methods you use when contacting sales leads can impact their engagement level. Re-marketing strategies help you keep your brand fresh in the mind of a lead who may have disengaged or moved on to another site. Look for ways to continue to target leads as they move around the internet and maintain that connection. You can also offer personalized content based on their actions and behaviors, tying in the first strategy for sales engagement.

Employ Unique Methods for Engaging Leads

When someone interacts with your lead form or website, they probably expect your company to respond via email. But you could change things up by responding in a unique way that grabs their attention and helps you stand out. You might provide a discount or coupon code for the service they’re considering, or you could send a sample of the product you’re selling to help them make a decision.

Another example is following up on an email response with a handwritten note. Handwritten notes are a great way to connect with the customer on a personal level and to stand out from the competition. When a lead converts, you could send a personalized thank-you card to make a unique impression, as well.

Stay Current With Content

When a prospect visits your site or is directed there via any type of marketing campaign, you want to make sure that the page accurately reflects your business and provides an engaging experience. One of the best ways to achieve these goals is ensuring that the content on your site and landing pages is always refreshed and up to date. An outdated page that looks like it hasn’t been updated recently is often a red flag to a tech-savvy buyer.

If you have a blog, post on it regularly and include content that will appeal to members of your target audience. Use your social media channels to drive traffic to the blog and site, and look for ways to boost engagement through sponsored posts and targeted ads. Perform regular searches for common keywords that your target audience members are looking for online and include those in your refreshed web copy. Content is key when it comes to appealing to your prospects and showcasing a current, connected brand.

At Handwrytten, we understand the importance of lead engagement, and we can provide unique tools and methods for engaging sales leads. A handwritten, personalized communication method is a meaningful way to stay in contact with your potential clients and show them how important they are to you and your business. Contact us to get started and boost your lead nurturing strategy in an effective way.

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