How to Write the Perfect HOA Welcome Letter

Change can be stressful in anyone’s life, and moving into a new home is certainly no exception.

New homeowners have uprooted themselves from someplace familiar to an entirely new location. There’s a lot of information to process in all that ‘newness’, and sometimes a friendly face as well as a written note can be a welcomed reprieve.

Welcoming new people to the neighborhood with an HOA greeting card and welcome packet helps ease new residents’ stress and introduces them to the association. Learn how to craft a welcome packet, write a personalized HOA letter, make a positive first impression, and welcome your new neighbor!

The HOA Welcome Packet Essentials

A welcome packet should include essential information, important documents and be a warm and inviting experience. It should also include a professional summary of the association marked with a personal touch.

Personalized Welcome Letter

Anything done with a personal touch resonates with authenticity. It shows effort, care, and concern. A handwritten HOA welcome letter goes a long way in showing the association’s newest members that they’re people, not ‘lot 459’. Luckily, there’s plenty of technology in the world, like the advanced software at Handwrytten, that can make creating these letters a breeze. Design bulk personalized letters to include in all association welcome packets.

Read on to learn a few tips for writing a great personalized HOA welcome letter in the next section.

Small Gift

There was a time when neighborhood residents would welcome new people with a fresh-baked apple pie or delicious casserole. While a whole pie is not likely to be part of your packet, a small gift can be. For example, you may want to include a gift card to one of the area’s signature restaurants in your HOA welcome letter to introduce the new homeowners to the neighborhood.

HOA Governing Documents

A welcome packet should include any essential information that new residents need to be aware of. Such information might include the following:

  • A copy of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
  • Information on HOA dues and how to pay them
  • A map of the property managed by the association
  • Documents that might make their life a little easier
  • A URL and directions to other important documents on the HOA website

You’ll want to make sure this part of the welcome packet fully prepares your new residents to be a part of the HOA and helps them understand their responsibilities.

Contact Information

Provide something that new residents can post on a refrigerator. It should include all the relevant contact information for association board members, security, and the general management company:

  • Board member names
  • HOA titles
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Who to call for different issues

New residents will want to know who to contact in case of an HOA-related emergency, so make sure this document is concise and easy to read.

Tips for Writing a Welcome Letter

The tone of the welcome to the community letter should be warm and personal. As you create your letter, consider the following tips for personalized and unique communication.

Focus on Personalization

Given that they’re literally the ‘new kids on the block’ and the stress that the move into a new home entails, new residents will love a welcome that shows them that there are plenty of people available to help them with the transition. Address the letter personally and include design elements specific to your HOA.

Offer Congratulations

Buying a new home is a significant milestone. Congratulate them on their next phase and offer some of the great reasons for and perks to living in the neighborhood.

Include an Introduction

Identify the members of the association board, their specific roles, and who will assist them regarding different HOA matters. You won’t have to go too in-depth with this if you plan to include a more detailed version with the governing documents.

Keep a Friendly Tone

Getting a relationship started on the right foot is important. While there’s a business side to this relationship, the welcome letter is not the time to talk about dues, yard maintenance, and the neighborhood watch.

The letter should emphasize personal relationships. The letter’s voice should sound warm and welcoming and offer sincere best wishes for success. It should inform new residents that people are ready to help them with any concerns. It should also be hand-signed.

Automate the HOA Welcome Letter Process

Crafting a genuine, handwritten HOA welcome letter is a significant part of this process and the welcome packet. However, crafting personal handwritten notes can be time-consuming. Handwrytten can automate both the creation and sending processes while still providing letters that make new residents feel welcome.

When it comes to business relationships, a handwritten note is a gesture that will never fail to reveal sincerity. It will always have a way of telling current customers that you have their best business interests in mind and inviting past customers back into your list of clients.

As the world’s leading handwriting service, Handwrytten can craft notes and cards at any level of authenticity that you desire. Choose from our selection of thousands of handwriting styles, or, if you wish, you can even have your own handwriting and signature stored in our database for use whenever you need it. Whether it’s a welcome to the community letter or a note intended to reach out to a current or past customer, Handwrytten allows you to create positive impressions and long-lasting bonds with those most important to you.

Contact Handwrytten today or sign up to start creating thoughtfully created handwritten HOA welcome letters.

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