5 Memorable Ideas for “Get to Know Your Customers” Day

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Building relationships with your customers is one of the most crucial parts of sustaining your business. What better time to do so than on a customer-focused day? While it’s not as well-known as Valentine’s Day or as food-filled as Thanksgiving, Get to Know Your Customers Day deserves a place on your business calendar. Learn more about this national day and how you can make the most of it below!

What is Get to Know Your Customers Day?

National Get to Know Your Customers Day offers businesses the chance to go beyond the day-to-day conversations and really connect with customers. Whether it’s uncovering a pain point that a customer is experiencing, discovering demand for products and services, or just learning something new about a customer, the information you gain can be beneficial down the road.

This holiday allows you to improve customer retention and glean insights into how to better operate your business. And the good news is that you have multiple chances to celebrate. Get to Know Your Customers Day actually takes place more than just once a year. It occurs on the third Thursday of every business quarter. This means that the holiday takes place in:

January (Q1)
April (Q2)
July (Q3)
October (Q4)

With four opportunities on the calendar to celebrate this customer-focused day, you have plenty of options to choose from. But how will you connect with your customers on this special day? We’ve got some stellar options coming right up.

Get to Know Your Customers Day Ideas That Impress

Making your customers feel valued and appreciated is important every day. But on Get to Know Your Customers Day, you have the opportunity to go above and beyond for the people who keep your business going.

Let your clients know that they are more than just a number on a screen with these personalized Get to Know Your Customers Day ideas.

1. Send a Handwritten Note

Thank you emails get lost in a crowded inbox. An impersonal social media post may earn some likes, but it’s not memorable. To make a lasting impression, send something unique. Nothing says we care about you quite like a handwritten message. Receiving one is a rarity these days, so customers are sure to remember the gesture.

If you don’t have time to send handwritten messages to each customer, never fear! Handwrytten is the premier online handwritten notes service for businesses. Whether you want to send one note or thousands of cards, we’re here to help.

With helpful handwritten direct mail automation that allow you to automate messages, getting an authentic letter delivered straight to your client is a breeze. Plus, you can send gift cards, magnets, and other goodies along with the handwritten note. So stand out from competitors and delight your customer base with this personalized idea.

2. Encourage Employees to Join in

Forming deeper connections with your customers is no small feat. Your employees are an invaluable resource in this effort. They serve as the face of your brand and interact with clients on a daily basis. Customers may feel more comfortable sharing both positive and negative feedback with employees than they would with higher-ups.

On Get to Know Your Customer Day, form a list of questions that employees can ask customers beyond “how are you?” Then, have employees record responses so that the answers can be reviewed later. You can incentivize employees to ask these questions by offering rewards based on who can get the most responses or the most impactful feedback. In the end, your customers will feel heard, and you have actionable insights that you can implement.

3. Make Surveys Worth Their While

To unearth your customer’s wants and needs, a short survey with carefully crafted questions is a great way to go. The only problem? Customer participation is usually low. To improve response rates, attach a reward for survey completion. This can come in the form of a freebie, a discount for the next purchase, company-branded merchandise, or anything else that you know they will enjoy.

Be sure to frame the survey as a benefit to the customer rather than a chore. For instance, a heading that says “ How Can We Make Your Day Easier?” is more likely to get responses than “Help Us Build a Better Business.”

 4. Send Rewards for Reviews

Did a customer take the time out of their day to write you a glowing review? Return the favor by sending a note, gift card, or another memorable item their way. This surprise is sure to brighten your customer’s day (and increase their loyalty).

You can also send notes to individuals who have written less positive reviews to understand how you can better improve. This demonstrates your care for the customer experience and dedication to enhancing that experience moving forward.

5. Host a Fun Event

We’re closing out our list of Get to Know Your Customers Day ideas with a bang. Encourage enjoyment and connection with a customer-centered event. If your business is near your customers, invite them to a gathering to let them know how much you value them.

The event can include catered snacks, entertainment, and prizes for your honored guests. Place conversation starters around the room to facilitate fun discussions, and offer anonymous comment cards for guests to leave feedback about the business easily. If an in-person event is not feasible, you can opt for a virtual get-together. This way, you can show clients that you appreciate their business, no matter where they are located.

Make Meaningful Connections with Customers

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