11 Strategies To Increase Customer Referrals

What is one strategy you use to increase customer referrals?

To help small businesses increase their customer referrals, we asked small business owners and business professionals this question for their best insights. From offering discounts with referrals to keeping in contact with your customers, there are several ways that may help you increase customer referrals to aid in the continued growth of your business for years to come.

Here are eleven strategies to increase customer referrals:

  • Create a Referral Program
  • Assist in Customer Successes
  • Provide a Quality Product
  • Keep in Contact with Customers
  • Implement a Partnership Program
  • Overdeliver Where You Can
  • Make Referring Easy
  • Offer a Discount with Referrals
  • Send Prompts at the Right Time
  • Excel in Your Customer Service
  • Feature Customer Reviews on Social Media

Create a Referral Program

In order to increase customer referrals, it’s important to show recognition to those that have already participated in it. We make sure that whenever someone refers others to our programs that we give them their due credit. It’s also important that this information about customer referrals is easily accessible. We want people to know we are grateful for their trust in us and that helps us continue our work and help even more children.

Jeanne Kolpek, Cadence Education

Assist in Customer Successes

One strategy we use to increase customer referrals, at its heart, is aligned with our values as a company. We believe that it’s the success of small business owners that utilize loan services that drives our success, here at LendThrive. Simply put, we make sure the small business owners that use our services thrive so that we thrive. If the people that trust us know others also looking to start up businesses, or in need of financial help to take the next big step, they’ll be likely to refer us. We want to make sure that we deliver on our end, so that we continually build trust with each new business we service.

Sundip Patel, LendThrive

Provide a Quality Product

The most tried and true form of referrals is by word of mouth. Customers talk to their friends, families, acquaintances. If they have a bad experience, it will show. We gain customer referrals by having a quality product. But we also use hashtags and give our customers the chance to be featured on our Instagram. That way satisfied customers see that they’re appreciated. In turn, the person selection will tell others that may be in the market for the exact same product about their experience and help us gain potential customers based on the recommendation and experience of someone else that they already trust.

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

Keep in Contact with Customers

As an insurance agency well-versed in getting clients approved who use marijuana, we often receive referrals from other agents due to our specialty. We also stay in touch with our current customers. Our loyal customers hear from us at least once a year when we call to review their insurance policies, but we also make sure to stay in touch by sending out a financial newsletter and birthday cards. Keeping in touch in this way generates customer referrals as well.

Chris Abrams, Marcan Insurance

Implement a Partnership Program

When it comes to increasing customer referrals, we like to implement a partnership program. This program allows for partners to increase our clientele and offer tailormade solutions to customers, and they also help us spread the name and the services that we provide to others with first hand experience. There’s also a percentage of commission that can be made for partners once they’ve successfully added on clients as well. Making this a partnership strategy allows us to fully integrate our customers into the fold. It’s a win-win as there’s a reward for each referral on the partners side and we are able to continue expanding our brand.

Anastasia Avgerinou, Comidor

Overdeliver Where You Can

Being able to overdeliver where you can, will help your customer see that you’re going above and beyond for them. That can lead them to share their feelings, whether it’s with their friends, family, or online. That creates a buzz around you and leads to more people wanting to experience the same, along with referrals from that happy customer.

McKenzie Nelson, Markitors

Make Referring Easy

Make referral programs readily available to customers. Ensure you are providing an easy way to share your products and refer to your brand. You can feature a “Refer” tab at the top of your page. Don’t hide it in the darkest corner of your site. Featuring a button on the site encourages customers to join the program and reap the benefits.

Katherine Brown, Spyic

Offer a Discount with Referrals

One strategy to increase your customer referrals is to create a referral program that incentivizes customers to acquire referrals. For instance, if a customer gets a referral they get a discount on their next purchase, or perhaps $10 towards their next purchase. This helps incentivize customers to give referrals to their networks and help you acquire more customers.

Chris Gadek, AdQuick

Send Prompts at the Right Time

One strategy we use to increase the number of customer referrals is being proactive and asking directly. If our customers have a great experience with our platform, they are more likely to recommend us to their friends and counterparts. When we know a customer is happy, that’s the best time to ask them to suggest our platform.

Darren Litt, MarketerHire

Excel in Your Customer Service

People trust recommendations from people they know, therefore referrals are one of the finest ways to obtain additional business. Customer service, in my opinion, is crucial in every business. People want to be heard and have their problems addressed. One of the most effective strategies to increase referrals is to give excellent customer service.

Eric Carrell, SurfShark


Feature Customer Reviews on Social Media  

We love to see our customers share their new treasures on social media. Reading about their excitement for the jewelry we’ve worked hard to design is not only gratifying but great for our company, because this practice serves as social proof for their followers and our target audience. When customers talk about us on social media platforms like Instagram and tag us, we feature their review on our Instagram and website. 

Nataly Vanunu, Boho-Magic



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