How to Be a Good Salesman

Becoming a better sales rep requires you to consider new ways to engage with your prospects, reach your target audience, and demonstrate to those you encounter that you truly care about their wants and needs in this sales relationship. If you’re looking for sales tips or wondering how to be a good salesman and improve your skills while blowing your quotas out of the water this quarter, check out some of the best ways we know to go from good to great.

Sales Tip: Identify Buyer Personas

If you’re wondering how to succeed in sales, here’s a tip: Being an effective salesperson means really understanding the people you’re selling to, and defining your buyer personas can help. A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on real data procured through market research and encounters with those who meet the criteria. Identifying these personas is step one in your crash course on how to be a good salesman.

If you’re not thinking about the ideal customer for your product or service, you may end up reaching out to a wide audience or engaging in the “spray and pray” method of sales, neither of which is a very effective sales strategy. Instead of asking how to succeed in sales, take the time to create a buyer persona that effectively sums up the type of person who is an ideal candidate for what you’re selling. This step allows you can determine where to focus your marketing and communication efforts and attract the most valuable prospects.

Listen Actively

One of the most critical sales tips to learn when you’re considering how to be a better salesman is how to listen actively. Active listening involves being fully present in a conversation. If you tend to zone out when talking to prospects or consider your rebuttal or response to what they’re saying as they speak, you’re not being an active listener, and your prospects may pick up on that.

Practice focusing on what the person is saying without thinking of your response. Nod and make eye contact while they speak to show you’re engaged. After they’re done speaking, confirm that you understand, and then take a moment to think of your response. Taking the time to develop this skill can be a very effective tool, both in your personal and professional relationships, and teach you how to be a good salesman.

Personalize Your Messaging

Something else to consider when you’re wondering how to succeed in sales is taking a more personalized approach to communication. Great salespeople rarely apply one-size-fits-all messaging because they know that tailored messages and customized approaches are much more effective. Instead of following a script or sending out blanket email messages, take the time to craft a unique message for a group of prospects, such as one buyer persona, highlighting their specific pain points and what you can offer.

Make Prospects Feel Valued

Taking your personalized messaging a step further can also help you stand out among a sea of salespeople. A handwritten card is one of the most effective tools, especially in a digital world where online ads are abounding and email inboxes are flooded with messages. Neil Patel, a successful author, entrepreneur, and marketer states that a direct mail campaign offers a higher average return on investment than paid search ads and online display ads. When the direct mail is a personalized, handwritten note, the prospect feels more valued than they would if they received a generic flyer.

You may not have the time to write out a handwritten card to every prospect you reach out to or a thank you card to every customer you close. Luckily, you don’t have to handle this process on your own. With Handwrytten, you can scale your handwritten outreach to create long-lasting bonds and positive impressions. You simply type your message on the website or app, choose a card, and Handwrytten does the rest, utilizing custom-designed handwriting robots to write out your message on the card you selected.

Focus on Your “Why”

Another major difference between good and great salespeople is the why behind what they do. As you wake up in the morning and prepare for a day of calls, contact, and other engagement strategies, the first step is thinking about why you want to take these actions and why it matters to you.

Perhaps your “why” is a belief that what you’re selling is better than anything else on the market. Maybe you’re motivated by your spouse or children and want to provide for them, which pushes you to be the best. Regardless of what motivates you, identifying and focusing on that can help you take your sales skills to the next level. Having a clear “why” can help you embrace your passion for the product or service and be more successful.

Come In With Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to sales success. Some people mistake confidence for cockiness, but there is a significant difference. Confident salespeople believe in themselves and the product or service they are selling, and they are willing to take risks without the fear of being told no. They listen actively and respond fearlessly, providing valuable information to those with whom they come into contact. On the other hand, cocky salespeople don’t listen to the needs or responses of their prospects, often talking over people and bulldozing their way through a conversation.

Coming into every interaction and potential sale with confidence can attract people to you and make them want to know more about what makes you so sure of what you’re offering. Building your confidence often comes with working on your charisma, both of which are important in a business that involves interacting with others directly. Along with your confidence, it’s important to be firm when dealing with prospects and clients. And being confident in your knowledge and skills can help you do so.

How To Be A Good Salesman

With these sales tips in place, you can start boosting your numbers and increasing your success, no matter what you’re selling. By partnering with Handwrytten, you can also get access to a valuable resource that can help you on how to be a good salesman. You might be amazed to see the effect that a handwritten card will have on someone who has ignored other communication efforts and attempts to get in touch. Got someone in mind that might be perfect for this type of personalized marketing effort? Get started today!

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