11 Ways To Show Customers You Care

Give one example of how you’d make customers feel valued and appreciated?

To help you make your customers feel valued and appreciated, we asked customer service managers and business leaders this question for their best insights. From implementing customer feedback to personalizing Thank-You notes to customers, there are several ways you may demonstrate to your customers that you care about their partnership.

Here are 11 ways to show customers you care:

  • Ask for and Implement Customer Feedback
  • Stay Presentable by Keeping Content Up-to-date
  • Offer a Complimentary Service 
  • Send Offers and Discount Codes
  • Give Social Media Shoutouts
  • Send an Exclusive Sample of a New Product
  • Host Networking Events To Show Gratitude
  • Check in On Customers Even After a Sale
  • Offer Consumer Experiences That Exceed Expectations
  • Respond To Customer Queries Quickly
  • Personalize Thank-You Notes To Customers


11 Ways To Show Customers You Care


Ask for and Implement Customer Feedback

Customers want to feel like they are being listened to and is why we requested feedback. Although reviews are great for promotional purposes, because they are often done over third-party websites, they do not allow for a full understanding of the customer experience, nor are they in direct communication with the business, creating a disconnect.

By sending emails or making a call that requests their direct feedback, asks for their suggestions, and specifically addresses areas for improvement, we demonstrate that they are our top concern and that we truly appreciate and value their business. While thanking a customer for their patronage is always a good idea, implementing changes based on their feedback and then notifying them of those updates, says through words and actions, they are genuinely appreciated.

Adelle Archer, Eterneva


Stay Presentable by Keeping Content Up-to-date

Staying presentable as a business can make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Businesses that thrive online, just like us, could do that by keeping their website and social media platforms updated with the latest content. You go the extra mile by providing them with helpful information about your offerings. It could be photos or videos of your recent items along with descriptions, delicious recipes that they can recreate, or product reviews. Doing so leaves a good impression among customers.

Michael Haas, Angry BBQ


Offer a Complimentary Service

Customers are likely to return to a business that makes them feel valued beyond their dollar bill. Sometimes, that means offering them services without a price tag. As a service provider, that might mean offering a free consultation session or an hour unbilled on your upcoming retainer. The bottom line is that you can still be profitable even while offering an occasional freebie to your customers, especially if they’ve brought great business before. Your generosity in those moments can go a long way to remind them of why they chose to partner with you in the first place.

Brian Nagele, Restaurant Clicks


Send Offers and Discount Codes

One of the best ways to make customers feel valued and appreciated is by offering discount codes and reductions on your products/services. This can be sending a discount code as a thank you after they’ve made a purchase, giving them a heads up on flash sales or seasonal sales happening or even sending them a personalized email with an offer or discount code on an item they’ve had in their cart. At ApprovedCourse, we send our valued customers discount courses on specific courses, inform them when there’s a reduction in cost on a course they were interested in and offer them a discount code when they leave a positive review.

Jordan Fabel, ApprovedCourse


Give Social Media Shoutouts

Since my business is all about creating the perfect community and content platform for the gig economy, I like to make my customers feel appreciated through social media shoutouts. I follow a lot of my customers on social media, and if I see them accomplish something great, I’ll give them a shoutout on my official page. Customers absolutely love social media shoutouts and it makes them feel appreciated, valued, and part of the bigger community.

Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy


Send an Exclusive Sample of a New Product

I always liked the idea of going to great lengths to make your loyal customers feel valued and appreciated. When we create a new brand product, we like to send exclusive free samples to our most loyal customers so they can test it before anyone else does. They appreciate the gesture a lot, and it also gives us an opportunity to test our products before it goes live on the market. Customers love feeling special, and receiving exclusive free samples is a great way to make them feel special, valued, and appreciated for being a part of your brand.

Ian Kelly, NuLeaf Naturals


Host Networking Events To Show Gratitude

Our company hosts specialized social events for our customers and clients. Typically these are happy-hour events with beer, wine, and snacks. We also try to incorporate some useful or joyful incentives into these gatherings like a headshot photographer or a puppy adoption booth. Sponsoring these functions is a great way to expand the network while showing support to our base.

Thomas Yuan, Sanebox


Check in On Customers Even After a Sale

Customers care more than just about the service or product you offer. They’re equally interested in how you made them feel throughout the journey and how involved you were in ensuring they had a great experience. This is why it’s important to keep checking in on your customers long after you’ve closed a sale. Offering additional assistance, gathering feedback, or even leaving a short message asking them how they’re doing are all simple ways that let your customers know you care about them on a deeper level.

Brian Casel, ZipMessage


Offer Consumer Experiences That Exceed Expectations

We offer a rewards program to keep our customers feeling a sense of progress interacting with our company. We offer points that can be redeemed for discounts and products by following us on social media, placing orders, or having an upcoming birthday.

Customers can also create user-generated content by uploading photos or videos of their experience with our products for points. If our customers make a referral that becomes a product purchase, we send both of them a $25 coupon for every referral made. Listening to customers is a crucial aspect of succeeding as an online business today. Design a business interaction that goes beyond a simple transaction to find the recipe for success in your industry.

Shawn Munoz, Pure Relief


Respond To Customer Queries Quickly

Making customers feel valued is one of the main goals we have at our company. One way we do this is by answering emails and requests within a few hours and sometimes even the same hour. Getting back to a customer very quickly shows that their concerns matter and are being taken seriously. It’s important that customers feel heard and can trust that a company is actively working on their project. We may not know the exact answer to their question immediately, but being able to stay in constant communication helps put customers’ minds at ease. 

Ashley Romer, PaperStreet Web Design


Personalize Thank-You Notes To Customers

A personalized thank you note that includes the customer’s first name and with a short message that connects your brand’s story to their purchase. The two components of the message are important factors as they help make the customer feel valued and part of your brand. For instance, “Many thanks, John. Your purchase is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for helping a small family-owned business move closer to realizing its mission.”

Hector Ruiz, BBQ Grill Academy



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